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Keeping Safe on the Road for Chinese New Year 2015 Team Team

Last updated 18 February, 2015
Stay away from accidents and remember these road safety tips when you go on a trip for Chinese New Year 2015.


Do you have plans to hit the road and travel for the Chinese New Year break? Well, you’re not alone. Many are also planning to go on road trips to get-together with friends and family and welcome the new Lunar Year together.

The good news is that many toll road operators here in Malaysia plan to give a discount to drivers in time for the Chinese New Year 2015. A total of 18 highways will give fare discounts over the holidays. If you drive on the North-South Expressway (PLUS) and the North-South Expressway Central Link (ELITE) on Feb 16 and Feb 23, you can get a rebate of as much as 30% if you exceed 100 kilometers and use the electronic toll collection system.

The holiday break and the discounts are incentives for people to go out on the roads for Chinese New Year. While this is great news, a greater number of cars expected to populate the roads comes a greater risk for accidents to happen. Here are a few tips on how to stay safe on the road for Chinese New Year.

Be Mindful of Pedestrians

On average, 562 pedestrians die annually in traffic accidents every year here in Malaysia. The deaths are caused by hit-and-run accidents, jaywalking, crossing busy roads, and dangerous driving. While you can argue that the pedestrian can be at fault in these accidents, especially if they jaywalk or cross busy roads, you can still prevent fatal accidents by driving at a safe speed especially in urban areas.

Avoid Driving When Tired

You may be rushing home to get back to work after the holidays even after you haven’t had enough sleep after all the festivities. If you can, have another driver as backup so that he can replace you if you’re feeling sleepy on the road.

If you suddenly find yourself feeling very sleepy on the road, take the time to rest or sleep in your car until you’ve had enough rest and you feel you can drive safely again. It’s better to be late or to be absent from work than to get into an accident.

Keep Your Car in Good Shape

From turn signals to brake lights, make sure that these are all working before you go on a long drive. Check your brakes and your headlights too before you get on the road. Bald tires need to be replaced as these don’t have as much grip on the road especially when the road is wet.

The upcoming Chinese New Year should be a time to enjoy the holiday with friends and family. It can mean driving long distances to reunite with loved ones but before you get in that car, please remember to drive safely. And remember to keep a petrol credit card in your wallet to get more rewards when you gas up at your favourite petrol service station. Have a smooth trip ahead!

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