50 Low Cost Franchises In Malaysia You Can Join Right Now

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Franchising can be a great way to get into business for yourself. Starting and running a business is extremely difficult. The extra support from a franchisor, and the help of a personal loan can be just what you need to give you that edge. But which franchise should you go with? If you’ve read our previous articles on the topic of franchising, you should have a general guideline which you can follow when getting into franchising.  To help you pick a suitable franchise, we have compared all franchise offers across Malaysia and listed 50 easily accessible franchises for you to choose from.

We have ranked these 50 franchise offers according to the estimates of initial capital required, so you can quickly find the franchises that are within your capital limit. Keep in mind that the amounts listed here are for reference only. The actual investment amounts or franchising fees might differ because each new outlet is going to have its own characteristics (location, development costs, etc.)



Nelson’s began with the corn-in-a-cup concept and has since grown to one of Malaysia’s top brands with more than 1000 outlets in 17 countries. Their franchise offer is ideal for entrepreneurs who are looking for a franchise business with low capital investment.

  • Initial capital investment: RM 15,000 – RM 60,000
  • Franchising fees: RM 5,000 – RM 12,000
  • Royalties: no royalties




A rapidly growing business, Frespresso is a fun café store with a one-of-kind product line. The company has a comprehensive beverage menu and also offers live food preparations. The business utilizes an economically designed coffee franchise model, with the lowest investment required in the segment.

  • Initial capital investment: RM 30,000 – RM 40,000
  • Franchising fees: N/A
  • Royalties: N/A

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Laziz Pizza

Founded in 2013, Laziz Pizza is known for its taste and variety of pizzas. Still considered a start-up the company has big plans for the Malaysian market. The company has a big presence in India and has recently launched its first international outlet in Malaysia. Laziz Pizza currently has only one outlet in Malaysia, but is actively looking for new franchisees to open additional stores across the country.

  • Initial capital investment: RM 17,000
  • Franchising fees: N/A
  • Royalties: N/A


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Kubiq is a well-known kitchen retailer. The company was founded with the objective of offering affordable and quality modular kitchen sets to meet the growing demand in the low-to-mid market segment. Working with a fast-growing and critical customer base, Kubiq has managed to differentiate itself from other kitchen retailers.

  • Initial capital investment: RM 20,000 – RM 40,000
  • Franchising fees: RM 30,000
  • Royalties: 1%



Leno is a retailer of various products in Malaysia. They currently have more than 100 retail outlets across Malaysia. Leno has an extensive collection of products to satisfy all age segments, especially in fashion such as shoes, handbags and wallets. Besides that, Leno offers a wide range of products in Health Supplements, Personal Care and Kitchenware, for all your household needs.

  • Initial capital investment: RM 30,000 – RM 60,000
  • Franchising fees: RM 20,000
  • Royalties: 1%

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Vincci is a Malaysian ladies’ footwear brand. Since its inception in 1981, Vincci has opened over 100 outlets across South East Asia, the Middle East and North Africa.

  • Initial capital investment: RM 38,000
  • Franchising fees: RM 400,000
  • Royalties: 4%


Crazy Potato

Crazy Potato was founded in 2009. The restaurant chain is famous for its fast and fresh British chips. They offer a wide range of potato based products, with a variety of fun, vibrant and delicious toppings. Right now, there are 8 outlets in Malaysia but the company plans to expand quickly.

  • Initial capital investment: RM 50,000
  • Franchising fees: RM 50,000
  • Royalties: 3%


Mr. Clean

Mr. Clean is a fabric care enthusiast that specializes in dry cleaning and laundry service. Operating on a franchise model, they offer tier level business opportunities to entrepreneurs interested in operating full-fledged dry cleaning and laundry services. Ambitious business owners looking to manage a chain of dry cleaning and laundry service may also enquire about their master franchise and regional franchise.

