5 Reasons Liberty's Private Car Insurance is Exactly What Malaysian Drivers Need

Mikaela Anthonysamy

Mikaela Anthonysamy

Last updated 14 October, 2021

Did you know that in 2020 alone, 4,634 deaths in Malaysia were caused by road accidents? This was 24% lower than the numbers in 2019, but despite this reduction in deaths, cases of injuries on the road had increased by 14.6%.

What’s even scarier is that sometimes, even if you do your best to be a good driver, there will be others who are reckless on the road, putting you in danger. Take for example, the recent case of the lorry driver who rammed into a bunch of cars on Jalan Ipoh in KL, causing most of the cars involved to be badly damaged.

Because things can be so uncertain, it’s important that you have something to fall back on in case something happens to you or your car while you’re driving. Enter Liberty Insurance’s EZY Plus Comprehensive Policy for Private Cars. Here’s why we think it’s an insurance policy all Malaysian drivers should have.

1. You get coverage for your car AND yourself

Let’s be honest: not all drivers inspect their cars as often as they should. In the long run, this can be dangerous for you (and others on the road) so ideally, you should perform routine checks. But assuming that you did all that was necessary and something untoward still happens still beyond your control, you'd want to be sufficiently protected.

With Liberty's EZY Plus Bundle, you get insurance coverage not just for your car but also yourself and your loved ones. We’ll go more in depth below on what Liberty will cover for you, but to name a few, you’ll get 24-hour towing services, medical expenses and ambulance fees and bereavement benefit (if death occurs).

It can be a hassle having to get a separate insurance policy for yourself and another one for your car. EZY Plus is essentially a two-in-one policy, so you can get all the necessary coverage you need as a driver in one place.


2. It takes care of the small things

If you got into an accident (but you were fine), the first thing you’d do would be to immediately run out and inspect the exterior of your car for any damage. But how often would you think of the smaller, more minor stuff like your side mirror or the interior of the car?

After an accident, it’s important to get each part of your car checked for your own safety. Plus you might just discover some damage done to these parts as well. The good news is that EZY Plus also covers the minor (but important) stuff like damaged child’s seats and side mirrors. Safety also matters in the more minute things like this, so you can now easily replace them if they ever get damaged.

Besides that, if someone were to ever steal your car key, EZY Plus will cover one key replacement for you up to RM500. You won’t have to sweat the small stuff now because like we said earlier, you can get insured for all things vehicle-related in one place.

3. You get a LOT more benefits

Again, this is not your typical car insurance because it covers the things that you may not even really think of. Under Liberty’s EZY Plus bundles (which we’ll get into detail below), you get a lot of extra coverage for various things such as:

  • warranty for workmanship repair
  • waiver of Compulsory Excess for an Unnamed Driver. If you’re not sure what Compulsory Excess is, it’s the sum that the insured may have to bear if someone else drives the vehicle during the accident
  • allowance for a miscarriage due to an accident
  • flood inconvenience allowance
  • reimbursement for physiotherapy treatment

...and many more! You can check out the full list of benefits that are available here.

4. You have a whole lot of options

As users and consumers, we all love choices in pretty much any product we’re looking at. Under Liberty’s EZY Plus, there are 3 main bundles you can select from, based on which one suits your needs best.

The detailed plans can be found here, but in short, you have Liberty EZY Plus Bundles A, B and C, and the packages range from RM80-RM180, depending on whether you need it for private use or business use.

What’s even better is that aside from these bundles, there are also add-on benefits  you can purchase to get a policy that is specifically tailored to your needs.


5. There’s an ongoing discount!

We LOVE discounts, and we’re sure you do, too! Liberty is currently offering up to 10% discount on their Basic Premium, so if you’re looking to sign up for a new insurance plan, you should totally go for it. This promo runs until 30th September 2021, so grab it while you can!

But wait, there’s more. If you sign up for Liberty’s EZY Plus on CompareHero.my from now up to 31st October 2021, you can get an e-voucher of your choice worth up to RM200 for Lazada, Shopee or Touch ‘n Go.

If you need more information on Liberty’s EZY Plus, check out their detailed brochure here, or you can also contact CompareHero.my (that’s us!) at 012-385 021.

Ready to sign up for Liberty’s EZY Plus and claim your e-voucher that’s worth up to RM200? Just click the link below!

Sign me up for Liberty's EZY Plus!

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