Affin Bank

Affin Bank credit cards is one of the most popular and cost-effective cards in Malaysia with its low annual percentage rates starting at 9.99%. Affin Bank Visa and MasterCard are recognized at over 30 million establishments worldwide.

Cardholders can enjoy the easy installment plan (EiPlan) for as low as RM500 per transaction for retail purchases. You can choose a repayment schedule of up to 36 months (3 years).

Affin Bank World Mastercard offers various benefits and privileges. Cardholders can enjoy competitive interest rates of as low as 9.99% per year, high cash advance of up to 70% of the credit limit, personal accident insurance of up to RM100,000 as well as a priority pass to more than 600 priority airport lounges around the globe!

With Affin Bank ‘s BHPetrol and Touch ‘N Go credit cards, both vehicle owners and shoppers can save on their daily spending. BHPetrol Mastercard with Drive Safe and Spend Less promo offers personal accident insurance, RM20 petrol credit and uncapped cashback with low interest rates. Touch ‘N Go Mastercard holders can enjoy the 0.8% cash back benefits from accredited merchants in Malaysia.

Other types of credit cards available are MasterCard Gold, MasterCard Classic, MasterCard Basic, Visa Gold, Visa Classic and Visa Basic Cards.

Apply for an Affin Bank Credit Card today and save more every time you use your card!

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