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Top 4 Best Mobile Prepaid In Malaysia -

Using a prepaid plan is one of the easiest ways for you for control your mobile usage and save yourself some money (as we all know, postpaid plans are more expensive than prepaid plan).

It’s also a great way to save you from the headache of being stuck in a contract, paying a fixed monthly commitment fee and other charges. Now if you’re wondering which are the best mobile prepaid plans in Malaysia, look no further. We’ve shortlisted 4 of the best mobile prepaid plans in the market to help you get the best value out of your hard-earned money.

First, take a look at the table below to compare prepaid plans and see what these 4 telecommunication giants can offer you:


prepaid mobile plans comparison in malaysia


Let’s take a closer look at what each of these mobile prepaid plans can offer you:


Xpax Magic SIM Mobile Prepaid Starter Pack


Xpax Magic SIM 

**This plan has been updated, scroll down for more details.

Xpax Magic SIM comes with the cheapest mobile prepaid starter pack on this list, and is priced at RM5. It comes with a pre-loaded value of RM3 with 5 days validity, which isn’t too bad considering you also get free 200MB high-speed Internet (4G LTE speed) and 500MB basic Internet (Up to 64kbps) on a monthly basis. .

The Internet Burung Hantu feature is handy for those who enjoy surfing the Internet in the wee hours of the night, as it gives you unlimited data usage from 1am until 7am every day when you subscribe to the weekly or monthly data plan. Plus, data plan subscribers are also entitled to free unlimited Yonder Music streaming each month

As part of Celcom’s stable, Xpax Magic SIM offers wide coverage nationwide and a stable Internet connection. The call rates are among the cheapest compared to its other competitors, at only RM0.25 to the same network and RM0.10 to all other networks. The SMS rate however, is comparable to Hotlink at RM0.12 to all networks.

The data plans are available on daily, weekly or monthly basis, with the daily plan priced at RM5 for 300MB of 4G LTE Internet. The weekly plans vary from RM10 (500MB) to RM15 (800MB) whilst the monthly plans are priced from RM30 (1.5GB) to RM60 (4.5GB) – all of which are offered with 4G LTE Internet (wherever available). The best part about these plans is that they are all bundled with free calls and SMS – free 3 minutes + 3 SMS for the daily plan, 15 minutes + 15 SMS for the weekly plans and 75 minutes + 75 SMS for the monthly plans.

All in all, Xpax Magic SIM is a great option for night owls and those who are looking to be frugal on data usage as well as having low (if not free) call rates to all networks.

Hotlink Mobile Prepaid Starter Pack


**This plan has been updated, scroll down for more details.

Being a Maxis product, Hotlink was also dragged into the public eye for being one of the most expensive mobile prepaid plans in the market. However, Hotlink has redoubled its efforts to win the masses by offering 60 days free trials for iFlix and Viu, as well as free 30 days trial for Eros Now. Get the free trials by clicking here.

Don’t worry about being accidentally charged for the RM10 monthly subscription fee after the free trial period ends as you will be receiving an SMS reminder before your account is charged, so be sure to check your messages!

There’s also the Activ10 feature, with which you can register 10 Hotlink or Maxis numbers to enjoy a flat call rate of 12sen/minute and 1sen/SMS. While it’s not as good as Digi’s free calls to 3 Buddyz, you still get to save quite a bit on your 10 favourite numbers on Maxis’ network.

The mobile plan is priced at RM15 with pre-loaded credit of RM5 that is valid for 5 days. That’s less than satisfactory, but it also comes with free basic 500MB Internet every month. True, while at first glance it seems that there are not many perks with Hotlink, Maxis is still one of the fastest mobile Internet providers in Malaysia, with its extensive 4G LTE network.

It offers 4G LTE Internet plans ranging from RM8/week (300MB) to RM48/month (4GB). Sadly the plans do not come with free calls or SMS, other than its Weekend Super Saver feature that allows users to call any Maxis or Hotlink numbers at only RM1/hour on weekends, although it’s only valid from 12am to 11.59pm.

We’re hoping to hear more good news from Hotlink (and Maxis) as they are said to be in the midst of revving up their strategies to be on Malaysia’s good book again.

U Mobile Prepaid Starter Pack

U Mobile Power Prepaid

Xpax Magic SIM may be the most affordable mobile prepaid, but it still can’t beat U Mobile in terms of benefits and freebies. Reasonably priced at RM8.50, it comes with RM5 pre-loaded credit with free 150 minutes calls that are valid for 10 days.

That’s not all, you also get free 200MB high-speed Internet (4G LTE) upon activation. The key feature that sets U Mobile Power Prepaid plan above its competitors is its free 1GB high-speed (4G LTE) every month with a minimum monthly top up of RM10. That’s not all, as users also get free 2BG basic internet on a monthly basis and 15 minutes free calls to all U Mobile numbers with the minimum monthly RM10 top up.

