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[MARCH 2019] Credit Card Flash Deal

5th - 7th March 2019 - Citibank Credit Cards

  • Apply for any eligible Citibank Credit Card via during the Flash Deal sign-up period.
  • Make a minimum of 3 transactions (spend* of any amount) made using the successfully approved Citibank Credit Card under this Flash Deal.
  • First 90 cardholders who perform the 3 transactions fastest** will get an Apple iPad 9.7"(Wi-Fi).
*Spend and Fastest** is defined in the Terms and Conditions.

Apple iPad 9.7-inch

Like a computer. Unlike any computer.

A10 Fusion chip. Engineered for performance.64-bit architecture. Four-core design. Over 3.3 billion transistors. Translation: iPad is incredibly fast. Which comes in handy when you want to edit a 4K video, play graphics-intensive games or experience the latest augmented reality apps. It multitasks easily. So you can too. iPad packs enough power to use multiple apps all at once. Work on your business plan while doing research on the web while making a FaceTime call to a colleague at the same time. It’s even easier than it sounds. With over a million apps for iPad, iPad can do countless things. Every one of the 1.3 million iPad apps has been designed specifically for the large iPad display. There are apps for anything you want to do — photography, drawing or just getting some work done. And finding your new favourite apps is as easy as visiting the App Store, where our editors are always curating the best of what’s new and noteworthy. What's in the Box?
  • 1X iPad 9.7-inch, 32GB - Wi-Fi
  • 1X Lightning to USB cable
  • 1X USB Power Adapter

<March 2019 Flash Deal Terms & Conditions>

Frequently Asked Questions

How does this [March 2019] Flash Deal work?

  1. Interested credit card applicants must register for any of the eligible credit cards via within the Flash Deal sign-up period. Registration can be on the website ( or via social media advertisements (Facebook and Instagram Lead Forms).
  2. Applicants may receive a phone call or email from one of our Customer Heroes to clarify some personal information. We do not ask for private financial documents or any fees from applicants. Official application of credit cards is conducted directly by the participating bank.
  3. After approval and activation of any of the eligible credit cards, cardholders must perform a minimum of 3 transactions (spend* of any amount) within 60 days of card approval.
  4. Cardholders will be sorted by the earliest to the latest date the 3rd transaction was made, and the date and time of the registration of interest during the sign-up period.
  5. The first 90 of the sorted cardholders will then be awarded with an iPad each.

Calls from Customer Hero Center are made via mobile phone numbers ending with xxx-xxx0211 and emails sent could be from or We contact interested applicants the following working day after a registration is submitted. Please do pick up our call or check email spam folders for our emails.


When will the bank process my application?

The participating bank will call you between 1 – 2 working days after your registration with to start your application process. The bank will require your financial documents for processing and, once submitted, may take between up to 2 weeks for a decision to be made. If the bank does not contact you within the said period, please reply our email to let us know and we will gladly help to follow up with the bank. You may be asked for any number of the following documents. Please prepare your documents early for faster and smother processing. Any additional documents required will be requested by the bank.
Type of Applicant Documents That May Be Required
Salaried Employee
  • Copy of MyKad (both sides)
  • Latest EPF statement
  • Latest 3 months’ salary slip
  • Latest 3 months’ bank statements
  • Latest EA form
  • Latest BE form with tax receipt
Self-Employed/ Business Owner
  • Copy of MyKad (both sides)
  • Copy of SSM Business Registration Certificate
  • Latest 6 months’ bank statements
  • Latest B form with tax receipt
Salaried Expatriate
  • Copy of passport
  • Latest 3 months’ salary slip
  • Copy of work permit valid for at least 6 months at the time of application
  • Copy of letter of employment

Is responsible for the approval and delivery of the credit cards after application?

No, is not responsible for the approval nor the delivery of the cards. Kindly contact the issuing bank for the status of your card application, approval, rejection, and collection or delivery of cards.

What does it mean by “activate your card”?

When you receive a new credit card, it comes with instructions on how to activate the card. Unless the card is activated, it can't be used for purchases or cash advances. Activating a credit card will require you to follow the instructions from the issuing bank. Here are some common ways to do so:
  • via SMS
  • via bank website
  • via bank hotline
  • by making a retail purchase

Do I need to purchase or spend a certain amount to get the Flash Deal gift?

For the [March 2019] Flash Deal, there is a minimum number of transactions (3 transactions) but no minimum amount to be spent. For the sake of clarity, customers who do not meet the minimum transaction/s required shall not be eligible to receive the Flash Deal gift.

What can I spend on for it to count as a transaction?

