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Maybank Grab Mastercard Platinum Credit Card (White)

Maybank Grab Mastercard Platinum Credit Card (White)

RM 2,000

Minimum monthly income

RM 0

Annual fee


Interest rate p.a


Balance transfer rate (fixed)

Special Offers

Unlock RM100 cashback when you apply, activate and spend with Maybank credit cards or credit cards-i via CompareHero today.


Product details



Good for Rewards/Offers & Shopping
5X GrabRewards for every RM1.00 on Grab spend
2X GrabRewards for every RM1.00 on Overseas, Cross-border & e-Commerce spend
1X GrabRewards for every RM3.00 on Local spend
ZERO Annual Fee
1,000 Welcome GrabRewards upon card activation
Minimum monthly income RM 2,000
Minimum age:
Cardholder 21
Supplementary Cardholder 18
Fees & Charges
Annual fee RM 0
Annual fee waiver Yes
Late payment fee RM 10/1%
1% of the outstanding balance or RM10, whichever is higher (to a maximum of RM100)
Interest rate 15%
Settling minimum payment due for 12 consecutive month
Balance transfer rate (fixed) 2%
12 months Balance Transfer period
Document required to apply

You will need to provide several documents such as (varies between different banks):

Salaried Employee:

  • Copy of NRIC (both sides) or Passport
  • Latest BE Form with official tax receipt
  • Latest 3 months' salary slip or Latest EPF Statement

Self Employed:

  • Copies of Business Registration
  • Latest 6 months' Bank Statement


  • Letter from employer confirming duration of employment contract in Malaysia

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Not all of us have the privilege to own a car, which forces us to rely on other modes of transportation, including e-hailing services. If this sounds like you, then the Maybank Grab Mastercard Platinum Credit Card will make your life easier with all the benefits you can’t miss out, especially if you’re a regular Grab user.

Be rewarded for your daily needs

We’re always spending money on our everyday essentials which could sometimes burn a hole in our pockets. Being a regular Grab user, you’ll get to save more by getting GrabRewards Points for all your transactions made locally and internationally.

How many GrabRewards Points exactly will you be earning? 

  • For all transactions made on the Grab app based on RM1, you’ll earn 5x GrabRewards Points.
  • For all transactions made internationally or e-commerce based on RM1, you’ll earn 2x GrabRewards Points.
  • For all transactions made locally (excluding those on e-commerce or Grab app) based on RM3, you’ll earn 1x GrabRewards Points.

Special privileges

Grab Platinum

You’ll be happy to know once you get your hands on the Maybank Grab Mastercard Platinum, your Grab membership tier will automatically be upgraded to Platinum! For 6 months, enjoy the multiple benefits that come along with having the Platinum title. By having the Platinum membership, you get to gain access to cheaper airport ride rates and have the upper hand to book a car faster than others. When receiving GrabRewards Points, you’ll also gain advantage by being able to receive them faster than the lower tier memberships.

Benefits by Mastercard

Along with the benefits by Grab itself, the Maybank Grab Mastercard Platinum also comes with exclusive promotions and deals when you’re dining at restaurants, travelling to places, visiting entertainment places, and so on. The notable brands where you can get discounts from are Harvey Norman, Zalora, Klook and Hermo. Mastercard also offers the chance to book your travel tickets in advance while allowing you to pay back on a later date with their ‘Pay Now, Travel Later’ feature.

New cardholders get extra benefits

When you’ve finally decided to purchase the Maybank Grab Mastercard Platinum, enjoy 1,000 GrabRewards Points on the house! Aside from that, you’ll also receive RM5 vouchers for GrabFood and GrabCar, up to 5 of them. However, do take note this only applies if you have already spent a minimum amount of RM300 for transactions made with any Grab services.

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You can apply on our website directly. The process to apply online is simple, quick and efficient. Simply prepare the required documents and fill up the application form with the necessary details. If you have any problems, our friendly and helpful customer service heroes will be ready to assist you at +6012-385 0211 via WhatsApp.

The minimum monthly income required to apply for this credit card is RM3,000 and cardholders must be of 21 years old and above. But if you don’t meet the minimum age requirement, there’s also the supplementary card which you could apply at the age of 18 years old and above.

Prevent burning a hole in your pockets by saving your money as the Maybank Grab Mastercard Platinum does not require any annual fees at all! This goes for both principal and supplementary cardholders, so you don’t have to worry about spending extra just to be owning this credit card.

Since there are no annual fees involved, sales and services tax are exempted too. The other charges include cash advance interest charge which is at 18% annually. If you make your repayments late, then you will be charged with 1% from the overall amount that is due.

  • Gain 5x GrabRewards Points for all Grab transactions
  • Gain 2x GrabRewards Points for all transactions made on e-commerce or internationally
  • Gain 1x GrabRewards Points for all transactions made in Malaysia
  • Enjoy the multiple benefits from Mastercard and Grab such as discounts on F&B, entertainment, and getting the Grab Platinum title for 6 months

If Grab is your main mode of transport, there is no reason for you to turn this card down! In fact, it could hugely benefit you because you’re already spending everyday on your daily necessities, why not collect some GrabRewards Points along the way and eventually redeem them? Plus, you’ll also straight away hold the Grab Platinum membership which offers you privileges you’ll surely won’t regret. 

Maybank Grab Mastercard Platinum Credit Card (White)
Maybank Grab Mastercard Platinum Credit Card (White)
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