#CNY2021 - Shopee & Lazada CNY Sale: 27 Last-Minute Gift Ideas For Your Family And Friends

CompareHero.my Team

CompareHero.my Team

Last updated 01 March, 2022

Looking for gifts to buy for your family and friends this Chinese New Year (CNY)? We listed 27 gift ideas you can get on Shopee and Lazada with CNY sale 2021 markdowns. Read below to find out!

Chinese New Year is coming very soon! We usually get excited for this festive celebration, however, it will hit us all differently this year.

Celebrating Chinese New Year in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic means no family gatherings, reunion dinners and other fun activities that we usually do with our loved ones. 

Despite having to stay indoors, you shouldn’t make Chinese New Year this year any less fun - it is still the season of giving after all. You can send or post gifts to your family members, relatives and friends to express your gratitude, respect and affection from afar.

Since we can’t really go out to look for the gifts, you can still purchase them online. The only downside is that you may be overwhelmed by the choices available, and it will get even worse when you have to do last-minute purchases.

But don’t worry, if you’re still looking for Chinese New Year gift ideas, we’ve got you covered! A festive season brings another seasonal sale, so it’s time to take advantage of amazing CNY deals on Shopee and Lazada while it lasts.

Below are some great bargains that we found on Shopee and Lazada that have CNY sale markdowns. We sorted out the gifts that are ideal for your parents, kids, friends, colleagues, and neighbours.

For parents

Multifunctional Plastic Kitchen Organizer Storage Tool Holder

Knife Block

CNY Lazada sale: 54% off

Replace the old knife holder at home with this new stylish knife block. The wave pattern enables the knives to be inserted in an orderly manner.

Get it for RM36.10 instead of RM78

Dried Korea Persimmon

CNY Shopee sale: 15% off

This sweet and delicious dried fruit is packed with much health-promoting nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants vital for optimum health.

Get it for RM128 instead of RM150

Chinese New Year Cookies

Chinese New Year Cookies

The festive celebration isn’t complete with mandatory CNY cookies. The flavours include Hazelnut Almond Cookies, Pineapple Rolls, Pumpkin Cookies, Almond Cookies, and Cheese Pineapple Cake.

Get it for RM13.76

PerySmith 3L Mini Air Fryer X Bossman Kaden BK220

Mini Air Fryer

CNY Shopee sale: 70% off

Air fryers use less oil than deep fryers and can produce foods that have a lower fat content. The technology used allows you to enjoy delicious fries, snacks and meals healthier and faster.

Get it for RM137 instead of RM459

High Borosilicate Glass Teapot Set Glass Boiling Teapot Tea Maker

Glass Teapot Set Glass

CNY Shopee sale: 35% off

Brew a perfect cup of Chinese tea with this glass teapot and enjoy it in the comfort of your own home. The set comes with a ceramic heating base, wooden tray, smokeless candle and tiny cup.

Get it for RM47.53 instead of RM72.70

Chinese New Year Ceramic Tableware

Chinese New Year Ceramic Tableware

CNY Lazada sale: 52% off

Add more into the tableware collection with this Chinese New Year-themed ceramic tableware. It’s microwavable and easy to clean. 

Get it for RM33.25 instead of RM69

Vacuum Cleaner Household Smart Sweeper Robot

Smart vacuum cleaner

CNY Shopee sale: 57% off

Tired of vacuuming the house daily? Save more time (and energy) with a smart vacuum cleaner. Simply turn it on and let it do all the work for you. This device comes with a UV disinfection cleaner that sweeps, mops and vacuums the floor.

Get it for RM68.80 instead of RM160.50

For kids

portable folding kids tent 1

Portable Folding Kids Play Tent

CNY Lazada sale: 31% off

Build a castle at any corner of your home for your kid. This foldable child toy tent is practical, water-resistant and easy to clean. The soft material prevents your kid from getting any injury while playing.

Get it for RM20.58 instead of RM29.90

Pretend & Play Suitcase Table Playset

Pretend & Play Suitcase Table Playset

CNY Lazada sale: 25% off

Perfect suitcase table playset to improve your kids’ creativity and imagination skills. Easy to be carried around and stored. The playset comes in different varieties, which include washing basin, hardware tools, drill box, makeup, and doctor playset.

Get it for RM37.52 instead of RM70

Kids Foldable Scooter

CNY Shopee sale: 54% off

Develop your kid’s motor skills with a fun scooter ride. This scooter has a special steering turning technique, allowing children to have a more stable and secure control. It is foldable and lightweight.

