How the Standard Chartered JustOne Platinum addressed my concerns!

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I’ll be honest, there are two things I’ve doubted before with credit cards: auto-billing and cashback. Auto-billing scares me because it feels like I’m not in control, and cashback is… well, I’ve never really looked at it. Standard Chartered’s JustOne Platinum card, however, addressed my concerns. How?

Why auto-billing scared me

I’m not the maestro of finance and banking. When it comes to auto-billing, meaning my money is being paid without my active decision, it scares me a little bit. I like to be in control of when and how my money flies out of the bank. However, as I’ve come to learn, there are several upsides to it, especially with Standard Chartered’s JustOne Platinum credit card.

The upside of auto-billing is that it is very convenient. The amount of bills most of us need to pay on a monthly basis is many: There is the phone bill, the internet bill, the water bill, the electric bill, insurance, Astro – the list goes on.

With auto-billing on your credit card, you don’t have to keep in mind what bills you need to pay (and run the risk of missing on payments!). You only need to remain very disciplined and to repay the bank at the end of the month.

You might be asking: “Eh, why don’t you just keep a checklist and pay manually then?” Well, here’s where Standard Chartered sweetens the deal. Not only are you going to get the convenience of auto-billing, but you’re going to get some cashback at the same time. The Standard Chartered JustOne Platinum cashback card lets you earn cashback by paying your bills, check it out:

The cap at the end of the month may not seem like much, but when you sum it all up with the bills you have to pay, a little goes a long way. A friend of mine actually gets cashback up to RM1000 in a year from just paying his bills with the card.

Even spending on online purchases and petrol can earn you cashback with the JustOne Platinum card. If you’re someone who spends a lot of time doing online shopping (which I’m guilty of) or fueling your car often, you’re already on your way to literally getting cash back. Pretty cool deal, isn’t it?

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Speaking of convenience…

If you are planning to buy an expensive item like a brand new luxury bag or that really awesome laptop (like me), and would like to pay it off in instalments (also like me), the JustOne Platinum offers the FlexiPay Plus plan with a low interest rate on charges of RM500 and above on the card. For every approved FlexiPay Plus, you’ll get RM50 cashback too!

Standard Chartered credit cards work with Samsung Pay

For those who don’t like to carry so many cards out and use a Samsung smartphone (unfortunately, I don’t), the Standard Chartered JustOne Platinum work perfectly with Samsung Pay. You don’t even have to bring the card out to enjoy the benefits and rewards: Just register the card with Samsung Pay and scan away on your phone!

Not just cashback and auto-billing

If you’re a Standard Chartered cardholder, there are more than just cashback conveniences. You’ll also enjoy exclusive discounts and promotions from over 4000 stores throughout Asia. Pamper yourself with good food from the likes of Shangri-La’s Tanjung Aru Resort & Spa, beautify your skin with Bio Therapy Skin Care – all with discounts and promotions exclusive to Standard Chartered JustOne Platinum cardholders!

When you apply for the Standard Chartered JustOne Platinum cashback card now, in the month of September, and activate it, you’ll be able to get a FREE pair of Sony Wireless Headphones! 

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