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8 Ways To Make Your Angpow Money Work For You

Angpow money, one of the Chinese New Year “benefits”. Unfortunately, our angpow hauls shrink the older we become. RM100 just seems a lot less these days. But it doesn’t matter how much you get, why not spend it in a way that helps you save more money in the long run? Now that sounds like a good deal to […]

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Chinese New Year Ang Pow – What does it mean?

The Chinese New Year is often symbolised by large family gatherings and the ang pow. The ang pow is a red packet that contains money which is given by elders and married couples to the younger and unmarried persons. What does ang pow mean, however?

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The Best Junior Savings Account

Chinese New Year is just around the corner which means your child is bound to receive cash in the form of ang-pows! Plan ahead so you can stash that money in a junior savings account and pave the way towards growing your children’s savings. Check out some of the best junior savings accounts in Malaysia!

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