  • Initial capital investment: RM 50,000
  • Franchising fees: RM 130,000 – RM 300,000
  • Royalties: 4%
  • Advertising fees: 3%



Sugarbun is a leading quick service brand in East Malaysia. The restaurant offers a great variety of food and entertainment. The menu offers a wide range of products including western fast food, Asian cuisine and traditional Malaysian dishes. Sugarbun currently has 92 successful franchise restaurants across the globe.

  • Initial capital investment: N/A
  • Franchising fees: RM 60,000
  • Royalties: 5%
  • Advertising fees 3%


Burger Bakar Abang Burn

Abang Burn starting selling burgers before burgers were hot. They started out as a street stand and scaled heavily when the burger wave hit. They now have over 20 outlets throughout Malaysia.

  • Initial capital investment: RM 85,000
  • Franchising fees: RM 15,000
  • Royalties: 5%

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Daily Fresh

With more than 800 franchise outlets around the world, Daily Fresh is one of the leading global snack food retailers. They are currently active in 15 countries, selling a variety of ready-to-go snacks and desserts. Daily Fresh is also the owner of the largest sweet corn plantation in Malaysia, which gives the business a unique edge in its market segment.

  • Initial capital investment: RM 85,000 – RM 120,000
  • Franchising fees: RM 25,000
  • Royalties: 2%
  • Advertising fees: 3%


Each A Cup

If bubble tea is your thing, you might want to consider opening an Each a Cup franchise. One of the most successful and popular bubble tea brands in the Asian markets, Each a Cup was founded in 1999 and currently has more than 100 outlets throughout Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunei. The company has a strong support system in place to assist franchisees with training, site selection, design and recruitment. Definitely a good choice if you are looking for an easily accessible beverage franchise.

  • Initial capital investment: RM 100,000
  • Franchising fees: N/A
  • Royalties: 5%


Hot & Roll

Hot&Roll is an emerging leader of wholesome baked food products which can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere. Hot&Roll pledges to provide hot, healthy and delicious food that caters to all tastes. The Hot&Roll franchising offer is characterized by low inventory costs with little or no wastage. The franchisor also offers extensive training and comprehensive business and financing guidance.

  • Initial capital investment: RM 100,000 – RM 165,000
  • Franchising fees: RM 15,000 – RM 30,000
  • Royalties: 5%


Kyros Kebab

Although kebab is not a typical Malaysian dish, Kyros has managed to create a strong foothold in the Malaysian market. They offer a healthy and tasty meal among other great products. Kyros kebab is an established business model and is one of the major local fast food chains in the country. You can start your own Kyros Kebab outlet at a reasonable cost, compared to other franchising programs.

  • Initial capital investment: RM 120,000 – RM 285,000
  • Franchising fees: RM 50,000
  • Royalties: 5%
  • Advertising fees: 1%


Clara International

Clara International is a Malaysian beauty store. Since 1977, they have been actively involved in the setting up of more than 50 Clara International Beauty Centres, out of which more than 60% are franchisee-owned.

  • Initial capital investment: RM 138,000 – RM 200,000
  • Franchising fees: RM 20,000
  • Royalties: 1%
  • Advertising fees: 1%

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Memory Lane

Memory Lane is the top greeting card company in Malaysia. They have a wealth of experience in creating and producing greeting cards of high quality. Memory Lane card and gift stores can be found in all major shopping malls in the Klang Valley. The company is continuously looking for new business minded people to become franchisees.

  • Initial capital investment: RM 139,000 – RM 276,000
  • Franchising fees: RM 20,000 – RM 40,000
  • Royalties: 6%



Established since 1974, BONIA, the international luxury brand and leather expert, has created a trademark legend in the fashion industry, achieving numerous milestones among the many accolades it receives. Being an expert of leather, BONIA offers wide range of leather goods including leather handbags, footwear and accessories for both ladies and gentlemen as well as other non-leather fashion item such as men’s apparels.

  • Initial capital investment: RM 145,000
  • Franchising fees: RM 20,000
  • Royalties: 2%


Tutti Frutti

Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt is an American brand and one of the largest retailer of specialty self-serve premium frozen yogurt in the world. With more than 600 outlets worldwide, franchisees can expect a tried and tested franchise structure to benefit from.

