Want Some Extra Cash? Here Are 5 Free Apps You Can Earn Money From

Mikaela Anthonysamy

Mikaela Anthonysamy

Last updated 18 February, 2022

Who doesn’t like free money? Tell someone that they can make some extra bucks easily, and you’d very likely have piqued their interest. What’s even better is that nowadays, you can earn from wherever you are, all with the help of your trusty smartphone.

If you shop online often, you’d be familiar with how cashback works—a small sum of your money is refunded after a purchase. But besides this, there are other ways you can get paid, such as answering surveys or reviewing items. 

On that note, here are 5 quick and easy ways to make some money online.

1. Netizen Testing

Browse sites all the time? Here’s your chance to cash in on that!

Netizen Testing is a company that provides user feedback for website usability. If you sign up as a tester, you just need to provide verbal feedback while testing out these sites. As the audio has to be recorded, make sure you have a good mic with you. Once you’re done, go ahead and send that feedback over to Netizen Testing. This whole process takes around 10-15 minutes. For each review, you’ll be paid USD7 through Paypal. 

Interested to give this a go? Click here for more information. 

2. MyBump


Here’s one way to earn money without actually having to do much at all. MyBump is an advertising platform for all sorts of brands in Malaysia. Now you come into the picture by placing a sticker from any one of these brands on your car, taking a picture, and sharing it on social media. Easy, right?

You’ll need to fill up a form and sit back for a few days to get approved. Once you start the job, you’ll get freebies and also cash payments which start at RM100-200 a month. For now, MyBump operates in Klang Valley as well as parts of Penang and Johor.

If you’d like to join the MyBump family, click here to start.

3. 8coin


Formerly known as 8share, 8coin is perfect for those who spend a huge chunk of their time on social media. Into all the latest news and trends? Keep reading to find out how this works!

Start by looking through 8coin’s ‘Specials’ section and select one that you think your social media followers or friends and family might be interested in. You’ll then need to share that content on your social media accounts. Again, it can be on anything that you like—movies, events, promos and so on.

And that’s it! You will then get paid after a month via bank transfer. Click here to start earning through 8coin.

4. GigaGigs


GigaGigs gives you the chance to earn while going about your day. Essentially, there are hundreds of daily microtasks you can choose from, be it snapping pictures of something or reviewing an item. If any of these are near to you, you can get them done in minutes, submit them and voilà, you’ll get paid.

You can withdraw your earnings once you’ve hit RM10. Similar to 8coin, the money will be directly credited to your bank account.

Find out how to join GigaGigs here.

5. PanelPlace


Taking surveys is one of the most popular ways to earn some money, and that’s exactly what you’ll get to do at PanelPlace. You only have to provide your basic information when signing up, so this should just take a few minutes.

PanelPlace will first recommend some survey panels for you to join. After you do that, the panels will then send you their surveys. You’ll get compensated after taking these surveys, but do note that they come in the form of rewards. These rewards can later be exchanged for cash, gifts and vouchers.

Click here to get started with PanelPlace.

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