Best Mobile Prepaid Plans In Malaysia 2018

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Updated on 2 May 2018

The argument as old as time, well, at least since mobile phones came into existence. Which is better: using a prepaid plan or a postpaid plan? And it’s become a well known fact that Malaysians prefer using a prepaid plan. A prepaid plan is one of the easiest ways for you for control your mobile usage and save some money (as compared to a postpaid plan).

While it does really depend on your lifestyle and usage, choosing a prepaid mobile plan has many benefits that one can’t ignore. It’s a great way to save you from the headache of being stuck in a contract, paying a fixed monthly commitment fee and other high charges. Now, we’ve done the work and compiled a list of all the available prepaid plans for 2018, so all you need to do is compare and choose the best option for you!

We’ve looked at at the telecommunication players in the market, all 8 of them, and separated our list into Prepaid Starter Packs and Best Value Data Plans (for RM30 – RM40 per month). We then summarize each product and give you our unbiased opinion of which are the best prepaid plans in Malaysia for 2018.

Prepaid Starter Packs

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Prepaid Data Plans

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The Hotlink Red starter pack is priced at RM10, comes with an RM5 preloaded airtime (valid for 5 days), 300MB mobile data (valid for 2days), calls at 30sen per minute and 15sen per SMS to all local networks. For those who still love calling and texting, you can enjoy the lowest call/SMS rates with Activ10. Rates are 6sen/30s for voice calls, and 1sen/SMS for your 10 favourite contacts on the Maxis network. Additionally, Facebook lovers also will get to enjoy 10GB high-speed data dedicated to Facebook surfing every month.

Whether you’re on a daily, weekly or monthly data plan, you’ll get to enjoy the more non-stop internet benefits. We selected the RM35 with a 30-day validity for review purposes. You do need to choose between RED Social or RED Chat though. RED Social gives you unlimited internet on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and Pinterest, while RED Chat gives you unlimited access to WhatsApp, WeChat, LINE, QQ and IMO. To enable these unlimited passes, you’ll need to redeem it via the Hotlink RED App.


The new Xpax Prepaid plan looks similar to the previous one but with a couple of changes. You’ll still get 10GB of basic internet, but you have to select one from four available monthly freebie options which include 10GB of high-speed Facebook, 10GB of high-speed Instagram, 3GB of YouTube or Unlimited WhatsApp, WeChat and Twitter. You can select your monthly freebie via the Celcom Life App.

The monthly data plans are all now Triple Quota and for the cheapest option, we’ll go with the RM30 internet plan. It’s pretty straightforward with 15GB of monthly data with benefits for late night, social or video usage.  As part of its triple data promo, you also get additional 200% of your base data but take note that the bonus data is valid only for the first 3 days. For prepaid users aged 25-years and below, you can enjoy 50% more data and this is basically a rename of its KAWKAW Squad offering.


The Digi Live starter pack is pretty cool as for a mere RM8, you’ll get unlimited basic internet and free 10GB of high-speed internet for video and music monthly. Take not that it get divided into 2.5GB per week for YouTube, YouTube Gamin, Twitch, iflix, Astro GO, tonton, dimsum, Spotify, JOOX and Smule. You’ll also get free calls and SMS to 6 Digi Buddyz and 1000 minutes of calls and SMS to another 6 favorite Digi numbers.

For this review, we choose 2 monthly plans as we could decided which is better. The telco has got two different internet plans that cost RM38 a month. Digi Super Terrerr gives you 12 hours of unlimited internet usage plus 24 hours of unlimited voice calls. Do note that this is limited to between 12AM to 12PM daily. You can enjoy unlimited usage during those 12 hours on your smartphone but it isn’t allowed for hotspot tethering. Another plan is the Digi BiGBonus and for a limited time they’re offering 2 times more data, that will give you extra 60GB for everything and anything all month long, only from RM38/month. Do note that the 60GB is divided into 2GB daily between 1pm – 7pm. The regular BiGBonus is 30GB per month at 1GB daily between 1pm – 7pm.

