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The Best AEON Credit Cards

By March 15, 2018 2:00 am

Updated March 15 2018 If you’re absolutely sure about getting a credit card from AEON Credit Service, check out 3 of the best AEON credit cards that we’ve shortlisted. Find out what are the reasons for you to choose an AEON credit card.

Best Credit Cards For Online Shopping In Malaysia

By March 14, 2018 1:49 am

Updated March 14 2018 Want to know how you can save money when you go online shopping? We’ve gathered the best credit cards for online shoppers in Malaysia. Read on to find a credit card that would suit you best if you are one!

Best Credit Cards to Pay Utilities Bills in Malaysia

By March 10, 2018 1:06 am

Save money and enjoy rewards when you pay for your bills every month. Here are the best credit cards in Malaysia to help you do so. We have compiled the list based on the cashback and reward points received when making bill payment with the cards.

Top 5 Rewards Credit Cards In Malaysia

By March 9, 2018 1:50 am

Updated on March 9, 2018. Having the best rewards credit card is essential to make sure your spending is worth the value. Why waste the chance to redeem a free flight or the latest IT gadget today when you can easily treat yourself to goodies of your choice? All you need is the right credit […]

Kad Kesetiaan Petrol Terbaik di Malaysia

By February 2, 2018 2:37 am

Selain daripada menggunakan kad kredit untuk menjimatkan wang untuk perbelanjaan petrol, anda juga boleh menggunakan kad kesetiaan petrol. Tetapi, bagaimana untuk anda memilih kad kesetiaan yang terbaik?

Best Air Miles Credit Cards in Malaysia

By November 7, 2017 1:03 am

Earn free flights just by spending on an air miles credit card. Air miles cards work by you collecting air miles as you spend money on your credit card. When you have enough air miles, you can use them to “pay” for flights and other services offered by an airline. Each credit card will earn […]