Money Horoscope 2024: Best Credit Cards According to Your Chinese Zodiac

Michelle Chee

Michelle Chee

Last updated 31 January, 2024

Chinese New Year 2024 begins on February 10th, and many of you may be wondering what fortune holds for you this year. According to Chinese Feng Shui tradition, your luck for the year is closely tied to the year you were born.

Each year is represented by one of the 12 Chinese zodiac animals. Feng Shui masters will usually make predictions about your health, wealth, career and relationships based on the presence of lucky stars, and whether your zodiac clashes with the Tai Sui guardian deities.

Whatever your money horoscope is this year, we’ve come up with the best 2024 credit card to suit your fortune.Credit cards offer many benefits for your spending, including rewards, cashback, travel insurance and various promotions. They’re also able to help you save more and manage your debts better. 

Here are our top picks for credit cards according to your Chinese zodiac sign money fortune for 2024.

Best Credit Cards by Zodiac 



Maybank 2 Gold



  • No annual fees for life
  • Enjoy benefits from both Maybank Visa/Mastercard and Maybank American Express 
  • Up to 5X TreatsPoints for AMEX weekday spend
  • Medical benefits at top healthcare providers for all Maybank credit cards
  • Min. monthly income RM2,500


AEON Big Visa Gold


  • 5% cashback at AEON BiG every 28th of the month
  • Up to 4X AEON Points at AEON BiG Hypermarkets
  • 3X complimentary access to Plaza Premium Lounge
  • Travel insurance up to RM200,000
  • Min. monthly income RM3,000


HSBC TravelOne

HSBC TravelOne


  • 8X reward points on foreign currency spend
  • 6X access to Plaza Premium Lounge
  • USD250,000 travel insurance
  • Min. monthly income RM5,000





  • 10% cashback on dining, petrol, selected grocers and Grab
  • 0.2% cashback on retail 
  • Various health screening promotions
  • Exclusive health plan from Liberty General Insurance
  • Min. monthly income RM2,000


RHB Shell Visa



  • 12% cashback at Shell petrol stations
  • 5% cashback on daily spend
  • ZERO first year fees
  • Min. monthly income RM2,000


AEON Gold Visa



  • 8% cashback at AEON and AEON BiG twice a month
  • 5% cashback on dining
  • Collect up to 3X points for every RM1 spent
  • Min. monthly income RM 3,000


Alliance Bank Visa Platinum

Alliance Silver


  • 0% balance transfer
  • Up to 8X Timeless Bonus points
  • Timeless Bonus points never expire
  • ZERO first year fees
  • Min. monthly income RM2,000


HSBC Visa Signature



  • 8X Reward Points on online and overseas spend
  • 6X complimentary access to Plaza Premium Lounge
  • 24-hours cash advance, withdraw from any ATM worldwide
  • Min. monthly income RM 6,000


Standard Chartered Simply Cash

Standard_Chartered_Simply_Cash CC


  • Convert big spends to installments with FlexiPay Plus
  • Up to 15% cashback monthly
  • Digital payments with Samsung Pay, Apple Pay & Google Pay
  • Min. monthly income RM3,000


CIMB Cash Rebate Platinum



  • Up to 5% cashback on grocery, petrol, cinema, mobile and utility spend
  • 0.2% cashback on online and retail spend
  • RM 1,000,000 travel insurance coverage
  • Min. monthly income RM 2,000

Boar (Pig)

Alliance Bank Visa Infinite

Alliance_Bank_Visa Infinite


  • 0% Flexi Payment Plan for flight tickets, hotels and overseas spend.
  • Up to 8X Timeless Bonus Points
  • 2X access to selected Plaza Premium Lounges worldwide
  • ZERO first year fees
  • Min. monthly income RM 5,000


Maybank Shopee Visa Platinum



  • Collect up to 5X Shopee Coins for special days
  • Enjoy medical perks with all Maybank cards
  • ZERO annual fees
  • Min. monthly income RM2,000



Dragons are in for a rather bumpy year ahead. Despite this being the year of the Dragon, the zodiac is considered to be in contradiction to two Tai Sui this year. 

As such, in order to offset this unlucky effect, Dragons are advised to attend, organise or begin various auspicious activities. Examples of these include getting married, starting a business, or starting a family. 

That’s why the best credit card for Dragons is the Maybank 2 Gold. Let’s see why:

  • Enjoy two accounts with one application
  • Benefits from both Maybank Visa/Mastercard and Maybank American Express
  • Up to 5X TreatsPoints with Maybank AMEX on weekdays
  • 1X TreatsPoint with Maybank Visa/Mastercard
  • 5% cashback with Maybank AMEX on weekends
  • NO annual fees for life
  • Min. monthly income RM2,500

Whether you need to spend on daily necessities or on organising a big event, the Maybank 2 Gold rewards you handsomely. 