Get if for RM37.45 instead of RM79

Chinese New Year Candy Packs

CNY Shopee sale:38% off

Get some sweet CNY candies for the young ones to enjoy at home. Among the choices of flavours include American ginseng sugar, crunchy pumpkin seed, white sesame, black sesame, salted egg, red dates and more. 

Get it for RM13.88 instead of RM18

LCD Writing Tablet Pad Kid Children Drawing Board Education

LCD Writing Tablet Pad Kid Children Drawing Board Education

CNY Shopee sale: 22% off

This tablet pad is environmentally friendly as it helps to reduce the use of paper. Its portability makes it suitable for both play and study.

Get it for RM19.80 instead of RM24.99

For friends

Ice-Watch ICE sixty nine - Black (Medium)

Ice-Watch ICE sixty nine - Black (Medium)

CNY Shopee sale: 50% off

Unisex black watch with a textured silicone strap is a perfect gift for your friend who needs a new watch. It goes great with both casual and dressy wear.

Get it for RM169 instead of RM399

Xiaomi True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

CNY Lazada sale: 68% off

Have a new working out experience with these wireless bluetooth earbuds. It has high-quality bass sound effects with professional sound tuning. It is rain and sweatproof, a perfect way to enjoy music while exercising. 

Get it for RM41 instead of RM129


Friendship Bracelets

CNY Shopee sale: 60% off

Show how much your friend means to you with these beautiful friendship bracelets, especially when you’re in a long-distance friendship.

Get it for RM3.32 instead of RM8.12

Portable Mini Projector

Portable Mini Projector 

CNY Shopee sale: 52% off

Have a theatre session at home or anywhere you go with this portable mini projector. Its portability and strong battery life ensure that you can keep it in your hand, watch your favourite movies on the go.

Get it for RM125 instead of RM259

LED Light Room Photo Studio Photography Lighting Tent

LED Light Room Photo Studio Photography Lighting Tent

CNY Shopee sale: 61% off

Set up a mini photo studio anywhere in just a few minutes. This LED lightbox studio provides the perfect backdrop for small photography projects.

Get it for RM32 instead of RM66.90

For colleagues

Logitech M330 Silent Mouse 

CNY Shopee sale: 35% off

This silent mouse reduces the clicking noise by 90%. It is built for long sessions, suitable for gamers and any user who works long periods on the computer.

Get it for RM45.88 instead of RM71

portable juice blender

Midea Bugu Portable Fruit Blender

CNY Shopee sale: 69% off

Make a cup of delicious fruit juice effortlessly. Just keep it charged and enjoy your healthy juice at the comfort of your own table.

Get it for RM36.50 instead of RM119

Mini Portable Aroma Diffuser

Mini Portable Aroma Diffuser

CNY Shopee sale: 79% off

This portable aroma diffuser fills a space with lovely fragrance that can lift the mood and relieve stress from stressful and tiring days. It comes with a USB cable and a user manual.

Get it for RM15.80 instead of RM47.16

foldable table bed

Small Foldable Table Bed Desk

CNY Shopee sale: 72% off

Boost your working from home productivity with this mini foldable table bed desk. This comfortable tabletop can accommodate a 13-inch laptop and mouse pad with space to spare.

Get it for RM19.58 instead of RM65.27

cookies set cny

Chinese New Year Cookies Gift Set

CNY Shopee sale: 10%

A perfect gift set to send to your Chinese colleagues for Chinese New Year. The set includes different types of cookies and snacks.

Get it for RM68.40 instead of RM76

For neighbours

Essential Oil Air Humidifier

CNY Shopee sale: 52% off

Perfect for home as it humidifies the air and neutralises the temperature in any room. The fragrance released into the air can help people to relax and feel less stressed or anxious.

Get it for RM39.99 instead of RM83.30

Multi-Functional Vegetable Chopper 

CNY Lazada sale: 46% off

This multi-functional vegetable chopper integrates the functions of shredding, drain, and storage. The design is detachable design, easy to clean after use.

Get it for RM23.75 instead of RM44

Chopsticks Rack Draining

CNY Lazada sale; 57% off

A luxury chopstick dripping stand to put at the kitchen counter. It comes with a bottom drain to keep the water from leaking.

Get it for RM56.84 instead of RM132.62

Festa Oriental Rice Bowl & Chopstick Set

CNY Shopee sale: 44% off

An ideal gift set for Chinese New Year. This microwavable set comes with two bowls and two chopstick sets. Suitable for rice, porridge or noodles servings.

Get it for RM16.80 instead of RM29.90

Essential Oil Scented Candle

CNY Shopee sale: 36% off

This candle jar can help you sleep better and relieve stress after a long day of working. It is made out of plant-derived essential oil that gives out refreshing fragrance.

Get it for RM15.90 instead of RM25

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