Here are credit cards you can apply for based on your salary!

Rachel Lee

Rachel Lee

Last updated 25 May, 2022

You know what they say: owning a credit card could either put you knee deep in debt or bring you unimaginable rewards. It’s useful when you’re strapped for cash and need to make urgent payments, and it allows you to enjoy a more enhanced lifestyle - if you pay your monthly instalments, of course.

However, if you're using the wrong credit card for your lifestyle, or if you're not using your card with discipline, owning a credit card could bring you more harm than good.

Therefore, identifying the best credit card for your income level is crucial in preventing yourself from getting the bad end of the stick.

To save you the trouble, we’ve compiled the best credit cards that Malaysians across various income groups can apply for on our website - from RM24,000 per annum right up to over RM100,000 per annum!

Best Credit Cards for Yearly Income of RM24,000 – RM48,000

Citi Simplicity+ Card (minimum annual income requirement: RM24,000)

Citi Simplicity+ Card | No Annual Fees Forever!

Being one of the most prestigious financial institutions worldwide, it’s not a shocker that the bank offers one of the best credit cards available today. This card offers 10% interest back on purchases and cash advances every month when you pay the minimum monthly amount due on time.

Befitting its name, the card offers added simplicity for users whereby the rebates will be automatically credited in the upcoming month’s statement.

Another reason to consider applying for this card is Citibank’s renowned exclusive deals programme, Citi World Privileges, which allows users to enjoy special deals and discounts locally and in 95 other countries.

Alliance Bank Platinum Visa (minimum income requirement: RM24,000)

Credit Cards | Alliance Bank Malaysia

As far as rewards points go, this card is one of the best ones to have! It offers up to 8x Timeless Bonus Points for all eWallet top-up and online purchases via Lazada, Shopee, Zalora, Amazon, Grab, and more. What’s more, you can also earn 3x Timeless Bonus Points on all the overseas transactions you make, and 1x Timeless Bonus Points on other transactions.

What can you redeem with your Timeless Bonus Points, you ask? Right now, the Alliance Bank Rewards Catalogue features Dyson must-haves, the latest phones, TVs, and more - making the card ideal for those who are looking to do most of their shopping with their new credit card.

Maybank 2 Gold Card (minimum annual income requirement: RM30,000)

Maybank 2 Gold Cards

Coming in a pair, Maybank’s 2 Gold Cards consist of an American Express and a Mastercard credit card.

The Amex card gives users 5x TreatsPoints and 5% cashback for all local and overseas purchases on weekends (capped at RM50 per month), which are plus points to consider – especially if you are often out and about.

Citi Cash Back Card (minimum income requirement: RM36,000)

Credit Cards - Apply for Citi Credit Card Online - Citibank Singapore

This one’s for the ones who always feel like they’re spending way too much on daily expenses, such as food and transport! The Citi Cash Back Card offers up to 10% cashback on petrol, groceries, dining, and Grab when you meet the minimum monthly total spend.

Standard Chartered JustOne Platinum Mastercard (minimum income Requirement: RM36,000)

Standard Chartered Revises Cashback Benefits For JustOne Platinum Mastercard

In love with cashback? Go for the JustOne Platinum card! You’ll be enjoying up to 15% cashback on petrol, groceries, online shopping transactions, and e-Wallet top-ups.

Moreover, it comes with deals on movie tickets at Golden Screen Cinemas!

Best Credit Cards for Yearly Income of RM48,000 – RM90,000

Alliance Bank Visa Signature Credit Card (minimum income requirement: RM48,000)

Alliance Bank Visa Signature Credit Card

Shop much? Enjoy up to 5% cashback on all retail spend when you shop with the Alliance Bank Visa Signature Credit Card! You’ll also be rewarded with complimentary airport rides for your leisure and business trips, just because you deserve it! 

Citi Rewards Card (minimum income requirement: RM60,000)

Citi Rewards Mastercard

If you are a globetrotter, then this card is the one for you. This card grants its holders a myriad of travel privileges, including 6x access to the Plaza Premium Lounges when you travel internationally, enabling you to indulge in the best luxuries that KLIA and KLIA2 have to offer.

This card also allows you to collect 12x Citi Rewards points on selected e-Wallets and online shopping merchants, 5x Citi Rewards points for any purchase made overseas, and 5x Citi Rewards points for any purchase made at major department stores and supermarkets.

Standard Chartered WorldMiles World MasterCard (minimum annual income requirement: RM90,000)

Standard Chartered Bank

Another one for the globetrotters! This card offers an array of travel privileges, such as unlimited access to the Plaza Premium Lounges in KLIA and KLIA2 when you travel internationally. Again, what’s better than luxury?

This card also allows you to collect 4.5 WorldMiles points for every RM3 spent overseas, which in turn can be converted into AirMiles for your preferred frequent flyer programme.

Best Credit Cards for Yearly Income of RM120,000 and Above

CIMB Visa Infinite Credit Card (minimum income requirement: RM120,000)

CIMB Visa Infinite Credit Card - Credit Card Review | ValueChampion  Singapore

Want to earn Bonus Points when you dine or shop overseas? Check!
Want to earn Bonus Points on all local purchases, including groceries? Check!
Want to get access to Plaza Premium Lounges? Check!
Need up to RM1 million travel insurance coverage? Check!

Talk about “you want it, you got it”. As a bonus you’ll also be enjoying 10% off at all of The ZON Duty Free outlets!

With creative wit and an immense passion for writing in her back pocket, Rachel Lee creates impactful content about finance, lifestyle, and more.


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