Tigers are also in for a tricky year ahead. Luck in all areas will be moderate, and you’re advised to travel in order to improve your fortune. However, unlucky stars are also present which may lead to higher chances of accidents and injuries. 

Therefore, Tigers should protect themselves with travel insurance this year before embarking on any journey. The perfect credit card for tigers is the AEON BiG Visa Gold. Here’s why:

  • Travel insurance coverage up to RM200,000
  • 3X access to Plaza Premium Lounge, travel in luxury
  • 5% cashback at AEON BiG every 28th of the month
  • 2% cashback on online and overseas spend
  • Min. monthly income RM3,000

The AEON BiG Visa Gold rewards you for local spend as well as provides for your international travel needs. 

Best_Credit_Cards_According_to_Your_Chinese_Zodiac_2024-CTA-2 Tiger banner



Rats are in for a good year as they’re in line with the Tai Sui and have many lucky stars in their favour. There’s going to be lots of opportunities for career advancements, salary increments and business success. 

Things are looking good financially for all Rats, and that’s why you can afford to travel a bit more this year. The HSBC TravelOne is an ideal card for all your travelling needs. Here’s why:

  • Collect up to 8X reward points on foreign currency spend
  • 6X complimentary access to Plaza Premium Lounge
  • Instant reward point redemptions with a wide selection of airline and hotel partners
  • Travel insurance coverage up to USD 250,000
  • Min. monthly income RM5,000

There is only one unlucky star related to rats, which is supposed to increase the likelihood of accidents. That’s why travel insurance coverage will come in useful for your journeys





Rabbits will have to rely a lot on themselves this year as there are few lucky stars in their favour. Career prospects are moderate, while relationships and networking are not looking too good.

Rabbits may not be facing promising wealth prospects this year, so saving money and not making any big expenditures is a good idea. 

Health wise, Rabbits need to be more careful and take care of their health. Do go for more health screenings and meet the dentist for a check-up and teeth clean. The UOB One Card provides plenty of options for savings, including wellness offers. 





This year promises to be one that’s pretty mixed for those born in the year of the snake. On one hand, this is a good year for career advancement and for singles to find love. 

It’s also a good year to start learning new things and to start new hobbies. However, unlucky stars related to health, wealth and relationships may cast a shadow over an otherwise good year. 

You should take extra care to live healthily and avoid unnecessary expenses. Clear and honest communication will help ease any relationship challenges you may face. Snakes will benefit from the RHB Shell Visa credit card, as it features the following benefits:

  • Up to 12% cashback at Shell petrol stations
  • 5% cashback on online, supermarket, utilities and e-wallet spend
  • Min. monthly income RM2,000

The rich cashback offerings in this card will help you save as you spend on daily necessities. The cashback here will no doubt come in handy if you need to spend to smooth out any relationship bumps you encounter. 





2024 is shaping up to be a year of moderate luck for those born in the year of the Ox. This zodiac is in contradiction to the Tai Sui this year so there may be failures and difficulties. However, you can count on the support of your friends and loved ones. 

Your health and those of your family ( especially elders) may be affected, but this can be alleviated if you renovate or redecorate your home. For this reason, the AEON Gold Visa credit card is for you.

  • 8% cashback on Thank You days at AEON and AEON BiG on 20th and 28th of every month
  • 5% cashback on dining transactions
  • 2X points for every RM1 spent at AEON and AEON BiG stores
  • Min. monthly income RM3,000

Shopping for household needs will be even more rewarding when you have the correct credit card. The card helps you save on your dining spend too so you can take your family out for more treats!

Best_Credit_Cards_According_to_Your_Chinese_Zodiac_2024-CTA-6 Ox banner




Sheep will have an overall good year in 2024, with promising fortunes in wealth and career. This is the year where your hard work will be rewarded. Sheep are known as the zodiac sign that’s good with money this year, so you should consider investing your money and growing your assets. 

The only unlucky star overshadowing sheep this year is the one affecting financial relationships. Sheep are expected to have disputes with others over money and are advised to be careful not to lend money to those around them, take on more debt or function as guarantors. 

It is good year to work towards resolving any outstanding debts you may still have. If you have outstanding credit card bills, the Alliance Bank Visa Platinum is the credit card for you.

  • 0% balance transfer rate
  • 8X Timeless Bonus Points for online and e-wallet spend
  • 3X Timeless Bonus Points for dining and overseas spend
  • ZERO first year fees
  • Min. monthly income RM2,000

Consolidating outstanding credit card bills make them easier to manage and pay off, Additionally, you should also keep track of your credit scores as these will help ensure your financial records stay healthy for further loan or credit card applications. 

Best_Credit_Cards_According_to_Your_Chinese_Zodiac_2024-CTA-7 Goat banner



Monkeys are one of the several zodiacs that will enjoy a bountiful 2024. Lucky stars are shining on wealth, career and relationships. This means a high possibility of salary increments or promotions. Businesses will also flourish and this is a good year to expand your corporate network. 

