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Last updated 01 April, 2019

This time we’re going to be featuring FIVE authors from popular financial blogs in Malaysia! Curious about their financial habits, want to peek in their wallets, want to know if they are spenders or savers? Read on!

Stephen, MyPF
He is the founder of who believes in simplicity and growth. Especially in his passions in people and personal finance. Stev is on a mission is to help people grow. This allows us to have the freedom of choice - to focus on who and what truly matters in your life. In his free time, Stev enjoys spending quality time with his better half, reading/writing, and drinking two cups of coffee daily.

Black Belt Millionaire
I am a former MMA fighter. After years of not having good financial planning, I was actually on huge debt via credit card & personal loan. That experience haunts me so bad. Aside from that, I was “enjoying” my life too much but overspend my money on anything that I can & can’t afford. Both bad experience brought me to a realisation that I need to manage my money better. After I made my decision to change my life for the better, I have stumbled upon the world of investment & compounding wealth.

This realisation not only helps me to clear my debt in less than 2 years, I am also currently saving, investing & a happy blogger for my own blogs called Black Belt Millionaire. I hope that my blog is able to guide my readers to understand the world of investments better & they are able to plan their financial better.

Suraya Zainudin, Ringgit Oh Ringgit
She is the blogger behind personal finance blog Ringgit Oh Ringgit, where she shares how she spends, saves, invests and earns money in Malaysia. When she's not blogging, she does independent communications consultancy and content creation/management work.

CF Lieu, HowToFinanceMoney
CF Lieu says, “Honestly, 99% of financial advices are crap. People don't want financial advice or literacy, really. They just want to not worry about money, be in control of their money, outdo their peers, get actionable information for their personal situation, and NOT wait 20 years to see result.”

Divvy, Dividend Magic
Divvy is the author of the blog Dividend Magic at, and is currently working towards financial independence through investing in the Malaysian stock market.

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How much cash do you have in your wallet right now?

Stephen: RM500

Black Belt Millionaire: RM234

Suraya: RM227

CF Lieu: RM300+

Divvy: RM307


What’s the best financial advice you have ever received?

Stephen: Increase income, reduce expenses & invest the difference.

Black Belt Millionaire: Plan for your Retirement.

Suraya: Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without.

CF Lieu: There is no better investment than investing in yourself in developing your high-income skills.

Divvy: Invest and be an owner. Stop being a consumer!


What’s your most expensive purchase? That’s not a property or vehicle.

Stephen: Travel. Broadens horizons and helps one grow.

Black Belt Millionaire: My watch.

Suraya: Surface Pro 4 laptop + additional 4 years' warranty for RM6.8k.

CF Lieu: A self-improvement online course by a Forbes 30 under 30 for RM 10,000+

Divvy: My laptop, so I can bring my work wherever I go, and it helps generate income.


What did you spend your very first pay on?

Stephen: A Motorola Razr phone (remember those?!)

Black Belt Millionaire: I bought my Mum dinner

Suraya: Probably something boring like KTM card or lunch money.

CF Lieu: I don't recall, that was 2005!

Divvy: A nice meal.


Are you more of a spender or saver? Why?

Stephen: Saver, to prepare funds for investment opportunities.

Black Belt Millionaire: Saver. I save more than 60% of my monthly salary to plan for my retirement.

Suraya: Saver, because at one point I even calculated how much each of my (homemade) meals cost and tried to bring them down.

CF Lieu: Neither. I am an investor.

Divvy: Definitely a saver.


Which do you prefer using - cash or card? Why?

Stephen: Card. For points and cashback.

Black Belt Millionaire: Cash. I believe in spending whatever I have not whatever I don’t have. I’ve been to credit card debt once & the bad experience haunts me. I’ll never do it again.

Suraya: Whichever with additional discounts/incentives.

CF Lieu: Card, you get better deals most of the time.

Divvy: I use my card whenever I can for the cashback and rewards. I always pay my credit card debts on time and in full though.


Do you own a property?

Stephen: Yes.

Black Belt Millionaire: Yes.

Suraya: No.

CF Lieu: Yes.

Divvy: Yes.


Tell us how you made your biggest financial mistake!                                      

Stephen: A MLM scam losing approximately RM30k

Black Belt Millionaire: Being on credit card debt & not saving money.

Suraya: Not doing a contract with a client, I lost RM8k in payments. Not that the contract will help much, to be honest. An expensive lesson in trust.

CF Lieu: None that I can think of.

Divvy: Selling off my stake in companies too early, not enough research done then.


Can you describe your recent impulsive purchase?

Stephen: Cold brew coffee

Black Belt Millionaire: I am a planner & I will usually purchase the item after weeks of considering it.

Suraya: Some stickers I liked but definitely didn't need at RIUH Bazaar

CF Lieu: I don't recall if I ever did that

Divvy: Nothing too heavy and costly. It's my Samsung note 8.

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Do you have a PRS (Private Retirement Scheme)?

Stephen: Yes.

Black Belt Millionaire: Yes.

Suraya: Yes.

CF Lieu: Yes.

Divvy: Yes.


How You Duit? is a recurring feature on’s blog, where we ask 10 questions on personal finance habits and dive into the wallets of our fellow Malaysians.

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