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#CNY2021 – Best Reunion Dinners Below RM50 Per Person Team Team

Last updated 08 February, 2021

Planning a reunion dinner for Chinese New Year 2021? Here are the top budget-friendly CNY lunch/dinner deliveries and pick-ups in the Klang Valley. Each of these feasts will cost you less than RM50 per person.

Many Malaysians are planning to organise smaller-scale Chinese New Year reunion dinners this year – in accordance with the latest CNY standard operating procedures (SOP), which was recently announced by the government. To curb the spread of COVID-19, reunion dinners are only allowed among family members living in the same house, while visits and cross-border travel aren’t permitted.

So on February 11, we’ll most likely be spending the CNY reunion dinner with immediate family members or housemates. For many of us, our parents, grandparents and relatives are only reachable via video chat this CNY, but we can still make this festive season a memorable occasion – by starting the celebrations with an affordable yet fulfilling reunion dinner set that can be delivered to our home, or picked up safely.

Here, we take a look at some of the best budget-friendly reunion dinner packages in the Klang Valley, which cost less than RM50 per person. These meals are also suitable for lunch and dinner sessions throughout CNY, as they’ll be available for order until the end of February 2021.

Best reunion dinner deliveries and pick-ups in the Klang Valley (2021)

Restaurant/Food delivery Delivery area Price
Heaven Eat: CNY Bundle KL, Selangor as well as selected areas in Penang, Ipoh, Melaka and Johor. From RM18.80 per person
GoClean: CNY Party Pack (Halal) KL, PJ, and Subang Jaya. From RM25.60 per person
VCR Cafe: Meal of All Good The Klang Valley From RM34.50 per person
Kechara Oasis: Abundance Set (Vegetarian) You can pick up your order from the Kechara Oasis Outlet at Jaya One, PJ. From RM47 per person
Restoran Sek Yuen: OX-1 Set KL, PJ, Subang Jaya, and Shah Alam. From RM47.17 per person
Gather Gather Kitchen: Ox Year Good Luck Gift Package PJ, Subang Jaya and Shah Alam. From RM47.60 per person
Village Grocer: Fullest Symphony Poon Choy You can pick up your order from any Village Grocer outlets in the Klang Valley. From RM48.50 per person

1. Heaven Eat: CNY Bundle (delivery)

One of the main standouts in Heaven Eat’s CNY bundle would be its rainbow dumplings. (Source: Heaven Eat)

How to order: Online
Price: From RM18.80 per person
Contact: 019 331 8888 /

This is the most affordable CNY-themed meal set we’ve discovered! If you’re looking to savour tasty and guilt-free dishes without breaking the bank this festive season, Heaven Eat’s CNY Bundle offers eight ready-to-eat packs of signature chicken breasts, five packs of chicken chop, 12 pieces of rainbow dumplings and 12 meatballs at RM188.80.

The vacuum-sealed bundle provides adequate servings for up to 10 people (which amounts to  RM18.80 per person), so you can store any additional food in the freezer. Thanks to the vacuum-sealed packs, your meals will remain fresh for up to two months once they’re frozen.

One of the main standouts in this bundle would be the chicken rainbow dumplings. Heaven Eat, a health food delivery service known for their nutrition-packed yet delicious chicken meatballs, sausages, patties and meatloaves, have expanded their menu to include these bite-sized goodies.

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2. GoClean: CNY Party Pack – Halal (delivery)

If you plan to toss and enjoy some yee sang (raw fish salad) this CNY, GoClean’s vegetarian Prosperity Lou Sang set costs RM65. (Source: GoClean)

How to order: Online
Price: From RM25.60 per person
Contact: 016 754 3621 /

If you prefer a wider variety of affordable CNY-style dishes, GoClean’s Party Pack Menu A offers generous servings of sweet corn baked rice with silver anchovies, buttered mayo chicken, chui yim fish fillet, chicken lobak and loh hon zai (braised mixed vegetables). Priced at RM128, this pack is suitable for five/six people (RM25.60 per person).

You can also opt for Menu B (RM168 for five/six people), which serves pumpkin rice with dry shrimps, shanghai noodles with minced chicken, beancurd and vegetables, deep-fried boneless chicken, buttered fried fish fillet tossed with curry leaves, chicken lobak and loh hon zai. Best of all, these meals are certified halal so your Muslim relatives and friends can enjoy them as well.

If you plan to toss and enjoy some yee sang (raw fish salad) this CNY, GoClean’s vegetarian Prosperity Lou Sang set costs RM65. By paying a little extra, you may add other ingredients such as jelly fish, abalone and smoked salmon to the yee sang set.

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3. VCR Cafe: Meal of All Good (delivery)

     View this post on Instagram           

A post shared by VCR (@vcrlovesyou)

VCR’s recent Instagram post showcases its RM138 CNY Meal of All Good set, which consists of salad, panzanella, sweet potatoes and spring chicken. (Source: VCR)

How to order: Instagram / Facebook private messaging
Address: 2, Jalan Galloway, 50150 Kuala Lumpur
Price: From RM34.50 per person
Contact: 03 2110 2330 /

VCR, a cafe that is renowned for its fragrant coffee, delicious meals and relaxing ambience, is currently offering the CNY Meal of All Good set during the festive season. This RM138 package (for 3-4 people) consists of a salad (fresh greens, cherry tomatoes and sesame dressing), panzanella (cherry tomatoes, kyuri, capers, olives, shallots, olive oil, sourdough croutons and rice crackers), sweet potatoes (fried sweet potatoes, chrysanthemum syrup, sesame seeds and yoghurt dressing) and spring chicken (pan-seared spring chicken, yuzu kosho dressing, fried gobo and ponzu caramel sauce) dish.

