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Credit Card Promotion January 2019

The best credit card deals for the New Year!

Let’s usher in the New Year with our January 2019 promotions.
Don’t miss these awesome FREE gifts to *Successful Applicants.

Standard Chartered & Citibank
Credit Cards Promotion
Every *Successful Applicant will receive a 20″ + 24″ Condotti Luggage Set for FREE!
20″ + 24″ Condotti Luggage Set

Travel in style with Condotti.

“With over 30 year’s experience, we are the authority in hand crafted, luxury luggage that is both practical yet stylish. Crafted from carefully sourced buttery, soft genuine Italian leathers, we’ve created a new standard, delivering lightweight functional luggage, with a distinct aesthetic.”

  • Ultralight
  • Expandable
  • PP Material
  • TSA Lock
  • Unbreakable
  • 8 rolling wheels
  • Security Zipper
  • 5-year Warranty on Body
  • 1-year Warranty on Manufacturing Defect

January 2019 Credit Card Promotions Terms & Conditions


Gift redeemable upon activation of an approved

Standard Chartered Credit Cardcta apply now


Citibank Credit Cardcta apply now

applied via CompareHero.my


HSBC & Alliance Bank
Credit Cards Promotion
Every *Successful Applicant will get a FREE smartwatch!
Xiaomi Amazfit BIP Smartwatch x 1 unit

  • Record-breaking battery life: Up to 30 days with regular use and up to 45 days with minimal notifications.
  • Super light weight: Comfortable to wear every day, as well as for sports and sleep tracking.
  • Notifications: Receive notifications for calls, messages, emails, and other apps on the color touch display.
  • Multisport tracking: Track your runs, cycling and more with mapped routes, detailed stats and heart rate zones.
  • Latest technology: GPS, 3-axis accelerometer, optical heart rate sensor, barometer and compass.
  • Always-on display: the reflective color touch screen is always on and provides at-a-glance view for time, date, steps, weather, sports stats etc.

January 2019 Credit Card Promotions Terms & Conditions

Gift redeemable upon activation of an approved 

HSBC Credit Cardcta-apply-now


Alliance Bank Credit Cardcta-apply-now

applied via CompareHero.my  

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does the monthly credit card promotions work?

  1. Interested credit card applicants must register for the eligible credit cards via CompareHero.my within the promotion period. Registration can be on the website (www.comparehero.my) or via CompareHero.my social media advertisements (Facebook and Instagram Lead Forms).
  2. Applicants may receive a phone call or email from one of our Customer Heroes to clarify some personal information. We do not ask for private financial documents or any fees from applicants. Official application of credit cards is conducted directly by the participating bank.
  3. If your credit card application is approved, you must activate your new credit card to be considered a *Successful Applicant of the promotion.
  4. The promotion gift is delivered complimentary to all *Successful Applicants. Please READ terms and conditions for more details.

Calls from Customer Hero Center are made via mobile phone numbers ending with xxx-xxx0211 and emails sent could be from hello@comparehero.my or apply@comparehero.my. We contact interested applicants the following working day after a registration is submitted. Please do pick up our call or check email spam folders for our emails.

When will the bank process my application?

Participating banks will call you between 1 – 2 working days after your registration with CompareHero.my to start your application process. The bank will require your financial documents for processing and, once submitted, may take between 1 – 2 weeks for a decision to be made. If the bank does not contact you within the said period, please reply our email to let us know and we will gladly help to follow up with the bank.

You may be asked for any number of the following documents. Please prepare your documents early for faster and smother processing. Any additional documents required will be requested by the bank.

Type of Applicant Documents That May Be Required
Salaried Employee – Copy of MyKad (both sides)
– Latest EPF statement
– Latest 3 months’ salary slip
– Latest 3 months’ bank statements
– Latest EA form
– Latest BE form with tax receipt
Business Owner
– Copy of MyKad (both sides)
– Copy of SSM Business Registration Certificate
– Latest 6 months’ bank statements
– Latest B form with tax receipt
Salaried Expatriate – Copy of passport
– Latest 3 months’ salary slip
– Copy of work permit valid for at least 6 months at the time of application
– Copy of letter of employment

Is CompareHero.my responsible for the approval and delivery of the credit cards after application?

No, CompareHero.my is not responsible for the approval nor the delivery of the cards. Kindly contact the issuing bank for the status of your card application, approval, rejection, and collection or delivery of cards.

What does it mean by “activate your card”?

When you receive a new credit card, it comes with instructions on how to activate the card. Unless the card is activated, it can’t be used for purchases or cash advances. Activating a credit card will require you to follow the instructions from the issuing bank. Here are some common ways to do so:

  • Via SMS
  • Via bank website
  • Via bank hotline
  • Making a retail purchase

Do I need to purchase or spend a certain amount to get the promotion gift?

There is no purchasing or spending necessary to be eligible for the complimentary promotion gift.

For the sake of clarity, customers who do not activate the approved credit card shall not be eligible to receive the promotion gift.

Is the promotion gift a guaranteed and free gift?

Yes, the promotion gift is guaranteed to all *Successful Applicants and it’s also free!

When will I know if I am one of the *Successful Applicants?

Official bank reports are issued to CompareHero.my approximately 2 weeks after a month ends (i.e. middle of the following month). CompareHero.my will then contact *Successful Applicants by email to get their delivery details.

As an example, if you activated your new card between 1-30 November, we will only receive the official bank report in the middle of December and start contacting *Successful Applicants a few days after.

Is this a scam? Why is there no public announcement of who won the promotion gifts?

Firstly, our Privacy Policy does not include a publicity waiver and release. It means we cannot publish any of our customers’ names or private details that were submitted to us. It is also against Malaysia’s PDPA (Personal Data Protection Act 2010) laws as we do not have explicit consent from any individual to publicise their details.

And no, our promotions are not scams. It is based on card activation date. While you may have be the earlier ones to register with us, your card activation may have been much later due to a variety of reasons (delays in submitting documents / longer approval process / late delivery of cards / delay in card activation).

If the promotion gift is unavailable or out of stock, will I receive a gift that is of the same value?

Yes, you will receive another gift of the same value.

How will I receive the gifts?

You will receive an email from us (hello@comparehero.my) requesting for your delivery details in a Gift Redemption Form. The gifts will be delivered to the address given via a courier service.

*For applicants residing in East Malaysia, kindly read our Terms & Conditions if the promotion is open to whole Malaysia or Peninsula Malaysia only. We sometimes have logistics issues delivering gifts to East Malaysia.

Is CompareHero.my a trustworthy and safe site for applying financial products such as credit cards and personal loans?

Yes, we are! We have been around for over 5 years and is part of the CompareAsiaGroup that operates in 7 different countries and is serving over 600 million customers in the region!



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