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Personal Loan FAQs

A debt consolidation loan is a type of loan that you take to consolidate or combine different loans. For example, if you owe RM8,500 and RM6,500 on two credit cards, plus another personal loan of RM10,000, you can simplify these three separate debts by consolidating and paying for all of them in one RM25,000 loan.
Debt consolidation can be a good choice if you have multiple outstanding credit cards or personal loans. You can choose longer loan tenure to bring down the monthly loan payment to a manageable level, commensurate with your financial capability and comfort. Only consider refinancing with a personal loan when it means lowering the annual percentage rate of your credit card debt, mortgage, car loan, or other debt.
For a debt consolidation personal loan, you want to find products that offer lower interest rates than most products in the market. It only makes sense to consolidate your debts into one loan if the interest rate is lower. Use our free comparison tool online to find the best debt consolidation personal loan for you. Some notable banks include Alliance, Citibank, Hong Leong, Standard Chartered and UOB.
Most banks will require you to be a Malaysia Citizen or Permanent Resident, aged 21 and above (but not over 60 years old) and earn a monthly gross income of at least RM3,000 or more. Proof of identification, income, and residence must also be submitted to be approved for a personal loan. Banks will also look at your credit rating before approving or rejecting the loan application.
Find the right personal loan in Malaysia for you based on your borrowing amount and the reason you are applying for a personal loan. By visiting financial comparison sites like, we do the hard work for you. With our free comparison tool, all you need to do is key in important details to help us narrow down the best personal loans for you. Within 30 seconds, we'll be able to offer you a range of personal loans that work for you based on the products that are available in the market. Be sure to review the borrowing limit, approval times, interest rates, and minimum requirement for a successful personal loan application.
Many Malaysian banks and lenders can lend from RM1,000 up to RM400,000, depending on the borrower's credit history or rating. Most banks and lenders set an upper limit on how much applicants can borrow, which can range from three to four times the amount of their current salary, or a fixed amount, to ensure you don't overextend your finances. Whichever amount is lower will be the highest amount the borrower can have.
Lowest interest rate loans typically range between 4.8% to 8% and as of June 2017 these include the Alliance CashFirst Personal Loan, Standard Chartered Cash One, HSBC Amanah Personal Financing-I, Bank Rakyat Personal Financing-I, and Ambank Personal Financing-i.
Because of the nature of Debt Consolidation Loan, banks will be more cautious about the borrower's credit and background. Therefore, approval times may vary and you may need to contact the bank you have applied with to find out.

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