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5 Awesome Credit Cards For e-Wallet Users

Rachel Lee

Rachel Lee

Last updated 15 June, 2022

Forget cash. With our new normal over the last two years, e-Wallets and debit/credit cards are king these days.

Well, why wouldn’t they be? They make payments simpler, quicker, and even more hygienic.

If you own a credit card, being an e-Wallet user also allows you to double dip on rewards easily. All you have to do is use your credit card to top-up your e-Wallets, and your credit card provider will reward you with perks that come with your credit card, which usually is either cashback or reward points. After this, you might even reap the benefits offered by the e-Wallet provider as well!

However, while many are enjoying this perfect loophole, the banks sure aren’t. Naturally, they’ve caught on to this and have even begun revising their terms, adding a cap on the cashback received through e-Wallet top-ups. Some banks have even revoked their cashback benefits for e-Wallet reloads using credit cards.

Therefore, it is incredibly important to make sure you’re using the right credit card for your spending habits.

Now for the question on the top of everybody’s mind: which credit cards can we still use to top-up our e-Wallet balance while earning cashback and reward points at the same time?

From cashback cards to air miles cards, we’ve got you covered with our list below.

1. Standard Chartered Just One Platinum Card

  • Cashback: 15% cashback on e-Wallet top-ups, groceries, petrol, and e-Market Place transactions. (capped at RM60/month)
  • Enjoy movie tickets at Golden Screen Cinemas from RM10
  • Purchase protection up to USD200 when you shop online
  • Minimum monthly income requirements: RM36,000/year or RM3,000/month
  • Annual fee: RM250 (waived for the first year)

2. HSBC Amanah MPower Visa Platinum Credit Card-i

Compare Credit Cards | Benefits and Rewards - HSBC MY
  • Cashback: 8% cashback on e-Wallet top-ups, groceries, and petrol transactions. (capped at RM15/month)
  • Comes with purchase protection
  • Minimum monthly income requirements: RM36,000/year or RM3,000/month
  • Annual fee: RM240 (waived for cardholders who make 12x transaction in the first year)

3. Public Bank Visa Signature

Public Bank Berhad - Cards Selection
  • Cashback: 6% cashback on online, groceries, and dining transactions. (capped at RM38/month)
  • 1 VIP Point for every RM1 spend on other retail transactions
  • 2X access to Plaza Premium Lounges in Malaysia
  • Up to RM500,000 travel insurance
  • Minimum monthly income requirements: RM80,000/year or RM6,667/month
  • Annual fee: RM388

4. Citibank Cash Back Card

Citi Cash Back Card: Easy Savings on Dining, Groceries and Petrol - Credit  Card Review | ValueChampion Singapore
  • Cashback: 10% cashback on Grab wallet top-ups, groceries, petrol, and dining transactions when you meet the minimum monthly total spend
  • Unlimited 0.2 cashback on other retail spend
  • Cashback automatically credited into your account
  • Minimum monthly income requirements: RM36,000/year or RM3,000/month
  • Annual fee: RM120

5. HSBC Visa Signature

HSBC Visa Signature Card | Credit Card Rebate - HSBC HK
  • Cardholders can earn reward points, which can be converted into Air Miles
  • 8X Reward Points for overseas and online transactions made with foreign currencies
  • 5X Reward Points for transactions made in local malls and online payments (RM)
  • 1x Reward Point for other transactions
  • 30% off redemption on online vouchers (Lazada, Agoda, AirAsia)
  • 6X complimentary access to Plaza Premium Lounges KLIA, Singapore Changi Airport, and Hong Kong International Airport
  • Minimum monthly income requirements: RM72,000/year or RM6,000/month
  • Annual fee: RM600(waived for cardholders who make 12x transaction in the first year)
Which of these cards would you go for? Apply for one now with!

With creative wit and an immense passion for writing in her back pocket, Rachel Lee creates impactful content about finance, lifestyle, and more.


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