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Last updated 19 November, 2019

Need cash fast? You don’t have to turn to illegal money lenders or ahlongs. Here is a list of safe and legitimate ways to get quick access to cash with flexible repayments and low interest.

CIMB Xpress Cash

You can get access to fast and flexible cash up to 8x your gross income (basic + fixed income) with this option. This is an unsecured financing that is calculated on a flat rate basis and is based on the Shariah concept Bai’ ‘Inah which means a contract of sale and purchase of an asset. As this is a Shariah compliant financing, you will also get to enjoy Ibra’ rebate if you settle the repayment early. Do take note that there will be a stamp duty charge of 0.5% from the approved financing amount. No guarantor or collateral is needed, however you will need coverage of either Sun Life Xpress Cash Protector-i Plan underwritten by Sun Life Malaysia Takaful Berhad or obtain your own Takaful coverage from other Takaful companies acceptable by CIMB. The Takaful contribution payable will be deducted from the financing amount.


  • 21 – 60 years old
  • Minimum monthly gross income of RM800 per month (basic + fixed income only)
  • Employed or business of more than 6 months
  • Malaysian citizen or Permanent Resident of Malaysia

Standard Chartered Quick Cash Edge

Enjoy fixed and flat interest rates from 0.583%* per month, but the interest rate for this financing will defer depending on your eligibility. The amount of financing available is up to MYR250,000. This financing option is unsecured so there are no collaterals or guarantors required. The repayment tenures is from 12-60 months, so you get more flexibility but the instalment is a fixed sum. However, the bank will determine the proportion of the instalment which is a reducing balance method. There are no processing fee and no early settlement fee if you pay off the financing early. If you do not have an existing account with Standard Chartered, you will need to open a linked bank account. No Takaful coverage is needed for this financing. A plus point is that if you decide for early settlement, no penalty will be imposed.


  • Age 21 – 65 years old
  • Government or employees of private sector organizations
  • Minimum RM2,000 gross salary


Maybank EzyCash

If you’re a Maybank cardholder you can get access to fast and easy credit facility at 0% interest rate with a 6 months’ installment duration. However, there is a one-time cash advancement fee of 3.88% and a minimum amount of RM2,000 financing while maximum amount will be based on cardholder’s available credit limit. But you can get up to 90% credit limit, and the cash will then be credited into your Maybank savings or current account within 48 hours of approval, so this is one of the fastest cash financing option.

Here is an example of the monthly installment based on the loan amount:

Loan Amount

Cash Advance Fee 3.88%

Monthly Instalment

RM 2,000

RM 77.60

RM 333.33

RM 4,000

RM 155.20

RM 666.66

RM 6,000

RM 232.80

RM 1,000.00

RM 8,000

RM 310.40

RM 1,333.33

RM 10,000

RM 388.00

RM 1,666.66

Remember that the monthly instalment must be made in full every month, if not you will be charged 18% interest. This is a financing option with the lowest interest rate at 0% but with the shortest duration. There is also a Shariah compliant version of this financing, which is the EzyCash-i.


  • Available to existing and new principal cardholders only.


Alliance Bank Fast Cash

Alliance Bank Fast Cash facility allows you to access cash from your credit limit. It is a convenient option that provides you the Flexibility to select a plan that suits your individual financial needs. This is a financing option with the most flexible repayment as you can choose repayment from 12, 24 or 36 months fixed instalments at an interest rate of 6.99% per annum for 12 months or 7.99% for 24 and 36 months. The minimum financing amount is RM1,000, and as this financing is based on your credit card balance, keep in mind that once approved your credit limit will be reduced.

Fast Cash Table

12 Months

24 Months

36 Months

Low Interest Rate

6.99% per annum

7.99% per annum

7.99% per annum

Normal Finance Charges

RM 1,438

RM 2,421

RM 3,059

Alliance Fast Cash Plan

RM 699

RM 1,598

RM 2,397

Total Savings

RM 739

RM 823

RM 662

*The interest rate charge is calculated based on 5% minimum monthly payment for financing amount of RM10,000.


  • Available to new and existing Alliance Bank principal credit cardholders.

Bank Islam Personal Cash Line –i

Here is another financing option that is Shariah compliant from Bank Islam. However, at RM5,000, the minimum amount of financing is quite high compared to the other option. Depending on the margin of financing, it will also need to be secured. This financing will be secured against fixed deposit, structured investment or unit trust. Although it is less flexible compared to the other options, there is no commitment fee, no processing fee and no guarantor is required. Duration of repayment is a maximum of 5 years with no age limit. But if financing is secured against unit trust, repayment will be a maximum of 5 years or up to the retirement age or up to 70 years old, whichever is earlier. Charges will be based on the floating rate which is the base rate (BR) + 3.95% per annum (the current BR is 3.90% per annum) and there will be a Wakalah fee of RM50. This financing will also offer Takaful coverage from the Personal Cash Line-i Takaful Plan.


  • Applicants must be 18 years and above
  • Malaysian citizen. S
  • Salary earner or sole proprietorship/partnership

Remember to assess your debt service ratio before taking on any type of financing to avoid taking on more financial commitments than you can actually afford and handle.

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