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Citi Cash Back Platinum Card

Citi Cash Back Platinum Card

This product is sold by UOB, using certain trademarks temporarily under license from Citigroup Inc.

RM 5,000

Minimum monthly income

RM 195

Annual fee


Interest rate p.a


Balance transfer rate (fixed)

Special Offers

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Product details


Citi World Privileges

Exclusive discounts for Citibank customers of up to 50% in Malaysia

Exclusive discounts for Citibank customers at over 30 countries worldwide

Citi Paylite

Affordable instalments with zero processing fees for purchases at any merchant RM50 and above

Convert purchases with ease using Citi Mobile® App.

Citi FlexiBill

Convert bills into monthly instalments

Repayment period up to 60 months

Convert bills with ease using Citi Mobile® App.

Citi Quick Cash

Upfront cash available up credit limit

Repayment period up to 60 months

No fees or documents required

Good for Cashback
Up to 10% Cashback on Grab, Grocery, Dining & Petrol spend
0.2% Cashback on Other spend
Minimum monthly income RM 5,000
Minimum age:
Cardholder 21
Supplementary Cardholder 18
Fees & Charges
Annual fee RM 195
Waived for first 3-years upon approval
Annual fee waiver No
Late payment fee RM 10/1%
1% of the outstanding balance or RM10, whichever is higher (to a maximum of RM100)
Interest rate 15%
Rate if settling minimum payment due for 12 consecutive months.
Balance transfer rate (fixed) 5.32%
24 months Balance Transfer via Instalment
Document required to apply

You will need to provide several documents such as (varies between different banks):

For Malaysians:

Salaried Employees:

  • Photocopy of MyKad (both sides)
  • Latest EPF statement OR Latest 2 months salary slip
  • AND any of the following where necessary:
  • 3 months bank statements
  • Latest EA Form
  • Latest BE Form with tax receipt


  • Photocopy of MyKad (both sides)
  • Photocopy of Business Registration Form
  • Latest Form B with tax receipt

For Salaried Expatriates:

  • Copy of Passport
  • Latest 2 months' salary slip
  • Work permit valid for at least one (1) year at the time of application
  • Letter of employment

Terms and Conditions

For Citi Cash Back Platinum Credit Card Terms and Conditions, click here.
For Citi Credit Cards Terms and Conditions, click here.
For Citi Credit Cards Fees and Charges, click here.

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When you are looking for a cashback credit card in Malaysia, you might be overwhelmed with the many options available. The Citibank Cash Back Platinum Card offers one of the best cashback around.

Up to 10% monthly cashback

With the monthly spending of RM1,500 and above, enjoy as high as 10% cashback for groceries, dining, GRAB rides and petrol. The participating grocery stores include Village Grocer, Jaya Grocer, AEON Big, Giant, Everise, Cold Storage, Servay, Mydin, Ben’s Independent Grocers, Tesco and Econsave. For each category, there’s a max cap of RM15, with a total capping of RM60. For other categories such as utilities and shopping, you’ll receive 0.2% cashback with no maximum cap. If you spend RM1,499 and below monthly, you’ll receive up to 0.2% cashback with no maximum cap.

The best part about this cashback credit card is that there is no minimum accumulation of Cashback so you can get your cashback automatically credited straight into your account!

Exciting privileges awaits

Aside from cashback, you’ll also get to enjoy exclusive discounts and special privileges when for dining, travel and entertainment across more than 24,000 golf clubs, hotels and restaurants. Health is essential, which is why the Citibank Cashback Platinum Card offers as high as a 20% discount for several healthcare packages from 20 selected hospitals, with KPJ being one of them. On top of that, the Citi Cashback Platinum Card also offers 15% OFF for hospital walk-ins with a minimum room rate of RM120 and more. At several pharmacies, namely, Guardian, Watson and Caring, enjoy 2% cash rebate on all purchases.

Citibank Cashback Platinum Card features

One of the top features of this credit card would be easy bill payment plans. You could easily set a recurring payment with your utility bills such as telco and charge them directly to your Citi Cashback Platinum Card. That way, you will be able to keep track of your monthly bills as well as saving money with the cash rebates.

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Simply apply for Citi Cash Back Platinum Credit Card directly on our website as we will help process the application for you. For further inquiries, you can contact our customer heroes at +6012-385 0211.

Before you can apply, you should be at least 21 years old with a minimum monthly income of RM5,000 or RM60,000 annually. If you are at least 18 years old and below 21 years old, you can apply for the supplementary card.

For principal cardholders, there is an annual fee of RM195. For supplementary cardholders, the annual fee would be RM100. 

Note: New customers are entitled to their annual fee being waived during the first 3 years. 

When you are not able to pay on time, you can opt to make the minimum required payment which is RM50 or around 5% from your overdue amount. There are late payment charges of RM10 or around 1% from the overdue payment when you fail to pay promptly or prior to the tentative due date. You are entitled to free interest provided that you pay in full or prior to the due date of the payment.

There are also charges for cash withdrawals of RM20 or around 5% from the amount withdrawn with an interest rate of 18%. When you make payments on time which is 12 months continuously and equal to half of the overdue balance, all Citibank Cashback Platinum cardholders will be entitled to an interest rate which is 15% annually. For those that make payments 10 months out of the 12 months, you’ll be entitled to an interest rate which is 17% annually, while those that do not meet any of the requirements, you’ll be charged with an interest rate which is 18% annually. 

  • Earn as high as 10% cashback monthly on groceries, GRAB rides, petrol and dining
  • Up to 0.2% cashback for utilities and retail purchases monthly
  • Exclusive privileges for travel, entertainment and dining across more than 24,000 outlets
  • Special discounts for healthcare such as pharmacies and hospital room rates

This card is suitable for those who are big spenders on groceries and dining out as well as if you regularly drive where most of your monthly expenses consist of petrol. However, if you are a regular GRAB user, this would be useful as well since you are able to earn as high as 10% cashback monthly. 

Citi Cash Back Platinum Card
Citi Cash Back Platinum Card
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