9 Things You Didn’t Know You Can Do with Your Smartphone

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9 Things You Didn't Know You Can Do With Your Smatphone

A smartphone can do wonders for your productivity and enhance your lifestyle. With access to high-quality broadband connection, you can be unstoppable. An endless selection of apps are available at your fingertips and with them, you can customise your smartphone to perform all kinds of unique functions to aid your everyday routine.

By downloading the right selection of apps, you can make your smartphone do all kinds of clever but helpful tricks. Here are some surprising things you can do with your trusty smartphone:

1. Sleep better

Having trouble keeping a regular bedtime? Sleep Better is great for tracking your sleeping patterns and other factors that affect it, like stress and caffeine consumption. Still having trouble getting up in the morning? iCukoo is a unique alarm clock app that donates to a charity of your choice whenever you hit that Snooze button. Whoever thought hitting Snooze can actually provide an opportunity for you to help other people?

2. Escape heavy traffic

Your smartphone can be a real lifesaver when you’re on the road, whether or not you’re the one driving. Use Google Maps to navigate your way through the urban jungle and find alternate routes to your destination. For even more up-to-date directions, Waze is a fantastic community-based alternative to GPS that tells you exactly where (and where not) to go.

3. Take better notes

Whether you’re at school or in the office, your smartphone can change the way you take notes forever. Apps like Evernote and Google Keep pair efficient note-taking software with cloud storage, letting you keep all the knowledge you need on hand. Shifting to a completely paperless lifestyle has never been easier.

4. Edit photos like a pro

While not as comprehensive as the desktop version, Adobe Photoshop Express allows you to edit and enhance your photos on the go. Touch up your selfies with ease before uploading them to Facebook or Instagram. If you want an idiot-proof way to create fancy photo collages on your phone, Pic Stitch is the app for you.

5. Track where your money goes

Here at CompareHero.my, we can’t stress enough how important it is to control your daily spending. Two of the best personal finance apps out there today are Mint and BillGuard, which allow you to track your budget in real time using your phone. Stay on top of your monthly bills and credit card transactions no matter where you are.

6. Exercise your brain

Instead of downloading yet another online game, why not use your free time to expand your knowledge? QuizUp is a fun and addictive way to get your trivia fix, while 7 Little Words lets you stretch your vocabulary muscles. You can also try your hand at learning a new language with the ever-expanding selection of language apps available like DuoLingo.

7. Travel smarter

Want a more convenient way to plan your itinerary? A growing list of dedicated travel apps can simplify how you fly. Kayak helps you manage almost everything related to your trip, from plane tickets to hotel accommodations. GateGuru, meanwhile, provides convenient alerts so that you never miss your flight again.

8. Delegate family chores

Struggling to get your kids to help around the house? Try treating chores like a game! Apps like Choremonster and My Job Chart encourage your kids to do more chores by rewarding them with points and achievements. This also lets you be more creative about how you teach the virtues of discipline and a hard day’s work.

9. Find your place in the universe

Always wanted to learn more about outer space? Star Chart is a great tool to have whenever you’re outside looking up at the night sky. Identify the stars and constellations in your part of the world and impress your friends or your kids! If space travel is more to your liking, the official NASA app gives you updates on ongoing missions and access to a vast library of gorgeous astronomy photos.

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