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4 Places To Sell Your Car Online

Dharshaini Grace

Dharshaini Grace

Last updated 18 July, 2023

Thinking of selling your used car? Try going to a car dealership! It’s much easier, and they will buy your car even though it may be in a not-so-pristine condition. The only downside, you have to be prepared to get lower quotes as opposed to selling it directly to a buyer. But if you’re looking to sell your car without spending money to fix it and aren’t too fussy about the offers, here are 4 places you can sell your car! 

  1. Carsome 


Carsome is quite well-known in Malaysia, and for a good reason too. It’s Southeast Asia’s largest integrated car e-commerce platform and they’re available in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore. Aiming to provide end-to-end solutions to consumers and used car dealers, they provide services such as car inspection, ownership transfer, financing and more. The process is pretty simple too, all you have to do is book an appointment online, go through their extensive FREE 175-point inspection for about 30 minutes at their Inspection Center. If they’re interested in buying your car, you’ll get your payment within 1 hour! 

Check them out: Website | Instagram 


  1. Carlist is Malaysia’s No.1 Car Site! It’s a place where you can list your car in an ad. There are 3 types of ad listing for you to choose from: 

Type of Ad Listing 





  • Featured Ad
  • Ad Live for 60 Days
  • Featured Ad
  • Ad Live for 60 Days
  • Daily 'Bump Up' First 14 Days
  • Highlighted Ad
  • Featured Ad
  • Ad Live for 90 Days
  • Daily 'Bump Up' First 28 Days
  • Highlighted Ad
  • Verified Badge
  • Facebook Promo






Once you’ve chosen your ad package, simply fill in the required information such as vehicle details, vehicle photos and your contact information. It’s that easy! 

Check them out: Website | Instagram 


  1. ezAUTO.MY


“Sell your car the EZ way” - that’s exactly what ezAuto does! It’s an online platform where you can either sell your car directly to them or place it in their car auction marketplace where your car gets bidded; all you have to do is to accept the highest offer and cash out! Your car will need to undergo a car inspection and valuation process, which by the way is absolutely FREE. There’s also an option for you to select doorstep car inspection, where they’ll come to you instead! 

Check them out: Website | Instagram 


  1. myTukar


Featured in CNBC, The Straits Times, Channel News Asia and more, myTukar connects dealers everywhere and helps you to sell it on your behalf via online. This will be done through a bidding process, where your car will be sold to the highest bidder! You can view the bidding on your mobile or table, just click on a bidding link that will be sent to your email. They do not take commission nor is there any hidden fees, hence offering complete transparency to the car selling process. 

Check them out: Website | Instagram 

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