6 YouTube Channels You Can Subscribe To For Career Advice

Mikaela Anthonysamy

Mikaela Anthonysamy

Last updated 30 September, 2021

If you’re a first-time job seeker, you would probably want to get as much career advice as possible. But even for seasoned employees, knowing how to better yourself as you progress will only do you good. Attending interviews can be nerve-wracking, and working hard to stand out amongst your colleagues can be stressful.

With that in mind, we’ve listed 6 YouTube channels you can subscribe to for some sound career advice. These YouTubers come from all walks of life, so we hope you learn something different from each one of them.

1. Linda Raynier

With over 852,000 subscribers, on Linda’s channel, you’ll find different segments that might interest you. She tells you how to prepare for interviews, how to have an outstanding resume, how to deal with fatigue, Covid-19 anxiety and so on. She also hosts interviews with successful entrepreneurs.

You’ll even find simple hacks and tips such as how to look presentable during Zoom calls. Linda’s videos range from 8-40 minutes on average, so you can conveniently watch them during your free time.

Subscribe to Linda’s channel here

2. EMMOTION by Marat

This channel is run by Marat Chavtarayev from Barcelona, Spain, and he happens to have years of experience in HR under his belt. As someone whose job was to help both employees and employers, he has a lot of knowledge on how you can be your best self at work.

Through his videos, Marat holds mock interviews, gives tips on how to identify toxic work environments, how to decline job offers, what to do about workplace politics, and so on.

Check out Marat’s videos here.

3. Career Contessa

Women make up about 50% of the workforce globally, but Lauren McGoodwin felt that they’re not given the same opportunities as their male counterparts. This motivated her to create a channel to empower women through career advice.

On Lauren’s channel, you’ll find tips on how to write professional emails, how to answer specific interview questions, finance tips for women, and many more.

Join Lauren’s group of almost 13k contessas here.

4. The Intern Hustle

If you’re fresh out of college looking for an internship, you might not know where to start. Fortunately, The Intern Hustle that’s run by Jenna can teach you how to build your career as someone who’s just starting out.

You’ll get tips on how to write resumes for the first time, how to look for a suitable internship and how to network with the right people.

Follow The Intern Hustle here.

5. Andrew LaCivita

Andrew has had many years of experience in hiring executives for top-level roles. He’s also a coach and blogger. The content on his channel is more suitable for those who’ve been working for a while, and he covers issues a lot of employees face such as salary negotiation and growth stagnation in a job.

Andrew also has a segment on the channel called ‘Career Advice: Live Office Hours with Andrew LaCivita’.

Subscribe to Andrew’s channel here.

6. Afzal Hussein

Afzal who’s based in the UK used to work as an analyst for the ever-famous Goldman Sachs. After leaving that job, he decided to provide career advice to those who truly need them. On his channel, you’ll find videos on the banking industry, advice on what business courses you can take, and just other general career advice.

Watch Afzal’s videos here.

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