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5 Tips To Stop Living Pay Cheque To Pay Cheque

  Updated on 17 April 2019 Are you tired of living between pay cheques and want to head towards financial freedom? Follow these 5 tips on how to break away from that dreadful cycle!

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5 Bad Financial Advice that Makes You Poorer

Have you ever blindly trusted and implemented a piece of financial advice, and faced a negative outcome? Here are some tips to help you sort out the good from the bad, or at least trigger the proceed-with-caution sirens.

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100 Ideas for Personal Finance

 What is Min-Maxing My Personal Finances? Min-Maxing (which has its roots in role-playing games) is the process of minimizing weaknesses and maximizing your strengths. The end result desired is for optimization and better results. Min-Maxing my personal finances is all about taking many small steps to ruthlessly cut your weaknesses and gain many small incremental […]

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Money Lover App Review – Track your expenses!

Budgeting and managing money is a good habit to have, though it may not be very simple – especially if you’re doing it the old fashion way. Thankfully we have smartphone apps that do that today, and Money Lover is my favourite. Wanna know why?

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Personal Loan 102: Features & Benefits

Now that you understand the basics of how a Personal Loan works by reading our Personal Loan 101 guide, you can now move onto understanding the various types, features and benefits of a personal loan.

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E-commerce 101: Bring Your Business Online (Part 1)

During the Wild Digital conference organised by Catcha Group on June 8 & 9, the group’s Founder and Chairman Patrick Grove managed to pull off one of the most significant digital conferences in the country with the participation of well-established e-commerce players such as Zalora, KFit, Lamudi and several others.

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