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What Does Your Fav Deepavali Food Say About Your Money Traits?

Dharshaini Grace

Dharshaini Grace

Last updated 19 October, 2022

The Festival of Lights is coming soon! You know what that means, plenty of amazing, delicious Deepavali food and snacks. There’s murukku, Indian sweets, mutton curry and more! Now there’s more to food than meets the eye, it might just tell about you and money. Scroll to find out what your favourite Deepavali food says about your money traits!

#1 If Your Fav Food Is… Laddu


Oh My Gold! You’re pretty rich and wealthy. Not only do you love the colour gold, but it’s also your favourite thing to own. You believe it’s an investment that you can never go wrong with. You’re always up to date on the latest news and prices of gold - making you THE person for anything gold.

#2 If Your Favourite Food Is… Biryani


When you look into a pot of Biryani, you’ll see that it has plenty of ingredients to it. That’s what your investments look like too. You’re amazing at diversifying your portfolio! You know that multiple streams of returns are better than one. Keep it up!

#3 If Your Favourite Food Is… Murukku


You might have a spiralling rocky relationship with money. Don’t fret, just like a murukku, the spiralling will end with better pastures. You can improve your relationship with money with us. Get our tips on you can have a better relationship with money. Read more all about our money tips here.

#4 If Your Favourite Food Is… Idiyappam aka String Hoppers


You’re as basic as an Idiyappam, someone who is new and not as financially savvy. So you’re finding your way in managing your finances and that’s ok, you’ll get there eventually. You may not know much about saving, budgeting, and investments but like the chutney that goes with the idiyappam, you’ll soon have the knowledge to manage your finances and succeed. Just follow CompareHero!

#5 If Your Favourite Food Is… Mutton Varuval


Just like how we splurge on mutton every now and then, you probably tend to splurge on the finer things in life. They may be expensive but you like to reward yourself after working hard. After all, a little bit of indulgence is a good motivation to work harder. But just like mutton (CHOLESTEROL), having too much isn’t good for you. So remember to always be mindful!



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