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Bank Islam Credit Card is famously known for the Card-i, the very first Shariah-compliant card available to Malaysian Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Rising from this foundation, the Card-i now comes in Classic, Gold, and Platinum variants to suit different lifestyles and financial needs. Each card comes with rewards points (under the TruRewards program), cashback from retail transactions with Halal-certified merchants, as well as up to RM 100,000 Takaful protection. With these innovations and customer-friendly services, Bank Islam makes Shariah banking a rewarding experience.

If you are looking for a starter credit card, the Bank Islam Classic Card-i might be the one for you. Get 0% Installment Payment Plan at all participating merchants plus redeemable TruPoints (get 1 TruPoints, for every RM1 spent with Bank Islam Credit Card-i.) for local and overseas purchases. If you are a UiTM Alumni, you may also consider the Bank Islam Alumni UiTM Platinum MasterCard Card-i. Its benefits include no annual fee and 0.3% unlimited cashback on all of your purchases of any amount in a single receipt.

Don't forget to optimise your TruPoints to redeem exciting freebies like electrical goods, vouchers, gadgets, and many more.

Apply today on to enjoy a better lifestyle for less and save more money when you swipe. Always be on the look out for Bank Islam promotions when you apply for credit cards through our site.

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