15 Most Expensive Traffic Offences In Malaysia

CompareHero.my Team

CompareHero.my Team

Last updated 21 May, 2021

In Malaysia, we are quite familiar and equally frustrated with the traffic disasters caused by poor road conditions and reckless drivers. Hence, summons and roadblocks by the authorities including JPJ officers and police traffic officers are designed to minimize the traffic offences and help create a safer environment for all of us.

However, it is safe to say that many Malaysians are still not complying with the rules and regulations set by law despite hefty summons and the demerit system on our driving licences. For example, in just the first six months of 2017, the death toll of motorcyclists for running a red light is at 301 fatalities, while 299 others have suffered injuries due to their own negligence, as reported by Malaysian Digest.

Apart from that, it is important to know that some of these cases are caused by road bullies and this shows how important it is for the whole community to step up in order to minimize the hazardous road conditions.

From a financial perspective, you can't avoid paying a hefty fine if you ever get caught by the police or traffic officers. Here are 15 of the most expensive (at RM300) traffic offences by Malaysians.


1. Driving, parking or towing your car in the emergency lane

Whatever your excuse is, the emergency lane is meant for emergency use only and that includes the ambulance, police officers and other authorized parties to attend to a certain emergency which may involve life and death.

This traffic offence is commonly seen on the highway, especially during peak traveling or holiday seasons. If you do not wish to pay the hefty fine and want to avoid being shamed on social media, always make sure to refrain from using the emergency lane.

Summon Amount: RM300

2. Overtaking another vehicle in a dangerous manner (or from the left side)

As shocking as this may sound, you will get a hefty summon of RM300 if you are caught by the authorities for overtaking another vehicle from the left side, not using the signal light or overtaking the vehicle in a dangerous manner which may cause harm to others on the road.

Summon Amount: RM300

3. Disobeying traffic lights

One of the most common traffic offences in Malaysia is also one of the most expensive ones. Causing a high rate of death toll among drivers, Malaysians tend to speed while running the red lights and this is extremely dangerous as any error in a split second can cause severe damage to both drivers and pedestrians. Green means go, yellow means slow down (not speed up) and red means stop.

Summon Amount: RM300

4. Failure to obey JPJ officers

When you are stopped by JPJ officers in a roadblock, you better make sure to do as they command and keep calm even if you were stopped for conducting any traffic offences. If you fail to comply with these officers, they can charge another traffic offence for not complying immediately.

Summon Amount: RM300

5. Blocking cars from overtaking

Ever encountered a driver who blocked you from overtaking their vehicles on purpose? They could face a serious fine of RM300 or more if they were caught by the authority for doing so.

Summon Amount: RM300

6. Speeding

Another common traffic offence by many Malaysians who clearly ignore or are not aware of the maximum speed limit stated in the road signs for most of the highways and roads. This is often the main reason behind many tragic road accidents and lost lives.

Summon Amount: RM300

7. Carrying too many people in your vehicle

Surprisingly, if you carry more people than your car’s capability, you can get fined for it. So make sure you do not carry too many people or do not overload your car with too many belongings that may block your car’s rear view mirror.

Summon Amount: RM300

8. Entering a one-way lane

Either it’s a one-way road or there is a do not enter sign. You need to be able to identify the signs and do not enter the lane with any of these two signs. If you are caught for doing so, you will be fined up to RM300, not mentioning causing a huge traffic jam at the same time.

Summon Amount: RM300

9. Failure to display your licence plate

Similar to an immigrant, if you fail to display your car plate at the front and back of your car, you will get fined up to RM300 by the police or JPJ officer.

Summon Amount: RM300

10. Not wearing seat belts

Though this act does not harm anyone on the road, it is considered as a serious offence by the authority because you are risking yourself and your passengers for not complying with basic safety guidelines while driving.

Whether you are the driver or passenger, you must make sure everyone in the car puts on the seatbelt to minimise the risk of getting into severe damage from an accident. It just might save your life.

Summon Amount: RM300

11. Not wearing a helmet (motorcycle riders)

While most of us know the importance of wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle, it is shocking that many are still not wearing one when they are riding on a motorcycle. Some of them are known as ‘Mat Rempit’, or an individual who participates in immoral activities and public disturbance with a motorcycle as their main transport while the rest are mostly villagers in the vicinity near their homes where they feel reluctant to wear a helmet.

Summon Amount: RM300

12. Sleeping or carelessness while driving

The trend of sleeping or being careless while driving can cause horrifying accidents and these are on the rise. Authorities are taking this matter seriously by imposing an expensive fine on those who break the law.

If you ever feel tired or unwell during the journey, you must pull over at the nearest stop and get some rest or help before you start moving again.

Summon Amount: RM300

13. Using mobile phones or other devices while driving

Being in the 21st century, it is somewhat difficult to stay away from your smartphone but to do that while you are driving will get you into serious trouble. So make sure you use a Bluetooth earphone or loudspeaker when you are in a call and avoid smartphone usage at all cost while you are driving.

Did you know using a phone while driving is the cause of 35% accidents in Kedah last year?

Summon Amount: RM300

14. Being a hazard by stopping along the road

Not that you are not allowed to stop your car when you are parking, but stopping your car in the middle of the road or highway without a valid reason can cost you a good summon. Imagine someone stopping his or her car in front of you in the middle of your journey and you will need to either overtake them or get into an accident if you couldn’t brake in time.

Summon Amount: RM300

15. Drunk driving

By now, we should know better than to be drunk and drive at the same time. Yet, this is one of the highest traffic offences in the country and hence, the fine is also one of the most expensive ones.

Summon Amount: RM300

By now, you should know that the road is not a playground and do not challenge the regulations put in place at the expense of your safety (and wallet too). Drive safe, everyone!

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