  • Initial capital investment: RM 150,000
  • Franchising fees: RM 50,000
  • Royalties: 5%



Founded in 1982, Sunrider International is a world-recognized brand for natural health, beauty, and fitness products. They manufacture over 400 products in Los Angeles and distribute them to 50 countries and regions. Sunrider operates an Independent Business Owner (IBO) business system in Asia. Sunrider IBOs own a franchise-like business and sell Sunrider products. This business system combines the best of franchising and direct-selling for a unique opportunity.

  • Initial capital investment: RM 150,000
  • Franchising fees: RM 20,000
  • Royalties:


Gift N Logo

Based out of Melaka since 2001, Gift N Logo has risen to become one of the countries’ prominent providers of high quality promotional merchandise for many Malaysian businesses. Gift N Logo has come a long way in the industry of premium gifts and promotional merchandise. If you join them, you can enjoy comprehensive training as well as operational and marketing support.

  • Initial capital investment: RM 150,000 – RM 250,000
  • Franchising fees: RM 28,000
  • Royalties: 5%

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Bangi Kopitiam

Bangi Kopitiam started with the initiative of four childhood friends who want to bring back the Malaysian ‘Muhibbah’ spirit which they experienced during their growing up years back in their ‘kampong’. Their food assortment has a combination of Chinese, Malay and Indian influences which makes it a truly unique experience.

  • Initial capital investment: RM 200,000
  • Franchising fees: –
  • Royalties: 3%
  • Advertising fees: 2%


Smart Reader

A global leader in early childhood education, Smart Reader early education centres have a growing presence in Malaysia. Joining Smart Reader means a move away from the typical food and beverage franchises and can be a great choice if you are passionate about early child education. The franchisor can offer a proven business model with marketing assistance and consistent training.

  • Initial capital investment: RM 230,000
  • Franchising fees: RM 30,000 – RM 40,000
  • Royalties: 20%


Boost Juice

A personal favourite, Boost offers delicious and healthy fruit drinks as either juices or smoothies. The diverse product range and strong marketing efforts have made Boost Juice a familiar name for anyone who visits a mall. The company was founded in 2000 and has quickly grown to over 250 stores worldwide, with 21 of those being located in Malaysia. Boost Juice is still growing in Malaysia so this might be just the right time to get on board.

  • Initial capital investment: RM 250,000 – RM 350,000
  • Franchising fees: RM 65,000
  • Royalties: 6%


7 Eleven

The name 7-Eleven first came into existence in 1946, when all Tote’m stores across the US were rebranded to 7-Eleven to reflect the stores’ new, extended hours – 7 a.m. until 11 p.m., seven days a week. 7-Eleven is now the largest 24-hours convenience store operator in Malaysia. When it first reached the 1,000 store milestone, 7-Eleven Malaysia started accepting local entrepreneur to join the business as franchisees. 7-Eleven currently has a staggering 2144 outlets across Malaysia.

  • Initial capital investment: RM 250,000
  • Franchising fees: RM 100,000
  • Royalties: 10%


CS Alloy Design

CS Alloy Design is the market leader in decorative metal design. The company has spent years in R&D to create a structurally strong aluminium based products. This material is used for the construction of sturdy gates and other specific construction requests. Running a manufacturing franchise typically requires a little more industry specific expertise than running a food and beverage restaurant, but if that is not an issue for you than CS Alloy Design might be an excellent choice.

  • Initial capital investment: RM 250,000 – RM 350,000
  • Franchising fees: RM 65,000
  • Royalties: 6%


Ms. Read

Established in 1997, MS. READ is the pioneer fashion brand in Malaysia offering plus size clothing for fuller figured, curvy women. Clothes sizes start from 12 through to 24 and range from classic and timeless cuts to trend worthy styles.

