The pros and cons of working from home

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Save money by working from home

Are you thinking of working from home? There are many reasons why this is a great option – maybe your daily commute is driving you crazy, maybe you want to be more flexible in how you spend your time, or maybe you’ve just had your first child and want to start working again.

Before you make the move, there are a lot of things you should consider. Working from home isn’t all lie-ins and sitting around in your pyjamas watching daytime television like people seem to think it is! However you will need to demonstrate some self-control in order to avoid becoming this stereotype, as although you still have deadlines to meet, no one will be there to watch what you’re doing every minute.

Here at CompareHero, we have put together a list of five pros and five cons of working from home that you should think about!


1. No more commuting!

This will not only save you time, money and stress, but will also help to reduce emissions and protect the environment. Oh, and you’ll never have to run in late because of that horrible traffic jam. In fact, you’ll never be late again!

2. No boss breathing down your neck…

Although you will have to get your work done, you will be much more free in what you do and when, and how you do it. Your boss will only see the final results, and as long as they’re good, your boss will be happy.

3. No one will know if you’re working in your pyjamas

Okay, so this may lose its novelty pretty quickly, but you might appreciate being able to wear some comfortable clothes to work. It’s a good idea to dress fairly smart – this often helps to keep you in the right mindset – but no longer will you have to wear restricting ties or painful heels!

4. More family friendly

If you want to be able to fit your work around your family, working from home could be the right solution for you. While many employers now offer flexible hours, you still have to check in to work, and explain any unusual delays or absences to someone. At home, you’re free to manage this yourself.

5. Be happier and less stressed

Research has shown that people who work from home are generally happier and less stressed than their commuting counterparts. Don’t expect no stress whatsoever, but a combination of the above factors can help to improve both your work and home lives.


1. What social life?

Working on your own at home all day is always going to be more lonely than working in a busy office, and while it may be reduce distractions, you may find yourself missing the office gossip every now and then. Make sure you make an effort to go out and do things, and don’t get sucked into staying at home all the time.

2. Lack of competition

Sometimes working with other people can add an element of competition to your work which can really help to motivate you. If you’re missing this, why not set your own clear goals for each day, week and month as a way to motivate yourself and really focus on your results?

3. Costs of setting up at home

That’s right, there isn’t a stationary cupboard at home that you can steal all the staples from, so you might need to buy a few things before you get started. Buying a good chair might also be something to think about, as a dining room chair won’t be so comfortable to sit it all day, and your back may suffer.

4. No separation between where you work and where you relax

If possible, use a room with a door as your office… so you can close it at the end of work and separate your work from your personal life. And don’t fall into the trap of checking your emails all the time…. What’s the worst that can happen if you don’t reply until tomorrow morning?

5. Communication difficulties

If you’re working with people scattered across the country and maybe even across the world, you may struggle to get hold of people when you need them. If you can, try and get in touch with them before you need them, or set up regular times when you can discuss any important issues, via email, Skype or phone – work out a system that suits everyone best.

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