Citi Simplicity+ Card

Citi Simplicity+ Card

RM 2,000

Minimum monthly income

RM 0

Annual fee


Interest rate p.a


Balance transfer

Special Offers

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For New-to-Bank Citi Credit Card Applicants Only* (not existing Citi Cardmember OR existing Citi Cards canceled within 12 months of the application date)

Enjoy up to RM200 Cash Back* from Citibank when you Pay Your Bills [Eg: Netflix, TNB, Telco, Astro and More] and Enrol for Auto-Billing with your New Citibank credit card!

*Terms & conditions apply, learn more here:

Product details


Citi World Privileges

Exclusive discounts for Citibank customers of up to 50% in Malaysia

Exclusive discounts for Citibank customers at over 30 countries worldwide

    Citi Paylite

    Affordable instalments with zero processing fees for purchases at any merchant RM50 and above

    Convert purchases with ease using Citi Mobile® App.

      Citi FlexiBill

      Convert bills into monthly instalments

      Repayment period up to 60 months

      Convert bills with ease using Citi Mobile® App.

        Citi Quick Cash

        Upfront cash available up credit limit

        Repayment period up to 60 months

        No fees or documents required

          Good for No Annual Payments
          ZERO Annual Fee
          10% Interest back on purchases and cash advances every month when you pay at least the minimum monthly due amount on-time
          Rebate earned will automatically be credited in your upcoming statement
          No over limit fee when exceeding credit limit
          No late payment charges
          Minimum monthly incomeRM 2,000
          Minimum age:
          Supplementary Cardholder18
          Fees & Charges
          Annual fee RM 0
          waived for life
          Annual fee waiver No
          Late payment fee RM 10/1%
          1% of the outstanding balance or RM10, whichever is higher (to a maximum of RM100)
          Interest rate 15%
          Rate if settling minimum payment due for 12 consecutive months.
          Balance transfer rate 5.32%
          24 months Balance Transfer via Instalment
          Document required to apply

          You will need to provide several documents such as (varies between different banks):

          For Malaysians:

          Salaried Employees:

          • Photocopy of MyKad (both sides)
          • Latest EPF statement OR Latest 2 months salary slip
          • AND any of the following where necessary:
          • 3 months bank statements
          • Latest EA Form
          • Latest BE Form with tax receipt


          • Photocopy of MyKad (both sides)
          • Photocopy of Business Registration Form
          • Latest Form B with tax receipt

          For Salaried Expatriates:

          • Copy of Passport
          • Latest 2 months' salary slip
          • Work permit valid for at least one (1) year at the time of application
          • Letter of employment

          Terms and Conditions

          For Citi Simplicity+ Card Terms and Conditions, click here.
          For Citi Credit Cards Terms and Conditions, click here.
          For Citi Credit Cards Fees and Charges, click here.

          Product review by

          If you’re someone who finds a credit card a hassle, it’s actually not that complicated once own a credit card like the Citi Simplicity+ Mastercard. Just like the credit card name itself, the idea of the Citi Simplicity+ Credit Card is to simplify credit cardholders with their purchases as well as to reward those who pay their credit card bills on time. There are also no extra fees involved such as annual fee or late charges. It can’t get any simpler than this!

          Receive 10% interest with Citi Simplicity+ Mastercard

          When you pay the minimum monthly amount that is required for your purchases and cash advances within the due date, you get to enjoy a 10% rebate that will automatically be credited in your upcoming statement for petrol, shopping, groceries, dining, and travel. This encourages you to make your payments on time to enjoy the savings and receive rewards in return.

          Citi Simplicity+ Card saves your worries with zero fees

          Worry not - if you hesitate to purchase a credit card due to the various fees and charges involved, the Citi Simplicity Card guarantees there will be no charges for late payments. There is no annual fee as well, unlike other most credit cards where there is an annual fee charged to cardholders. You won’t be charged even if you go over the credit limit!

          Exclusive privileges and easy installment plans

          Lifestyle offers and discounts

          The Citi Simplicity Card also provides special offers and discounts at more than 24,000 international and 1,000 local restaurants, hotels, retail outlets, boutiques, golf resorts and many more.

          Balance transfer

          The great thing about applying for Balance Transfer with the Installment Plan is that you can extend your repayment capacity to 36 months instead of the usual 12 months. The Balance Transfer Plan requires a minimum balance transfer of RM1,000 and you will be charged the EIR of 8.99% annually for 12 months. With the Installment Plan, you can pay a monthly instalment of RM32.23 with no fees charged, including upfront, processing and early settlement fees.

          Flexible installment plan

          You can also purchase retail items with your Citi Simplicity Card and convert the transaction into the FlexiPayment Plan. All you have to do is make a purchase within a minimum of RM500 in one receipt or the accumulation of retail purchases to make a monthly repayment instalment within 6 to 36 months. There will be a flat interest rate of 10.02% annually to 10.63% annually.

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          You can apply for Citi Simplicity+ Card online on our website directly. If you have any questions related to the credit card application, you can contact us at +6012-385 0211 and our customer heroes will be happy to provide further assistance.

          To be eligible, you need to be at least 21 years old to apply for Citi Simplicity+ Principal Card. The minimum income required is RM2,000. 

          However, if you are at least 18 years old, you can opt for the supplementary card.

          No, you get to enjoy lifetime annual fee waiver.

          Though there are no late payment fees, credit limit or annual charges, there is a cash withdrawal fee of 5% or RM20 of the total withdrawn amount with an interest rate of 18%. There is also Sales and Service Tax (SST) charged for both principal and supplementary cardholders which is RM25, charged during anniversary dates and upon the first-time activation.

          • 10% rebate on petrol, groceries, shopping, dining and travel
          • Exclusive offers and promotions at more than 24,000 international and 1,000 local restaurants, hotels, retail outlets, boutiques, golf resorts and many more. 
          • Close to zero fees and charges applied 
          • Flexible monthly instalment plans for repayments and retail purchases

          Since the required minimum earning income is as low as RM2,000, fresh graduates with a decent stable income would be able to make use of Citi Simplicity Credit Card. It is also suitable for those that never miss a payment deadline since you earn when you make your payments on time, provided you make the minimum monthly payment. 

          Citi Simplicity+ Card
          Citi Simplicity+ Card
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