  • Initial capital investment: RM 250,000
  • Franchising fees: RM 60,000
  • Royalties: 7%

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Established in 1999, SHINS is Malaysia’s leading a beauty retail chain store that offers over 5,000 types of beauty products from over 200 internationally acclaimed brands to meet customers’ beauty needs. Their range of products including haircare, skincare, cosmetics, perfume, body & slimming care, nail care, beauty tools and beauty accessories. Today, SHINS operates over 40 stores strategically located in leading shopping malls in Malaysia.

  • Initial capital investment: RM 300,000
  • Franchising fees: RM 50,000
  • Royalties: 3%



Red Modani

Modani was established in 1985, drawing from years of experience, the company has developed a retail concept operating under the trade name of Modani and RedModani. They offer a complete range of shoe products.  As part of their expansion strategy, the company is offering a franchise opportunity with a reasonable capital commitment, supported by reliable product supplies and a well-developed business system.

  • Initial capital investment: RM 300,000 – RM 600,000
  • Franchising fees: RM 30,000 – RM 50,000
  • Royalties: 3%
  • Advertising fees: 2%


Legend’s Claypot Briyani House’

Founded in 1997, the Legend’s family curry house specialized in Clay pot Briyani and Banana Leaf cuisine. The company went through a rebranding phase in 2009 and has reassessed its objectives. Their signature item, the Claypot Briyani has been at the forefront of the success that the company has been having.

  • Initial capital investment: RM 350,000
  • Franchising fees: RM 60,000
  • Royalties: 3%
  • Advertising fees: 2%


100 vision / Bolton Optical Group

Bolton Optical Group is one of Malaysia’s top optical product manufacturers. The company was founded in 1992 by Patrick Sim Eng Peng with the intention of becoming a global player in optical products. The first optical store in Malaysia was opened in 1997. Since then, the company has continued to grow its network of retail stores, mainly through franchising. Today, Bolton Optical Group owns more than 60 direct-operated stores, about 100 authorized dealers throughout Malaysia and Brunei, and over 1,800 direct dealing outlets. The group’s staff force has grown to more than 300 personnel.

  • Initial capital investment: RM 380,000 – RM 600,000
  • Franchising fees: RM 30,000
  • Royalties: 4%



Meiko is a premium retail-store brand from Japan that has risen through the beauty industry since 1948. The business has been family owned for three generations, who all have made significant contributions to the future prospect of the company. The company’s product collection includes beauty, slimming and detoxification products.

  • Initial capital investment: RM 400,000
  • Franchising fees: RM 50,000
  • Royalties: 4%
  • Advertising fees: 1%


Focus Point

A large retailer of optical products, Focus point has grown from a small-town optical store to a company that not only leads the eyewear retail industry in the country, but one that is expected to make its mark on the region. The decision to adopt a franchise program was reinforced by the belief that that people are the most important assets.

  • Initial capital investment: RM 400,000 – RM 550,000
  • Franchising fees: RM 60,000
  • Royalties: 5%


D’Arab Café

Founded in 2009, D’Arab Café is a restaurant chain that specialises in Middle Eastern cuisine. They aim to provide people with authentic Middle Eastern cuisine at affordable prices. To ensure the consistency of the products offered, D’Arab Café has a general kitchen that coordinates all other kitchens. This can be a big load of the shoulders of new franchisees. The company currently has 12 Halal-certified restaurant in Selangor, predominantly in Shah Alam. They are looking for further expansion in the Klang Valley Area.

  • Initial capital investment: RM 416,000 – RM 514,000
  • Franchising fees: RM 50,000
  • Royalties: 5%
  • Advertising fees: 1%



With the first franchise opening in 1979, Supercuts is a true veteran in the franchising scene. Supercuts has established a dominant position within the value salon sector. Supercuts caters to men who are looking for a quality haircut in a comfortable atmosphere.

  • Initial capital investment: RM 426,800 – RM 915,200
  • Franchising fees: RM 50,000
  • Royalties:


Zouk Spa

Zouk Spa is a health care massage service centre which was established in 2001. The amount of health practices in Malaysia makes it the perfect place for complete rejuvenation. Having good relations with suppliers, franchisees can look forward to cheaper pricing for great value products from Zouk Spa, while being supported by the branding and marketing promotions.

