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Personal Loan Articles

What Happens When You Make Late Loan Repayments

January 12, 2018

Find out what can happen when you make late loan repayments, including why it will cost you even more if you fail to make your repayments on time! Save yourself the trouble and make timely repayments.

Are Your Debts Holding You Back From Your Dreams?

January 12, 2018

Remember, life is about pursuing your passions and turning them into a reality. Find out more about how a UOB Personal Loan can help you reach your dreams.

Timeline of Personal Loan Process

January 12, 2018

How long does it normally take to get a personal loan application approved? Here is an infographic for you if you are waiting for yours.

Best Small Business Opportunities in Malaysia

January 12, 2018

Check out these small business ideas you can work on in Malaysia. It is easy to fund your own business with a personal loan at low interest rate too!

7 Costly Mistakes You Make When Taking Out a Personal Loan

January 12, 2018

Applying for a personal loan can be complicated and if you are not doing it right, you may do these 7 mistakes. Avoid them!