Aeon Personal Loan

AEON Credit Service is a subordinate of the AEON Financial Service Co., Ltd. Japan (AFSJ), a multinational company who has its place on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. They emerged as one of Malaysia’s most trusted names in finance since 1997. Read more Show less

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Compare Personal Loans by Aeon Malaysia

About the loan


Personal financing services with low requirements and flexible repayments.

Benefits & Features

  • Fast Approval (even on Sunday!)
  • High Financing Amount up to RM100,000
  • Low Interest Rates
  • Low Requirements
  • Flexible Repayment Tenure up to 7 years
  • Simple Document Requirements
  • No guarantor and collateral required
  • Shariah-compliant (Bai Al-Inah)

Interest Rates

RM1,000 to RM10,000

  • Aeon Credit cardholders: 1.20% per month
  • Aeon Express cardholders: 1.20% per month
  • Non-Aeon cardholders: 1.50% per month

RM10,001 to RM100,000

  • Aeon Credit cardholders: 0.80% per month
  • Aeon Express cardholders: 0.84% per month
  • Non-Aeon cardholders: 0.84% per month


  • Malaysian
  • 18 years old and above
  • Minimum income of RM1,500

Documents Required


  • NRIC
  • Latest 3-month payslip or latest EPF statement
  • Latest 3-month bank statement of salary crediting account
  • Bank statement
  • Latest Form BE and tax payment receipt (optional)


  • NRIC
  • Company Business Registration Certificant
  • Latest 6-month company bank statement
  • Latest bank statement
  • Latest Form BE/E form & tax payment receipt

Fees and Charges

  • Processing fee:
    • 4% for financing amount between RM1,000 to Rm10,000
    • 2% for financing amount between RM10,100 to RM100,000
    • Capped at RM400

Aeon Credit Service is a financial service company that’s part of the Aeon group, that’s better known for their Aeon departmental stores and supermarket. Aeon Credit Service primarily provides credit cards and personal loans.

It will take within 1 to 3 days for the approval process. It is subjected to the information you submit to Aeon.

You can make payment at Aeon service centres, cash deposit machines, internet banking, interbank GIRO, or through an ATM transfer.

There will be a late payment fee imposed for payments made after the 2nd of each month:

  • Payment made after 2nd before the 10th: RM18
  • Payment made after 10th before 18th: RM23
  • Payment made after the 18th but before month-end: RM40
  • Additional charges for each month if unpaid: RM23

It is the Bai Al Inah concept (sell-buy back with instalment payment)