U Mobile

U Mobile is possibly the telco that offers the best prepaid plan in town. The Unlimited Power starter pack is only RM8.50 and it comes pre-loaded with free 1GB basic Internet every month, lowest call rate at only 12 sen/30 sec to all local networks. With an additional RM10, you could even get unlimited data for social apps!

We also chose the UMI 36 prepaid plan that come with more data plus unlimited data for music, instant messaging and social apps. On top of that, U Mobile is now bundling free JOOX VIP membership worth RM14.90/month. UMI 36 offers the most data with 7.5GB of high-speed quota and 7.5GB of Video-Onz for RM36/month. On top of that, you’ll also get unlimited streaming on Music-Onz platforms, unlimited WhatsApp & WeChat, unlimited usage for App-Onz (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram) and free YouTube streaming between 2AM to 10AM daily.


Yes has been ranked by OpenSignal as the Best 4G LTE for speed and availability in Malaysia. This could be booster reason you get their prepaid plan. Yes 4G LTE Prepaid starter pack retails for RM10, and you get pretty basic stuff like RM5 credit, free basic internet and free yes-to-yes calls. Their internet add-on plan is 10GB for RM30 per month. No other benefits or freebies. So if you’re looking for just simple and a large amount of data, consider Yes 4G.


Mcalls is a set of digital solutions that aims to be the centre of a user’s “mobile lifestyle”. Designed and priced competitively for Malaysian youths, the plan offers lots of value for money, and has some interesting add-ons that would appeal to its target group. For a monthly top up of RM30, Mcalls Y33 subscribers get a generous 5GB of 4G LTE data, as well as 33 free minutes local calls to all networks, and 33 free SMS. The airtime credit can be used to make calls (RM0.15/30 seconds) and SMS (RM0.20 per SMS), or even make IDD calls from as low as RM0.15/30 seconds.

Part of the appeal of Mcalls is MMspot, a rewards management app. Using unused airtime that is convertible into M-Airtime redemption rewards, Mcalls Y33 subscribers can redeem rewards from over 1,200 business alliance partners nationwide.

Tune Talk

To refresh your memory, +VIBE is a hybrid plan offering from TuneTalk. Unlike typical prepaid plans where you top up credit and then activate a data plan, +VIBE is an upfront subscription service and you can only subscribe to the service on their website via credit/debit card. There’s no need to top up manually as the plan will be renewed automatically with your registered card details. In short, it is like having a prepaid plan with auto debit.

The most affordable is +Vibe 15 offers 4GB of data, 30 minutes on-net calls, 30 minutes all-net calls, and RM5 credit. +Vibe 30 offers 12GB of monthly data, 40 minutes on-net calls, 40 minutes all-net calls, and RM5 airtime credit.


Malaysia’s latest mobile brand, Yoodo, is the first in the country to offer a customisable digital mobile service. What this means is that you can choose how much data, calls, and SMS you require each month, and pay only for that. The SIM card is absolutely free and you can sign up online, get the SIm card delivered, download the app and start customizing your plan.

With up to 1000 possible combinations, users can pick anywhere from as low as 2GB for RM20 a month, to 100GB of data for RM150 a month. Calls start from 50 minutes for RM5 a month and 50 SMS for RM3 a month. There are add-ons for Facebook, Instagram and YouTube usage. For the purpose of review, we only chose RM30 amount that gets you 5GB of data per month.

So which are the best prepaid mobile plans in Malaysia for 2018? Well, it was a tough one to decide and like we said earlier, it really does come down to your lifestyle and needs. We also would like to mention that these plans change on a yearly basis, the telcos and MVNO companies adapt to the changes in trends and technology. A plan that could be all the rage now, could change to something different later in the year.

In our honest unbiased opinion, there isn’t one best prepaid plan but the few that deserve mention for best value goes to Xpax, Digi and U Mobile (in no particular order). The final choice is yours.