The Best Mobile Postpaid Plans in Malaysia

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the best mobile postpaid plans in Malaysia

Whether you’re on a budget and looking for a basic postpaid plan or an all-inclusive value-for-money plan, we’ve got it all sorted out for you. Read on to find out more about the best mobile postpaid plans in Malaysia!

Basic postpaid plan

U Mobile U 28

For RM28 monthly fee and 3GB data, this is a good option for those who are looking for a basic and affordable postpaid plan. You also get to surf the net on 4G LTE speed when you are within the coverage areas. This plan offers:

  • FREE 50 minutes call to all networks
  • FREE 300 SMS (100 SMS to U Mobile network, 200 SMS to other operators)
  • Extra 3GB data for video streaming via Video-Onz (which lets you stream videos from YouTube, iFlix and more).

If you’re on a budget but you still want a postpaid plan that offers a decent quota for data, the U Mobile U 28 is a suitable option. However, do take note that U Mobile does have a pricey call rate of RM0.18 per minute.

The heavy mobile data user’s plan

Celcom FIRST Gold

Are you the type of person who uses both data and calls heavily? Then this is a postpaid plan you should definitely consider. For a monthly charge of RM80, Celcom’s FIRST Gold postpaid plan offers unlimited Whatsap, Wechat, and calls to all networks, along with a generous 20GB data allocation!

Aside from that, you get other perks like:

  • FREE internet over the weekend (2.5GB every Saturday and Sunday)
  • 5GB complimentary WiFiPlus. (WiFiPlus allows you to surf the net at various Celcom hotspots available at public places. Check out the WiFiPlus zones here.)
  • FREE access of Yonder Music for 1 year, so you can enjoy listening to your favorite tunes!

Best of all, you won’t be tied to any contract as this is a flexible postpaid plan which allows you to opt out anytime you want.


The value for money postpaid plan

U Mobile P70

If you want to get the most value for money when it comes to GB per Ringgit, U Mobile P70 plan is currently the best postpaid plan in the market. For RM70, you get 15GB monthly quota of high-speed internet. That’s not all, check out other extras you get with this plan:

  • Unlimited calls to all networks
  • 7GB video streaming on Video-Onz (allows you to stream videos without using any of your data allocation!)

Do take note that the 15GB quota promotion is until 31ST December 2017, after which the data quota will be 7GB. Even though the data allocation will be 7GB after the promotion ends, this is still a value for money postpaid plan as it is affordable, comes with a decent data quota along with many other perks.

The entertainment lover’s postpaid plan

Digi Postpaid 50

At RM50 monthly fee, you’ll get 10GB monthly quota – split between 5GB to be used anytime and 5GB for weekends. This postpaid plan is also ideal for those who are big on entertainment. The perks that come with this plan are:

  • FREE iflix access for 60 days.
  • 100 minutes calls to all networks.
  • 1GB internet roll over per month, which means you get to carry forward 1GB of the unused internet to the following month.



Before deciding on a postpaid plan, take your needs and priorities into consideration. For example, if you need fast internet, look into getting a postpaid plan with 4G LTE connectivity. If you use your mobile data frequently, opt for a postpaid plan which offers the most data allocation at an affordable price. Want more options? Compare the best mobile broadband plans for free on and score yourself the best deal today!

 *all prices mentioned above do not include GST charges.

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