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Credit Card FAQs

An islamic credit card is firstly, Shariah compliant. The main differences between Islamic credit cards and conventional credit cards are the prohibition of gharar and riba. Gharar is overcharging, while riba is interest. There are no compound charges as overcharging is also prohibited under Shariah law. Secondly, Islamic credit cards do not charge interest. Any interest or riba is strictly prohibited under the Shariah law. Therefore, what Islamic banks do is provide Islamic credit cards by charging for their service, which is known as the ?profit charge?, and only charged if there is an outstanding amount that is not paid within the grace period. Thirdly, an Islamic credit card offers takaful coverage. Aside from that, Muslims will also have the added convenience of paying being able to pay their Zakat with an Islamic credit card.
An Islamic credit card ? also known as credit card-i in Malaysia ? offers a viable option for Muslims to have the convenience of a credit card while keeping true to their faith. It?s also an alternative option for non-Muslims as you don?t necessarily have to be Muslim to have an Islamic credit card. For non-Muslims who prefer the concept of Islamic banking, an Islamic credit card would give them an option aside from the conventional credit card. An Islamic credit card functions similarly to a conventional credit card but with some slight differences in the offered features.
Islamic credit cards can be enjoyed by both Muslims and non-Muslims. In fact, many non-Muslims now use these cards to take advantage of their unique features and fantastic deals.
Use our free comparison tool to find the best Islamic credit card to suit your needs. We compare credit cards across all trusted providers in Malaysia. Once you found a card that you wish to apply for, click the 'Continue' button. If we currently do not have a deal with that bank, you may apply directly through the bank's website or walk into any one of their branches.
Shariah compliant banking is governed by Islamic principles which includes being interest-free. Making money from money, such as by charging interest, is prohibited (usury) and therefore Shariah compliant banking will not have this. Wealth will be made through legitimate trade and investment in commodities or assets, however companies involved with alcohol, gambling, tobacco, and pronography is off limits. Financial tools and financing that are structured in accordance to Islamic law are Shariah compliant.

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