We Asked 5 People What Their New Year Resolutions Are In 2022. Here’s What They Said

Mikaela Anthonysamy

Mikaela Anthonysamy

Last updated 21 February, 2022

We’re now one week into 2022, or as you might see some people post on social media, ‘Chapter 7 of 365’. While it might not be popular practice anymore, many people still do set goals that they’d like to achieve in the new year.

Curious as to what kind of new year resolutions our fellow Malaysians would have, we interviewed five of our own staff here at CompareHero.my. Read on to find out what they told us.

Health & Fitness

Ask someone what their first New Year’s resolution would be, and it would very likely be something to do with health. That’s exactly what our first interviewee, Lydia, a Business Development Manager shared with us.

“To cook more at home and cut down on ordering food from outside. In terms of exercise, I’d also like to do sit-ups and brisk walking for at least 15 minutes everyday.”


Lydia went on to say that this year, she plans on devoting more time to self-care and general wellbeing.

And here’s a friendly reminder that your physical health isn’t the only thing to look after—your mental health is just as important, if not more.

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Money matters are as vital as health, so it’s no surprise that our next interviewee brought it up. Faheem, our Creative Designer and a father of two said:

“My goal is to save more, as we are planning to buy a new house and do some renovations. My daughter is also going to preschool, so I need to manage my finances differently next year.”



Being financially prudent is important, especially at a time like this. At CompareHero.my, we want to empower you to make great financial decisions. You can tap the link below to read more articles on practical financial tips:

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Whether you have a full time job, are a stay at home parent or a student, we can all agree that life is hectic. In all that busyness, it can be difficult to dedicate more  time to our loved ones. However, it’s good to still bond with them whenever possible.

This is what Hooi Yin, our Fulfilment Specialist wants to do:

“I want to create memories that will last a lifetime—whether it's playing a game together, going on vacation or just sitting in the living room or around the table talking and laughing.”


Want to go someplace nice but easy on the wallet with your family? We’ve got a list of spots in Malaysia you might want to visit.

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When it comes to career goals, you would hear a lot of different answers as one person’s definition of a successful career wouldn’t be the same as the next person’s.

For some, it’s being promoted and getting a better salary, and for others, it could be just upskilling yourself and getting better at your job. Kelvin, our Content Lead shared that for him, it would be:

“To continue to learn & grow, challenging myself to outdo the man in the mirror. Recognition and rewards will come with consistency, hard work and innovativeness.”



Speaking of jobs, if you’d like some free career advice, check out these YouTube channels:

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Homes are long-term investments, and they are often passed down to the next generation. Because of this, getting a home that is right for you and suited to your budget is crucial. Brand Technology Delivery Manager Thivakaran shared:

“Thinking of selling my condo and buying a landed property. In the long term, condos are more expensive and aren’t ideal if you’d like to have a bigger family.”

Currently have a property that you want to rent out but don’t know where to list it? Here are some suggestions for you!

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We hope you enjoyed this interview on New Year resolutions. If you’d like to read more interviews like this, feel free to check out this piece we did back in August 2021 on what Merdeka means to our CompareHero.my staff below.

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