Maybank Islamic PETRONAS Ikhwan Visa Gold Card-i

Maybank Islamic PETRONAS Ikhwan Visa Gold Card-i

RM 2,500

Minimum monthly income

RM 0

Annual fee
waived for life


Interest rate p.a


Balance transfer rate (fixed)

Special Offers

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    *T&C apply -

    Product details


    A Shariah-based card

    No annual fee and no conditions attached

    Non Compounding Charges

    Save more with non compounding charges every month


    Government Bodies / JomPAY / FPXNo TreatsPoints
    Education Institutions1x Point
    Insurance Providers1x Point
    Utilities1x Point
    0% EzyPay1x Point
    E-Wallet ReloadsNo TreatsPoints

    Good for Rewards/Offers, Islamic, Cashback & No Annual Payments
    8% Cashback for Weekends spend
    1% Cashback for Weekdays Petronas spend
    ZERO Annual Fee
    FREE Maybank Touch ‘n Go Zing card
    1X TreatPoints for every RM1 spend locally and overseas except Government Bodies, PETRONAS service stations and other petrol stations
    Minimum monthly income RM 2,500
    Minimum age:
    Cardholder 21
    Supplementary Cardholder 18
    Fees & Charges
    Annual fee RM 0
    waived for life
    Annual fee waiver Yes
    waived for life
    Late payment fee RM 10/1%
    1% of the outstanding balance or RM10, whichever is higher (to a maximum of RM100)
    Interest rate 15%
    Settling minimum payment due for 12 consecutive month
    Balance transfer rate (fixed) 0%
    12 months Balance Transfer period
    Document required to apply

    You will need to provide several documents such as (varies between different banks):

    Salaried Employee:

    • Copy of NRIC (both sides) or Passport
    • Latest BE Form with official tax receipt
    • Latest 3 months' salary slip or Latest EPF Statement

    Self Employed:

    • Copies of Business Registration
    • Latest 6 months' Bank Statement


    • Letter from employer confirming duration of employment contract in Malaysia

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    Do you happen to travel often on the highways? Well, with the Maybank Islamic Ikhwan American Express Gold Credit Card-i, you get to drive anywhere you’d like while getting rewarded at the same time.

    Travel and get rewarded

    You don’t get rewarded by travelling with flights, but by driving along the road instead! For all the times you pump petrol to your vehicle at any Petronas stations, you get to receive 8% cashback during the weekends! Perfect if you’re too busy on weekdays to head over to the petrol stations. However, if you happen to have no choice but to refill your petrol tank on weekdays, you still get to receive some cashback which is at 1%.

    Aside from earning rewards through petrol stations, when you spend on retail transactions, you’ll be entitled to receive 1x TreatsPoints, including groceries! Perfect if you’re always the one that’s heading out to purchase your household daily needs. This also applies to overseas transactions alongside locally.

    Transactions involving EzyPay, insurance, utilities and education also enable you to receive 1x TreatsPoints.

    The plus point of it all is that all your accumulated TreatsPoints does not have an expiry date! Hence, you can continue to accumulate as much as you want without having to care about whether you’ve got to use them within a time frame.

    Exclusive Maybank features

    This Maybank Ikhwan PETRONAS Visa Gold Card makes your travelling even easier by having the feature to automatically reload your Zing Card by Touch ‘n Go. If you haven’t gotten one yet, you’ll also get it for free upon activating your credit card.

    Other fantastic features that come along with the Maybank PETRONAS Ikhwan Visa Gold Credit Card is the Etiqa Mutiara Takaful Plus Plan which is a protection plan that only requires RM10 a month to invest.

    You will also be happy to know that this credit card also comes with the Maybank feature where you can convert your accumulated TreatsPoints into redeeming several items offered by Maybank such as technology, household, and many more.

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    Enjoy an efficient way to apply for your credit cards with our easy application process! By applying directly on our website, you’re just two steps away from getting your hands on the credit card. Our friendly customer service will be able to assist you if there’s any problems throughout the application process. You can reach out to them at +6012-385 0211.

    The required minimum income every month for both supplementary and principal cards is RM2,500 or RM30,000 every year. As for the minimum age requirement, cardholders need to be 21 years old and above (principal card) or 18 years old and above (for supplementary card).

    Due to this credit card being based on Shariah, there are absolutely zero charges for annual fees. This applies to both the supplementary and principal cards. 

    Of course, despite having no annual fees, there are still the regular finance charges applied to this credit card. The levels go from 15%, 17% and up to 18% annually. Each of these levels are based on how consistent you are with your repayments. When you pay consistently for 12 months, you’ll get the lowest rate which is at 15%. If you pay 10 months out of that 12 months, then you’ll be charged with 17%. Lastly, if you are late for more than that, then it’ll be 18%. The late payment charges are as of other Maybank cards which is 1% or RM10 from the total balance that is overdue.

    • Gain 8% cashback during the weekends at PETRONAS stations and 1% during the weekdays 
    • Gain 1x TreatsPoints for retail transactions including groceries and EzyPay, insurance, utilities, education
    • Insurance protection plan by Takaful

    For those who happen to travel very often along the road, this credit card is best suited for you. When your job requires you to head back and forth between states, it can be easy to use up alot of fuel. With this credit card, at least you get to earn something for all the times you’re pumping petrol at the service stations. Aside from that, it would also be beneficial to those that regularly buy groceries and other retail spendings since you get to receive 1x TreatsPoints.

    Maybank Islamic PETRONAS Ikhwan Visa Gold Card-i
    Maybank Islamic PETRONAS Ikhwan Visa Gold Card-i
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