The HSBC Visa Signature is one of the best cards for you if you’re travelling a lot for work this year. 

  • 6X complimentary access to Plaza Premium Lounge per year
  • 8X Reward Points on overseas and online spend
  • Instant cash advance in 24 hours at any ATM worldwide
  • Min. monthly income RM 6,000

Make your jet setting lifestyle more rewarding by collecting points and redeeming them for discounts, promotions, gifts and more. This card also rewards you for your online spend. 

Best_Credit_Cards_According_to_Your_Chinese_Zodiac_2024-CTA-8 monkey banner




Roosters line up with the Tai Sui guardians this year, so expect most things to go smoothly. There will be many lucky stars which will help you overcome challenges this year, and many good opportunities too. 

The only bit of bad luck seems to be over your finances, and Feng Shui experts say you can negate its effects by making a big purchase, like a car or branded item. The Standard Chartered Simply Cash credit card can help you with this and more:

  • Turn big purchases into bite sized instalments with FlexiPay Plus
  • Enjoy up to 15% on petrol and selected e-wallets, groceries and dining spend
  • ZERO first year annual fees
  • Min. monthly income RM3,000

As Roosters have to be a bit careful with their finances this year, saving up using cashback and stretching spending into affordable bites appears to be a wise decision. 

Best_Credit_Cards_According_to_Your_Chinese_Zodiac_2024-CTA-9 rooster banner




Overall, those born under the Dog zodiac may face a year full of challenges. This is because they are in conflict with the guardian deities and don’t have many lucky stars to help them this year. 

As such, Dogs should not spend excessively this year and should be careful of making investments. To boost their luck, those under the Dog zodiac should attend or organise lots of auspicious events such as weddings, parties, product launches and business meets to ‘wash away’ the bad luck. 

The credit card that can help you save while you attend or organise these events is the CIMB Cash Rebate Platinum card.

  • 5% cashback on grocery, petrol, cinema, mobile and utility spend.
  • 0.2% cashback on online & retail spend
  • ZERO annual fees for life
  • RM 1,000,000 travel insurance coverage
  • Min. monthly income RM2,000

If you’re travelling overseas this year to attend events, the card’s generous insurance coverage should be more than enough protection.

Best_Credit_Cards_According_to_Your_Chinese_Zodiac_2024-CTA-10 dog banner




Which zodiac sign is lucky in money for 2024? Boars or pigs are touted to be the zodiac with the best luck in 2024. This means good fortune in terms of wealth and career. It is also a good year to form new corporate or business relationships.

When it comes to finances and investments, despite having lucky stars influencing wealth, Boars should still be wary when it comes to spending

Since Boars are enjoying good fortune this year, this is the perfect opportunity to do a bit more travelling. However, Feng Shui masters suggest protecting yourself with insurance since Boars will have a tendency to be forgetful. One card that combines daily savings and travel benefits is the Alliance Bank Visa Infinite.

  • 8X Timeless Bonus Points for online and e-wallet spend
  • 5X Timeless Bonus Points for overseas, dining and grocery spend
  • 0% Flexi Payment Plan for hotels, overseas spend and flight tickets
  • 2X complimentary access to Plaza Premium Lounge
  • ZERO first year fees
  • Min. monthly income RM 5,000

Timeless Bonus Points do not expire, and you can exchange them for appliances, gadgets, air miles, wellness products and more. 

Best_Credit_Cards_According_to_Your_Chinese_Zodiac_2024-CTA-11 piggy banner



Horses will generally have a good year, except with some unlucky stars affecting health and wellbeing. Firstly, horses should stay away from extreme sports as there will be a higher chance of accidents. 

Any negative effects on physical health can be negated by following the Buddhist practice of going vegetarian on the 1st and 15th of every lunar month. 

Apart from health, horses will face some effects on interpersonal relationships and home life. As such, you’ll have to be more careful in the way you communicate. One card that will come in handy for horses is the Maybank Shopee Visa Platinum.

  • ZERO annual fees
  • Medical perks for Maybank card holders
  • 5X Shopee coins on special occasions including pay day, Hari Raya and Chinese New Year.
  • 5000 welcome Shopee coins
  • Min. monthly income RM2,000

Apart from the medical benefits of Maybank cards to protect your health this year, this card gives you Shopee coins in abundance for your online e-commerce purchases. You'll need to have gifts on hand to smooth out those relationship bumps!

Best_Credit_Cards_According_to_Your_Chinese_Zodiac_2024-CTA-12 horse banner

The Bottom Line

Whether your predicted fortune is good or bad this year, it’s always a good idea to plan your finances well. Let Compare Hero help you make wiser decisions when it comes to choosing the right credit card. 

The first step is to compare the benefits of each card against your needs and wants. Apart from that, you can also choose cards that fit with your new year financial goals, so you can achieve them better. Contact us today and let us help you find the best card to fit your fortune!

Feng Shui source: SCMP



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