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It doesn't matter where you are in life, Bank Rakyat will make sure you can have easy access to the funds you need with a personal loan that suits you. Whether you're a Civil Servant, a pensioner, or just a regular person, you can get access to quick cash if you meet the requirements. Pensioners and Civil Servants of course have preferential rates and fees for their personal loans, but they will need to provide proof of their current situation before they get approval.

Personal Financing-i Civil Servant (Rakan Pintar) is a unique product that is designed specifically for public servants and selected GLC Company which offers a lower profit rate with special benefits. Obtaining cash is now easier with Personal Financing-i with financing margin up to 35 times your monthly gross salary. Personal Financing-i Private is specially designed to fulfill your current financial needs, with its competitive profit rates in the market. It is specifically designed for goverment pensioners. It offers competitive profit rate and affordable monthly installment. With it, pensioners may realize the retirement of their dreams.

Each personal financing plan can have a maximum loan of RM200,000, and a tenure of 7 up to 10 years. There are no guarantors or collateral, and Takaful coverage can be included. Those eligible for Bank Rakyat personal loan must be Malaysian citizens at least 18 years of age, with a minimum fixed monthly income of at least RM1,000, including allowances. Civil servants and those working in the public sector/GLC employees must have a minimum of 3 months in public service before they can apply.

Just give our Customer Heroes a call at 013-254 8320 for a free consultation when you apply for Bank Rakyat Personal Loan through!

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