Every purchase also comes with free delivery and a complimentary VCR BBQ Chicken (Bakkwa) pack. So if you’re yearning for affordable yet delectable CNY dining that fuses both Asian and Western-style cuisines, this is the package for you. It’ll only cost RM34.50 per person to enjoy this contemporary CNY dinner set.

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4. Kechara Oasis:Abundance Set – Vegetarian (pick-up)

How to order: Call
Address: 63 - 67 The Suites, Level P1 Block D, Jaya One, No 72A, Jalan Universiti, 46200 Petaling Jaya
Price: From RM47 per person
Contact: 03 7954 8818 / 012 818 8384

Kechara Oasis offers vegetarian Chinese New Year meal sets that are priced from RM188 (four pax) to RM788 (10 pax). The Abundance set, which is its most affordable package (RM188), offers yee sang, vegetarian shark fin soup, assam fish, crispy butter mushrooms, white/brown rice, crispy lotus pancakes, chilled sea coconuts, red dates, snow fungus and puer tea. This amounts to RM47 per person.

If you’re planning a reunion dinner for more than four people, you can opt for the Fortune set (RM288 – six pax), Happiness set (RM588 – 10 pax) and Prosperity set (RM788 – 10 pax).

You can place your order by calling Kechara Oasis earlier, and then head over to the restaurant to collect your order.

5. Restoran Sek Yuen: OX-1 Set (delivery/pick-up)

How to order: Call / WhatsApp
Address: 313-1 Jalan Pudu, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
Price: From RM47.17 per person
Contact: 03 9222 9457 / 016 423 1313

Founded in 1948, Restoran Sek Yuen has been serving yummylicious traditional Cantonese dishes to hungry patrons for decades. Even during the pandemic and MCO era, you can still satisfy your cravings for Sek Yuen’s trademark dishes such as its pi-pa roast duck, as the restaurant provides delivery and pick-up services.

Priced at RM283 (six pax), its OX-1 set consists of a yee sang dish, braised soup with tofu and crab meat, pi-pa roast duck, steamed grass carp with ginger, stir-fried mushrooms with broccoli and steamed rice with cured meat, mushrooms and chicken. This amounts to RM47.17 per person.

Priced at RM283, Restoran Sek Yuen’s OX-1 set provides a variety of signature dishes. (Source: Restoran Sek Yuen)

If you prefer other dishes, the restaurant also offers different menu sets such as OX-2 (RM383 for six people) and OX-3 (RM428 for six people). Every set comes with a yee sang dish, so you can continue the CNY tradition of a yee sang prosperity toss with your loved ones during the new norm.

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6. Gather Gather Kitchen: Ox Year Good Luck Gift Package (delivery/pick-up)

Gather Gather Kitchen offers three types of CNY meal packages, with a price range between RM238 and RM268. (Source: Gather Gather Kitchen)

How to order: WhatsApp
Address: 8G, Jalan Anggerik Vanilla Y 31/y, Kota Kemuning, 40460 Shah Alam
Price: From RM47.60 per person
Contact: 012 761 1466 / 014 324 5394/ 03 5131 6906

Fans of roast duck will also enjoy ordering their reunion dinner sets from Gather Gather Kitchen.

Located in Shah Alam, this restaurant is renowned for its herbal roast duck dish. For RM238 (five pax), you can order the Good Luck Gift Pack G1, which features a herbal roast duck, golden combination platter, osmanthus fried rice and fried kam heong lala. This delectable feast only costs RM47.60 per person.

If you wish to purchase a package that consists of a yee sang dish, the G2 (RM268 – five pax) and G3 (RM238 – five pax) packages offer a diverse range of festive cuisines to satisfy every palate.

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7. Village Grocer: Reunion Dinner Preorder (pre-order and pick-up)

Besides the RM388 poon choy, you can also order additional dishes such as the salmon yee sang (RM68) and stewed herbal duck (RM68) from Village Grocer. (Source: Village Grocer)

How to order: Order form
Availability: All Village Grocer outlets in the Klang Valley
Price: From RM48.50 per person
Contact: 03 6143 1366

If you enjoy sharing the poon choy dish (treasure pot) with your family, you might want to consider Village Grocer’s Fullest Symphony Poon Choy, a dish that consists of abalone, ming har prawns, smoked duck breasts, braised chicken drumsticks, mushrooms, stewed dao bou, fried yam, radish, cabbage and broccoli (RM388 for 8 people). So, for RM48.50 per person, you and your loved ones can savour layer after layer of tasty delights.

Besides the poon choy, you can also order additional dishes such as the Fruitful Auspicious salmon yee sang (RM68 for six-eight pax), stewed herbal duck (RM68), as well as orange and cranberry scented rice (RM28) from Village Grocer.

You can place your order at the nearest Village Grocer outlet in the Klang Valley seven days in advance, and return to pick up the dishes later. During pick-up, the dishes will be handed to you in a chilled condition. The meals can easily be prepared by using a stove or microwave (depending on the type of dishes you’ve ordered). All it takes is a few minutes of cooking and voila, the food is ready!

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