  • Initial capital investment: RM 428,750 – RM 962,400
  • Franchising fees: RM 60,000 – RM 100,000
  • Royalties: N/A

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SCR express

SCR is a Malaysian halal-certified chicken rice fast-food restaurant in Sarawak. It currently has 35 outlets across Malaysia and is planning to expand.

  • Initial capital investment: RM 450,000 – RM 700,000
  • Franchising fees: RM 70,000 – RM 90,000
  • Royalties: 4%
  • Advertising fees: 3%



Marrybrown is proudly Malaysian-owned and is the winner of various domestic and international franchise industry awards. With over 30 years in the franchise industry, this homegrown fast food chain is currently the world’s largest Halal quick service restaurant (QSR) brand originating from Asia. If you choose to become a Marrybrown franchisee, you can benefit from the years of refinement that have gone into developing the Marrybrown concept. Marrybrown possesses a proven franchise format that has put the company on the map.

  • Initial capital investment: RM 500,000 – RM 700,000
  • Franchising fees: RM 80,000
  • Royalties: 4%
  • Advertising fees: 3%


Ayam Penyet-Ap

Ayam Penyet serves food inspired by traditional Indonesian cuisine. A very popular restaurant, Ayam Penyet has frequently listed in the top 10 most popular foods among Malaysians, due to its unique Surabaya recipe. Relatively easy to run and operate, the brand has a strong presence in Malaysia and can therefore be a good choice if you have the capital required.

  • Initial capital investment: RM 577,000 – RM 752,000
  • Franchising fees: RM 100,000
  • Royalties: –


The Tarik Place

Founded in 2007, The Tarik Place is famous for its authentic Malaysian street cuisine, such as The Tarik, Roti Canai and spicy Nasi Lemak. The business currently has 23 stores located in high-traffic locations.

  • Initial capital investment: RM 600,000
  • Franchising fees: RM 60,000
  • Royalties: 5%
  • Advertising fees 3%


Secret Recipe

Secret Recipe is known for its wide range of high quality gourmet cakes. Founded in 1997, Secret Recipe offers great variety combined with quality food at affordable prices. As the leading and largest café chain in Malaysia, Secret Recipe has grown rapidly and currently has more than 440 outlets across the region.

  • Initial capital investment: RM 600,000 – RM 650,000
  • Franchising fees: RM 150,000
  • Royalties: 5%



The SUBWAY brand is the world’s largest submarine sandwich chain with more than 44,000 locations around the world. They’ve become the leading choice for people seeking quick, nutritious sandwiches that the whole family can enjoy. Subway has been consistently rated the #1 franchise to join, which is supported by its rapid global success.

  • Initial capital investment: RM 607,946 – RM 1,075,131
  • Franchising fees: RM 44,900
  • Royalties: 8%
  • Advertising fees: 5%


Sakura Kristal Café and Restaurant

This Western/Asian fusion restaurant is an up and comer in the franchise industry. Having started in 2008, this business is relatively new but it is already planning to open two additional stores this summer. After establishing its flagship restaurant in Taman Melawati it is now actively looking for new franchisees.

  • Initial capital investment: RM 650,000
  • Franchising fees: RM 68,000
  • Royalties: 5%


Oldtown White Coffee

Founded in 1999, Old town is one of Malaysia biggest coffee brands with 234 outlets across Malaysia. Next to their regular coffee shops, they also export their coffee and tea products to 13 different countries. Their franchise offer is very flexible with a lot of different store set ups you can choose from.

  • Initial capital investment: RM 700,000 – RM 1,000,000
  • Franchising fees: RM 80,000
  • Royalties: 5%
  • Advertising fees: 3%


Gloria Jean’s

A cup of good coffee is just what you need in the morning and Gloria Jean’s meets your demand. This top gourmet retailer aims to capture the specialty coffee market with a rich and strong scent. Gloria Jean’s is currently looking to expand its business in Malaysia by adding additional stores. Since 2006, the master franchising rights for Gloria Jean’s are in the hands of MyFranchise, but within their framework you can become a franchisee.

