5 Awesome Credit Cards For e-Wallet Users 2024

Michelle Chee

Michelle Chee

Last updated 23 April, 2024
No matter where you're spending these days, it would be obvious that payment methods are changing. Less consumers are using cash as the option to use  eWallets become more commonplace. Payment QR codes can be found in almost every retail outlet these days. Even your local Pasar Malam vendor and roadside Nasi Lemak stall has them. 
The benefits of e Wallets are manifold. Consumers find them safer than carrying a wad of cash around, and some find them more hygienic, especially since the Covid19 pandemic happened. In fact, statistics show that the pandemic played a major hand in driving up e-wallet use among Malaysians. 
Reports from 2023 suggests that e-wallets is the preferred payment method by14% of Malaysians, and this is steadily increasing. Among the top e-wallet brands include Touch 'n Go, Boost and AliPay.
Of course, e-wallets need to be topped up and this can be done in various ways, including debiting a savings account or charging it to a credit card. In this writeup, we're going to look at credit cards for e-wallet users.

Best Credit Card for eWallet Users

The best eWallet credit cards can benefit you in a variety of ways. Usually, you'll be able to leverage on the points collected when topping up your e-wallet, or enjoy cashback when you top-up. Here are our top picks for the best credit cards for e-wallets in Malaysia:

Best eWallet Credit Cards Features

RHB Shell Visa



  • Up to 5% cashback on top up e-wallet spend.
  • Up to 5% cashback on online, supermarket, utility bills 
  • Earn p to 12% cashback on Shell petrol stations, capped at RM50 monthly.
  • Get 0.2% cashback on all other spend, no cap
  • Min. monthly income RM2,000

Standard Chartered Simply Cash

Standard_Chartered_Simply_Cash CC


  • Up to 15% cashback monthly on petrol and selected eWallet, groceries and dining spend
  • Enjoy digital payments via Apple Pay, Samsung Pay & Google Pay
  • ZERO first year fees
  • Min. monthly income RM3,000

CIMB e Credit Card




  • 12X Bonus Points on Online, eWallet, Auto-Billing & Contactless spend on the 28th of every month (eDay)
  • 3X Bonus Points on Online, eWallet, Auto-Billing & Contactless spend on other days
  • 1X Bonus Points on other spend
  • Annual fee waived until 31st Dec 2025
  • Min. monthly income RM2,000

Alliance Bank Visa Platinum

Alliance_bank_platinum-visa Silver@3x


  • 8X Timeless Bonus Points for Online & eWallet spend
  • 3X Timeless Bonus Points for Overseas & Dining spend
  • 1X Timeless Bonus Points for Contactless, Entertainment, Auto-billing & Retail spend
  • Timeless Bonus Points never expire
  • ZERO first year fees
  • Min. monthly income RM2,000

UOB World Card

UOB World_(1)


  • 12X UNIRM on e-wallet reloads (TnG, Boost and BigPay) and e-commerce spend
  • 5X UNIRM on supermarket/hypermarket, selected department store and overseas spend
  • 6X complimentary access to Plaza Premium Lounge
  • Bonus points up to 125,000 UNIRM with annual spend of RM48,000
  • Min. monthly income RM5,000


🏎️The Fast Paced Card: RHB Shell Visa

RHB Shell Visa Cashback_Cards_2024-CTA-2

RHB's Shell Visa Credit Card is the first on our list. We're recommending this card because they offer 5% cashback when you top up your e-wallet. That's 5% more savings for you every time! 

Apart from being e-wallet friendly, this card also offers 12% cashback when you refill your car at any Shell station, capped at RM50 a month. If you drive a lot, this is the card for you. 

The RHB Shell Visa is one of the best cards for cashback as it also offers 5% cashback for online, supermarket and utility bills spend. There's also a 0.2% cashback when you spend on anything else.



💸The Best Cashback Deals: Standard Chartered Simply Cash

Standard Chartered Simply Cash

If you're a fan of cashback credit cards, the Standard Chartered Simply Cash hits all the rights buttons. This card provides up to 15% cashback on e-wallet spend, which is among the highest we've seen. Apart from eWallet top-ups, you'll also enjoy this high cashback rate when you spend on petrol, dining and groceries. 

Standard Chartered is also very generous with their credit card promotions. No matter which credit card you own, you can take advantage of their RM1 year-long deals, fine dining deals, The Good Life® privileges, health & wellness offers, travel perks and so much more. 

Standard Chartered also has ongoing offers where you can convert large purchases into 0% interest rate instalments and be rewarded.


🎁Rewards Aplenty with CIMB e Credit Card

cimb e credit card

If you're a big fan of collecting points and using them to redeem rewards, the CIMB e Credit Card is for you. This card lets you collect Bonus Points when you spend on e-wallet top-ups, contactless spend, auto-billing and online transactions.

Enjoy up to 12X Bonus Points for every RM1 spent on eDAY, which falls on the 28th of every month. On every other day, you'll be able to collect 3X Bonus Points for each Ringgit you spend. All other transactions apart from e-wallets, contactless spend, auto billing and online spend will earn you 1X Bonus Points. 

All these Bonus Points can be used to redeem a whole range of prizes including kitchen appliances, household needs, travel accessories, health and wellness products, gadgets and more. You can even turn your bonus points into Air Miles and Hotel privilege points. 

Enjoy ZERO annual fee on this card until 31st December 2025.


😍Points That Never Expire: Alliance Bank Visa Platinum

Alliance Bank Visa Platinum

Alliance Bank's Visa Platinum offers you a point collection system with a difference. Their Timeless Bonus Points never expire, so there's no pressure to collect and use them within a limited time frame.

With the Visa Platinum, you can earn as much as 8X Timeless Bonus Points when you top up your e-wallet or perform online transactions. There's also 3X TBPs on dining and overseas spend. 

All of these TBPs can then be exchanged for AirMiles, retail vouchers, gadgets and more. This card is one of the best in out list in terms or overall rewards, and is bound to satisfy your craving for freebies.


✈️Travel in Style with UOB World

uob world

UOB World is a credit card that rewards both e-wallet use and your desire to travel. To top the list, they offer 12X UNIRM points for selected e-wallet reloads (Touch 'n Go, Boost and BigPay). 

For the avid traveller, there's also 5X UNIRM points to collect on overseas spend. Additionally, you can enjoy 6X access to Plaza Premium Lounge yearly. 

That's not all. Cardholders will be rewarded with 5X UNIRM points for supermarket, hypermarket and department store spend. All other transactions get 1X UNIRM points too. If you spend more than RM48,000 per year on the card, you can get up to 125,000 bonus UNIRM points for free.  


What is the Difference Between A Credit Card and e-wallet

The uptake of e-wallets in Malaysia may still be in its infancy, but there's definitely progress. Most Malaysians know what is an e-wallet, and how to register for e wallet apps already.

The main difference between a credit card and e-wallet is that a credit card allows you to purchase on credit. This means settling the bill for your purchase at a later date. 

compare now

E-wallets, on the other hand, have to be topped up with a balance first before they can be used for transactions. This can be done through a number of ways including debiting a savings account or charging to a credit card. 

Once there is sufficient balance in your e-wallet app, you can pay by scanning a QR code, generating a QR code, manually choosing a recipient and others.

Many people find that e-wallets help them manage their budgets better as they can control the amount they deposit into it every month. No matter which e-wallet you use, you stand to benefit when you use the right credit card to top-up your funds.


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