You also have the option to subscribe to the UMI30 plan that gives you 2.5GB high-speed (4G LTE) internet and 30 minutes free calls to ALL networks. And the cherry on top? You still get to enjoy ALL the benefits mentioned earlier with the UMI30 plan!

The call rates are among the lowest in the market, at 10sen/minute, as is the SMS rate, which costs 8sen/SMS. This is by far our favorite mobile plan, as it helps users save a LOT of money with all its freebies and low call/SMS rate.

Digi Mobile Prepaid Starter Pack

Digi Smart Prepaid

Digi Smart Prepaid is the best mobile plan for those of you who love to chat on WhatsApp and social media, as this plan come with the free Sozial feature. It’s also the perfect plan for you chatterboxes as it gives you UNLIMITED calls and SMS to 3 Buddyz.

The call and SMS rates for all other numbers is 30sen/minute and 12sen/SMS respectively. The starter packs costs RM10 and comes with pre-loaded credit of RM7 that is valid for 7 days. It’s also worth noting that this plan offers Digi Live Web Passes for free, an app that allows you to enjoy music at zero internet charges. There isn’t much else to talk about this plan, but if you do take up this mobile plan, make sure you utilise its free unlimited calls to your 3 Buddyz!

So what do you think of all the plans? Do you agree that they are the top 4 best mobile plans in Malaysia? Comment your thoughts or suggestions down below!

**Updated as of 3/5/2016

New M4gic SIM by Xpax

Celcom has just upped its game by replacing its Magic SIM plan to New M4gic SIM plan earlier last week. This new plan completely overrides its predecessor with more attractive perks – although sadly the previously free unlimited Internet Burung Hantu is now discontinued. However, it’s still considered as the cheapest option on this list as it is still sold at RM5 (inclusive GST) on Xpax’s website.

The pre-loaded value of RM3 with 5 days validity remains the same, and users still enjoy free 200MB high-speed Internet (4G LTE speed) and 500MB basic Internet (Up to 64kbps) on a monthly basis. Users can also enjoy free unlimited Yonder Music streaming each month and carry forward unused Internet data to the next month (only for weekly and monthly Magic Packs). The major change to this plan is made to the plan the call rate, now set at 24sen/minute to all networks – which is on par with Hotlink’s call rate. The SMS rate remains at 12sen/SMS.

The previously free Internet Burung Hantu feature is still available for you night owls, although it is now charged at RM2 for 2GB or RM5 for 10GB – both of which are valid from 1am – 7am. That IS a huge bummer, but to make up for it, the New Magic SIM offers free unlimited calls to same network numbers with any Magic Packs. Time to tell your family and friends to switch network, so all of you can talk to each other on the phone for hours without any charge.

The data plans are now given a new name – Magic Packs – which are still available on daily, weekly or monthly basis. As mentioned, all of the Magic Packs come with free unlimited calls to the same network numbers, whilst weekly and monthly Magic Packs come with the additional free unlimited Yonder Music and carry forward Internet feature.

The daily Magic Pack priced at RM8 for 1GB of 4G LTE Internet,which is far better than what the old plan offered. Similar data quota improvement is also seen on its weekly and monthly Magic Packs – as the weekly Magic Pack now offers 1GB Internet at RM18 whilst the monthly Magic Packs are priced from RM38 (4GB) to RM68 (7GB) – all of which are offered with 4G LTE Internet (wherever available).

The New Magic SIM has done a great job in improving its packages, and is now – in our opinion – the most value for money mobile prepaid plan that offers the most Internet data quota among all its competitors. Will the other telcos rise to the challenge? We can’t wait for new updates from them! Find out more information about this new prepaid plan here!

Hotlink Gives Free 8GB/month 4G Internet For FREE For Life!

Hotlink has finally revealed it’s Internet data update to all its users last week, and the announcement really dis surprise us – until we learned about the hidden catch. The telco now offers 8GB FREE 4G Internet every month for life, which is divided into 2GB every weekend (1GB for Saturday and 1GB for Sunday). So far, so good.

There are no extra charges or requirements to fulfill, all you have to do is simply keep your Hotlink account active. The catch is that, as it is essentially meant to be free 4G internet, the free data quota only kicks in in when you are connected to 4G LTE. To be fair, that particular condition is pretty easy enough for those who live in the city, but the free data will mean literally nothing to the larger Malaysian population who could not (at present) enjoy the faster Internet option. Well played, Hotlink.

In an attempt to catch to its other competitors, Hotlink has introduced new data plans with daily, weekly and monthly option. The daily plan is priced at RM3 for 1GB, which is quite affordable. Its weekly plan starts from RM7 for 200MB, and the other option is RM10 for 600MB – both of which are pure rip offs, who buys data by MBs anymore?

Thankfully the monthly data plans are more reasonably constructed both in price and quota, the plans start from RM30 for 2GB to RM48 for 5GB. Note that all the data plans are only available for those who are under the FAST plan. Get more information on this plan here! strives to help Malaysians increase their literacy and make better financial decisions in life by offering all the insights and information via our blog and our free credit card, personal loan and broadband comparison tools.




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