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Hybrid/Electric vs Petrol Cars – Which should you get?

Ah yes, the age-old question of which type of car to get; Petrol or Hybrid/Electric. With the pursuit of renewable and clean energy, progressive individuals would advise you to get a hybrid without a second thought. But look a little closer and the answer to that question is not as clear-cut. If you’re thinking too […]

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Personal Loan 101: The Basics

Are you looking to start a business or get more capital for your existing business this year? Or are you planning to get that long-wished-for house renovation and repairs finally started?

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Car Loan Interest Rates in Malaysia

Looking for a new car loan in Malaysia? Comparing car loans of all banks can be difficult to do by yourself. To make it easier, we did a comparison of the best car loans in Malaysia. All the loans were checked for a RM 30,000 loan over a period of 5 years. To qualify for […]

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Budget 101: How to Create a Personal Balance Sheet

Welcome to Part 2 of our ongoing series on personal financial statements. If you have read the first part of this series you should now have a solid understanding of what an income statement is, how it is created and how it can benefit you.

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