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10 Personal Finance Instagram Accounts You Should Follow

Mikaela Anthonysamy

Mikaela Anthonysamy

Last updated 01 March, 2022

Understandably, not everyone is financially savvy enough to understand how to go about this. Fortunately,  you can get tips from those who are well-versed in finance. Or, you can also take the advice of those who have practiced good financial habits.

On that note, we’ve put together a list of Instagram accounts you can follow for financial hacks.

1. @thesimplesummalaysia

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A post shared by The Simple Sum Malaysia (@thesimplesummalaysia)

The Simple Sum started their page less than a year ago at the time of writing, but they’ve already amassed a huge following. On their account, they put up graphics containing bite-sized information that is easy to digest.

If you click the link in their bio, you’ll be taken to their website which has full-fledged finance articles. These articles are written based on real-life experiences, so you might be able to relate to many of them!

Why you should follow them: Bite-sized info, financial articles

2. @her.duit

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A post shared by Michelle - Women & Money (@her.duit)

Standing at 6500 followers, Her Duit by Michelle Chin aims to help women manage their finances better. If you head over to the account, you’ll be greeted with a very eye-catching feed. The posts on the account cover several topics, ranging from how women can be more financially empowered to activities they can do during the MCO.

On their Instagram Stories, they have templates you can use for financial planning as well as links to podcasts by the founder.

Why you should follow them: Financial hacks for women, podcasts

3. @bfmradio

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A post shared by BFM 89.9 The Business Station (@bfmradio)

You might know BFM as a radio station in Malaysia, which is true. But BFM also puts out content related to finance for the average Malaysian every now and then.

They have podcasts everyday, and snippets of these podcasts are posted on their Instagram. You’ll get to hear real-life stories

Why you should follow them: Real-life tips & stories, podcasts


     View this post on Instagram           

A post shared by (

Oh hey, that’s us! Besides the services that we provide on our website, we also work to educate Malaysians on all things finance through social media.

If you go to our Instagram page, you’ll find short and sweet posts on a whole variety of things—from what type of credit card you should get to how to choose the right insurance.

Why you should follow them: Bite-sized info on a variety of financial info, articles


     View this post on Instagram           

A post shared by sav (

Sav Finance is based in Singapore, but all the information that they post can be followed by anyone in any part of the world. Their account also covers a lot of day-to-day issues that many can relate to, such as how to pay for your house, what to do if you want to quit your job, and so on.

They’re also open to taking questions, so if you’d like to know more about something, feel free to shoot them a message!

Why you should follow them: Covers day- to-day financial aspects

6. @dearduit

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A post shared by Nurul Yahi (@dearduit)

Run by Nurul Yahi, @dearduit gives you a glimpse of how a mother of two manages her finances. On her page, Nurul shares tips on not just finance, but how she takes care of her mental health during this time.

She also has panel discussions and podcasts you can tune into if you’d like to know more. Besides these, Nurul has a blog where she writes finance articles (link can be found in her bio).

Why you should follow them: Money tips, panel discussions, podcasts, articles

7. @stashaway_my

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A post shared by StashAway Malaysia (@stashaway_my)

StashAway focuses on educating Malaysians on investment. So, you’ll find information on how to invest, when to invest, and so on.

But besides this, there’s also a wealth of information on general finance, such as: how to achieve financial freedom, how to prepare for retirement, how to spend your bonus, and so on.

You can also listen to podcasts on their website (link is in their bio).

Why you should follow them: Investment tips, podcasts


     View this post on Instagram           

A post shared by Personal Finance MYR (

This account is really interesting because you’ll find tips on how to save money! Here, you’ll find out what meals you can cook to save more money, how to meal prep for the week, and even how to grow your own food!

But that’s not all. They also share apps that you download for budgeting, templates to plan your expenses and so on.

Why you should follow them: Food tips, financial apps and templates

9. @surayaror

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A post shared by Suraya Zainudin (@surayaror)

Run by Suraya Zainudin, this account is catered to Malaysians who want to know anything about personal finance. Suraya shares bite-sized info, book recommendations, articles on her blog and other money tips.

There’s a variety of things that go on in this account—enough to keep you engaged for a long time!

Why you should follow them: Financial tips, recommendations, articles

10. @thatsimplepotato

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A post shared by Personal Finance | Malaysia (@thatsimplepotato)

This is one of the smaller accounts, but don’t be fooled! We found this account pretty interesting as it’s catered to students and fresh graduates! Financial education should start from a young age, so if you fall under this group, this one’s perfect for you.

Here, you’ll find ways on how young people can save more and manage their expenses better. There are pretty journals and templates you can use to make your budgeting more fun.

Why you should follow them: Tips for students and fresh grads

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