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Bank Islam
Bank Islam Visa Gold Credit Card-i

Bank Islam Visa Gold Credit Card-i

RM 3,000

Minimum monthly income

RM 130

Annual fee


Interest rate p.a


Balance transfer rate (fixed)

Product details

Good for Rewards/Offers & Islamic
1X TruReward Points for all retail spending
Suitable for Halal spend
Islamic Credit Card
Card usage limited to Halal transactions only
FREE Takaful coverage
Minimum monthly incomeRM 3,000
Minimum age:
Supplementary Cardholder18
Fees & Charges
Annual fee RM 130
Annual fee waiver Yes
Late payment fee RM 5/1%
1% of the outstanding balance or RM5, whichever is higher (to a maximum of RM50)
Interest rate 13.5%
Settling minimum payment due for 12 consecutive month
Document required to apply

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The credit card will be your handy companion, especially if you prefer to shop at Halal certified merchants only. The Bank Islam Visa Gold Credit Card-i is a Shariah-based credit card that offers various rewards, discounts and many more. Following the Tawarruq contract period, you’ll have to own this credit card for 3 years, but we’re positive that you wouldn’t mind owning this credit card that long!

Enjoy low-interest rates

Unlike most credit cards around, the Bank Islam Visa Gold Credit Card-i offers a much lower interest rate which is 13.5% a year whereas usually, it would be 15% a year. At the most, the highest interest rate is only at 17.5% a year.

Earn TruReward Points for local spendings

Shop at your favourite stores and receive 1 Trupoint for every RM1 that you’ve spent. However, this only applies if the retail store is a Halal merchant. This applies to both local and international purchases. Else, this credit card can’t be used. With the accumulated TruPoints, you can redeem awesome rewards and gifts through the TruRewards Loyalty Program. Do also take note the TruPoints will expire within 3 years, so you’ll have to use it before then.

Receive discounts for Will Writing services

It can be pretty costly to get a professional will written for you. With the Bank Islam Visa Gold Credit Card-i, you’ll receive up to 40% discount on will writing services so you don’t have to break the bank in order to hire a professional to do it for you.

Save more money on annual fees

The Bank Islam Visa Gold Credit Card-i also offers a way for all cardholders to be exempted from the annual fees. All you have to do is perform at least 12 swipes in a year, and you won’t have to pay the annual fees at all! It’s not a difficult requirement either, you could simply swipe your card to pay for all your monthly expenses and you’ll be good to go.


If you want a quick and easy way to apply for this credit card, it will be through our online application form. You only need to fill up your details within two steps, and once you’ve completed it, we will process your application within the next few days. You can reach out to our customer service at +6012-385 0211 if you have any questions regarding the online application. 

You have to be earning an income of at least RM3,000 with an age of at least 21 years old and above. Supplementary cards have an age requirement of 18 years old and above. 

You need to pay an annual fee of RM130 if you own a principal card. If you also own a supplementary card, the annual fee charged will be RM60. However, you can opt to not pay the annual fees with one requirement, which is to make a minimum amount of 12 swipes within one year. 

The cash withdrawal fee is different from the others as it is 2.5% of the total amount withdrawn or RM12, depending on which is higher. The late payment charges is 1% of the overall amount that you haven’t paid back or RM5, with a maximum amount of RM50. 

  • Receive 1x TruPoints for local and international expenses
  • Low interest rates 
  • Annual fee can be waived if make minimum 12 swipes in a year
  • 40% discount on will writing services 

Since it is a Syariah-based credit card, it’s suitable for cardholders that are earning a stable decent income while only making purchases at Halal certified merchant stores. It’s also a great credit card option for people who enjoy a low interest rate. 

Bank Islam Visa Gold Credit Card-i
Bank Islam Visa Gold Credit Card-i
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