AI Rajhi

Al Rajhi Personal Financing-i helps you afford your desires. With up to 5 times your monthly salary or RM150,000 (whichever is lower), a financing tenure of up to 7 years, no guarantor required, and is Shariah compliant. You may receive the extra funds from the bank on a deferred payment basis, and settle your balance in full anytime you can afford it. When applying, Al Rajhi Personal Financing-i will process your applications for you from your home or office, hassle-free!

Under Al Rajhi Bank’s Personal Financing procedure, the Bank will offer for sale to the borrower, a commodity which holds an equal value to the personal financing amount, at a deferred price. The borrower may then sell the commodity to obtain cash for personal use. This contract of sale of the commodity between the Bank and the Borrower is based on the Islamic contract of Sale on Deferred Price (Bai’ Bi Thaman Ajil) by installments.

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