An Eligible Spend is defined as the purchase of any goods or services (local or international), online or at a store, except for:
  • Instalments paid under Citibank's FlexiPayment Plan, EPP transactions, Credit Shield Plus, Quick Cash, Balance Transfer, Balance Transfer via Installment Plan and Cash Advance;
  • Any disputed, cancelled, refunded, unauthorized or fraudulent purchase transactions;
  • Payment of annual Citi Credit Card membership fees, Interest payments, late payment fees, charges for cash withdrawals, Sales and Service Tax or other taxes and any other form of service/miscellaneous fees.

Is the Flash Deal gift a guaranteed and free gift?

We do not guarantee the Flash Deal gift to every applicant or cardholder. But we do guarantee it’s free! We only have a limited quantity of Flash Deal gifts. So, we only give out that number of gifts according to “first meet criteria, first get”. For the sake of clarity, cardholders are sorted by the earliest to the latest date the 3rd transaction was made and the date and time of the registration of interest via during the Sign-Up Period.

When will I know if I am one of the *Successful Cardholders?

Official bank reports are issued to approximately 2 weeks after a month ends (i.e. middle of the following month). will then contact the X number of *Successful Cardholders by email to get their delivery details. As an example, if you activated your new card between 1-30 March, we will only receive the official bank report in the middle of April. All cardholders are sorted by the earliest to the latest date the 3rd transaction was made and the date and time of the registration of interest via during the Sign-Up Period. If there are only 90 Flash Deal gifts to be given out, we will then contact only the first 90 names on the sorted list and honour them with the gift. The remainder may be given an alternative gift as a token of appreciation.

Is this a scam? Why is there no public announcement of who won the Flash Deal gifts?

Firstly, our Privacy Policy does not include a publicity waiver and release. It means we cannot publish any of our customers’ names or private details that were submitted to us. It is also against Malaysia’s PDPA (Personal Data Protection Act 2010) laws as we do not have explicit consent from any individual to publicise their details. And no, the Flash Deals are not scams. It is based on the criteria date (and date & time of registration with While you may have be the very first to register with us, your card approval and transactions may have been much later due to a variety of reasons (delays in submitting documents / longer approval process / late delivery or collection of cards / delay in card activation).

If the Flash Deal gift is unavailable or out of stock, will I receive a gift that is of the same value?

If you are one of the X number of *Successful Cardholders, then yes – you will receive a gift of the same value. If you are not one of the X number of *Successful Cardholders, then no – you will not receive a gift of the same value.

Am I still eligible for any other gifts if I am not one of the X number of *Successful Cardholders?

You may be eligible for an alternative gift. At our discretion, we may deliver a goodwill gift as a token of our appreciation. The [March 2019] Flash Deal alternative gift will be a 20" Condotti ABS Hardcase (worth RM450), plus a Sports Action Camera (for *Successful Cardholders number 91 - 440 on the sorted list) and only a 20" Condotti ABS Hardcase (for *Successful Cardholders number 441 and above).

How will I receive the gifts?

You will receive an email from us ( with instructions on how to redeem your gift online OR we could request for your delivery details in a Gift Redemption Form. Either way, there will be specific instructions given in the email and in the end, the gifts will be delivered to the address given via a courier service. *For applicants residing in East Malaysia, kindly read our Terms & Conditions if the Flash Deal is open to whole Malaysia or Peninsula Malaysia only.

Is a trustworthy and safe site for applying financial products such as credit cards and personal loans?

Yes, we are! We have been around for over 5 years and is part of the CompareAsiaGroup that operates in 7 different countries and is serving over 600 million customers in the region!

The issuing bank stated that I am eligible for the Flash Deal gift, but says that I am not, what gives?

The ultimate and final decision on the Flash Deal gift eligibility comes from and is based on the official bank report. If you were told by the bank that you’ll be receiving the Flash Deal gift and we were not given such instructions, then a case will be raised to be investigated.

Tips to increase your chance of becoming a *Successful Cardholder and receiving the Flash Deal gift.

  1. Get all your latest financial documents ready.
  2. Fastest way to register your interest within the Flash Deal period is on our website.
  3. Answer the call from our Customer Heroes (mobile phone numbers ending with xxx-xxx0211) or reply emails from or . Check spam folders too!
  4. Answer the call from the bank and check your email for the application documents.
  5. Fill up the forms clearly and properly, sign all the relevant areas, scan your documents and submit all required documents to the bank promptly.
  6. If your application is approved, collect your new credit card as soon as possible, activate it immediately and perform the required transactions fast!
  Even if you registered your interest within the first 24 hours but have delays in answering calls or submitting documents, it can cause further delays in the approval process. Remember, it’s the 3rd transaction date that qualifies you for the Flash Deal gift.

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