      • Initial capital investment: RM 750,000
      • Franchising fees: RM 65,000
      • Royalties: –
      • Advertising fees: –


Dave’s Deli

Dave’s Deli is Malaysia’s very own deli chain of restaurants. Since 1989, they have served food that is quick, delicious and value for money. Cooked with fresh ingredients and served by people who genuinely love food. This business is relatively easy to operate and the franchisor also provides training and ongoing support.

      • Initial capital investment: RM 800,000
      • Franchising fees: RM 75,000
      • Royalties: 5%


Papa John’s

Papa John’s Pizza is an American quick service restaurant franchise, which was founded in 1985. Since then, the company has grown to become the third largest Pizza Company in the world with over 4800 outlets across the globe. The first Malaysian outlet was opened in 2008 and there are currently 25 Papa John’s active in Malaysia. The local Master franchisee is Berjaya Corporation, which means that any opening of a Papa John’s in Malaysia has to be handled by them. This might be an entry barrier if you are looking for more independence, but it could also benefit you since Berjaya has a lot of experience with the Malaysian market. Add to that the strong brand recognition of Papa John’s and you got yourself a franchise offer with a lot of potential.

      • Initial capital investment: RM 1,100,000
      • Franchising fees: N/A
      • Royalties: 5%


Anytime Fitness

Anytime fitness is global brand of fitness centers. They take their brand name quite literally, as their outlets are open 24/7, 365 days a year. This concept has worked well for them so far, as they have been named the #1 Top Global Franchise by Entrepreneur magazine, overtaking other brands such as Subway, McDonald’s and Pizza Hut. This was mainly because they were rated highly in financial stability and growth rate. Even though the startup costs are relatively high, the business model has more than proven itself.

      • Initial capital investment: RM 1,200,000 – RM 1,500,000
      • Franchising fees: RM 264,000
      • Royalties: N/A


Manhattan Fish Market

The Manhattan Fish Market restaurants were inspired by the largest wholesale fish market in the United States – the famous Fulton fish market in Manhattan. With more than 70 restaurants in Asia and the Middle East, this seafood chain has a strong brand that can be an asset to any prospective franchisee.

      • Initial capital investment: RM 1,257,200 – RM 2,200,100
      • Franchising fees: RM 89,800 – RM 134,700
      • Royalties: 5%
      • Advertising fees: 5%


Pappa Rich

Pappa Rich is a Malaysian grown brand which was established in 2005. The company has used their franchising model with great success, which is supported by the impressive 77 PappaRich outlets that are currently active in Malaysia. The franchise prides itself on its traditional Malaysian cuisine.

      • Initial capital investment: RM 1,500,000
      • Franchising fees: –
      • Royalties: 5%


Big Apple Donuts

Donut stores are a well-known concept around the world. Founded in 2007, Big Apple Donuts quickly grew to become one of Malaysia’s foremost donut stores. There are already more than 30 stores across Malaysia. A Big Apple Donuts can be a very lucrative franchise opportunity, but the capital requirements are also very high compared to other offers.

      • Initial capital investment: RM 1,320,000 – 2,200,000
      • Franchising fees: RM 350,000
      • Royalties: 5%

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Joining a franchise can be a great strategy if used correctly. The initial upfront fees are usually higher but the added support often more than makes up for it. Stay tuned for our next article, where we’ll analyze the industries related to these franchise offers an give you the top 10 franchises in Malaysia to join. Unsure about which type of business you’d prefer? Take a second to read about the best small business opportunities in 2017. A big outlet might be too much of commitment for you. If that is the case, take a look at food trucks. They require little capital and are easy to operate. We’ve done an article on what it is like to run your own food truck business.

We hope that this list can help you realize your dreams of entrepreneurship. Malaysia is full of amazing business opportunities, you just have to know where to find them. If you need a reminder about what franchising is all about, check out these articles:

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