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3 Methods to Clear Your Debts

By October 9, 2018 10:00 am

As we head into the next quarter of 2018, how well are you doing with your financial resolutions? If you’re like the majority of young Malaysians who are living with high levels of debt, one of your financial resolutions is to clear your debt and make progress towards the overarching goal of financial freedom.


UnionPay Network Expands By Partnering Boost

By September 25, 2018 12:00 am

Image source: Digital News Asia BOOST, Malaysia’s homegrown e-wallet app, announced on July 25 its partnership with global payment brand UnionPay to grow its footprint in Malaysia and overseas. UnionPay serves a global card base of over seven billion. Having formed partnerships with more than 1,800 institutions worldwide, UnionPay has enabled card acceptance in 170 […]

Do you buy a House or Car first? [RESULTS]

By September 5, 2018 11:24 am

That’s a question most Malaysians ask when they’re financially-able to consider these “big” items. We put out the survey a few weeks back asking our readers what they would buy first and thought we’d share the results. Before you click to read, which do you think it’ll be? House or car first?

5 Reasons Your Credit Card is Better than Cash when You are Travelling

By September 5, 2018 5:10 am

Travelling overseas for a holiday is nothing short of exciting! The preparation, the anticipation, and the joy of finally being somewhere else. However, Malaysians are often worried about carrying enough local cash, and then splitting them up into separate wallets for safety – what if I told you a credit card would solve most of […]

Weekend Getaways On A Budget

By September 4, 2018 11:00 am

Updated 4th September 2018 We’re about to enjoy TWO long weekends this month folks, which makes it the perfect time to plan a quick getaway for a change of scenery. Whether you are a thrill seeker, a foodie, or looking for a nature escape, here is a list of getaways that won’t break you budget!

7 REAL Crazy Rich Kids of Asia

By August 24, 2018 1:55 pm

Kevin Kwan’s novel-turned-film, Crazy Rich Asians, is now in our local cinemas and the lifestyle of the rich characters is one of the most lavish and decadent is one of the most stunning parts of the film. It’s the kind of life that most of us would dream of, or at the very least, play […]