Maybank: Service Charge for Card & Loan Repayments begin 1 October 2019

Maybank has issued a notice stating that there will be service charges for credit card and loan or financing repayments that are done over-the-counter (OTC) starting 1st October 2019. There will be a fee of RM2 or RM0.50 for each transaction.

For credit card and loan or financing repayments done over the counter at a Maybank branch, there will be a RM2 charge. There is a waiver, however, that is only applicable for senior citizens, disabled persons, and customers who do not have access to their savings and accounts with the bank.

For credit card and loan or financing repayments done via a Smart Recycle Machine (SRM) or a Cheque Deposit Machine (CQM), there will be a RM0.50 charge.

Credit card and loan/financing repayments over-the-counter, there will be a RM2.00 charge.

This move is very much a way to encourage users to use Maybank’s online portals and mobile apps, as well as its ATM machines. Maybank’s Maybank2u portal and mobile apps has went through some major revamping in the previous year. It now has a better user interface that is modern and user-friendly.

It is a very welcome change that banks are pushing for its customers and users to utilize digital conveniences instead of the traditional banking. We’ve all known the pain of taking a ticket from the receptionist and waiting for the “Nombor satu-kosong-dua-tiga, kaunter lima.”.

Source: Maybank