A Look at Private Tutoring Rates vs Group Tutoring Rates

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Last updated 11 February, 2022

Parents looking for tuition for their children have two options: private tutor or group classes. Which one should you choose? Which will be better for your child’s learning pace? Here is a comparison between private tutoring and group classes so that you come up with the suitable option.

Tuition has become a necessity for students to do well in the ever competitive and stressful academic environment of Malaysia. And, it is equally true that most parents have a dilemma while choosing between private tutoring and group classes. Moreover, being influenced by other’s opinion and prejudices make it even more difficult for you to decide over the right coaching option.

However, choosing the suitable tutoring type for your kids is not that complicated. Here is a comparison between private tutoring and group classes which can help you decide.

What is Private Tutoring?

Also known as one-on-one tutoring, private tutoring is a popular form of coaching in Malaysia, and is often held in the home of the student.

The Pros of Private Tutoring at Home

1. More Time and Personal Attention

Unlike group classes, a student will receive more personal attention and time from a private tutor. A personal tutor is available for their queries at any time and explains the topic multiple times if a student is not getting it.

2. Adaptability to the Child’s Learning Pace

A private tutor is aware of the child’s learning ability and knows where he or she needs an improvement. Therefore, he would adapt the lessons to the learning pace of a student.

3. Flexibility and Convenience

A private tutor attends students at their home, cutting the need of daily commuting.

4. Assistance for Homework and Exam Preparation

Many students find homework boring and a daunting task. A good home tutor encourages them to do homework with his/her interesting ideas. Similarly, a tutor provides them advice and assistance to aid their exam preparations.

The Cons of Private Tutoring at Home 

In a nutshell:

  • Private tutoring is more  expensive than group classes
  • Kids feel pressured by their parents watching
  • Extracurricular activities may suffer in private tutoring

What are Group Classes or Group Tutoring?

Group classes or group tutoring can be found across Malaysia. They act as extra classes for students after school.

The Pros of Group Tutoring Sessions

1. Group Classes are Affordable

Group classes are cheaper than private home tuitions. This is because they don’t need to pay for the tutor's travelling fee. Besides, the tuition centres have to keep their rates lower due to the competition.

2. Interaction with other students 

Since a classroom is packed with 25-30 students, your child is able to interact with others. Children are able to share their knowledge and tips with each other.

3. Friendly Competitive Environment

Group classes also promote friendly competition among the students. A student is likely to improve his grades on seeing that others are ahead of him.

4. Equipment and Facilities

Some tuition centres in Malaysia are equipped with teaching equipment like projectors and digital devices. These tools are useful to enhance the student’s learning.

The Cons of Group Tutoring Sessions

In a nutshell:

  • Less personal attention due to the numbers of students
  • Students have to commute daily to the tuition centre

An Overview Of Rates For Private Tuition

Malaysia tuition fees for hourly private tuition or home tuition rate depends on the tutor’s qualification and experiences. The actual costs may vary as per parent requirements, tuition location, the experience of the tutor, the number of subjects to be taught and so on.

Therefore, the rates below serve as a guideline. Malaysia tuition rates vary from general tutors to specialist tutors to premium tutors. The fees below is calculated as per tutors per hour:

LEVEL General Tutors Specialist Tutors Premium Tutors
Kindergarten RM20-40/hour RM30-50/hour RM40-60/hour
Standard 1-3 RM25-40/hour RM30-45/hour RM50-60/hour
Standard 4-5 RM30-46/hour RM31-55/hour RM41-61/hour
PMR RM35-50/hour RM38-64/hour RM46-80/hour
UPSR RM32-52/hour RM35-60/hour RM46-76/hour
STPM RM41-75/hour RM45-75/hour RM50-90/hour
SPM RM37-65/hour RM40-70/hour RM47-85/hour
Cambridge IGCSE RM40-60/hour RM60-80/hour RM80-100/hou

Which One is Better for Your Child?

As you have read that each tutoring type has its own benefits, pick the right option based on your child’s education needs – whether your child requires dedicated attention or would perform better in a group environment.

If cost is a factor, it’s always a good idea to compare the various options available. Private tutoring is generally more expensive because of the quality of the experience, but you end up saving on your daily commutes to tuition centres. However, if your child is able to learn well in a group environment, tuition centres are a more cost-effective option.

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