6 Time-Saving Apps For When You’re Stuck in Traffic

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Whether it’s commuting or driving to work, our worst enemy will always be traffic. Nothing wastes time and ruins productivity like getting stuck in clogged roadways that don’t seem to move more than an inch every few minutes.

But in this day and age, we have technology to help us plan our trips and become a bit more productive if we get caught in the jam. At the very least, these apps help us pass the time and calm us down.

Here are our favorite apps that help us save time in traffic, and keep us from entering road rage mode!

Save Time with these traffic apps

General Traffic Apps

Waze (Free)

Available on Google Play and iTunes Store

Waze is simply the best crowd-sourced traffic and road map app there is. Find shortcuts and road warnings in real-time as other users of the app update you on the traffic situation. Avoid traffic and save time with Waze!

GPS Navigation BE-ON-ROAD (Free)

Available on Google Play and iTunes Store

With Be-On-Road, you don’t need to be connected to the internet to access their road maps for free. Don’t let yourself get stuck in traffic and find the best routes and shortcuts with this GPS Navigation app! It also has speed limit warnings, lane guidance, and maps from cities and countries worldwide. You’ll never get lost again!

Car Dashdroid – Car Dashboard (Free)

Available on Google Play

Car Dashdroid is more of a driver’s companion tool. It is a home dock replacement that helps you navigate your phone easier while driving. It has large icons and text, plus full voice commands, so you can use your phone hands free. It even has a GPS and Google-compatible navigation system, weather reporting, a compass, and even a speedometer.


Productivity Apps

Slack (Free)

Available on Google Play and iTunes Store

Slack is probably one of the best organizational apps there is. It combines a messaging system and integrates your favorite task managers and cloud storage systems to make your workflows easier. Introduce your team at work to slack, and it can help you work on the go, even when you’re stuck in traffic.

Evernote (Free)

Available on Google Play and iTunes Store

With Evernote, you can synchronize your work, notes, photos, and other important documents across all your devices. This will help you work anywhere, anytime, and keep you productive, especially if you’re stuck in bumper-to-bumper traffic with no signs of moving any time soon. You can even discuss work on shared documents with the app, so your collaborative projects can keep going, even when you haven’t reached the office yet.

Timesinks: Apps to just pass the time with

Neko Atsume (Free)

Available on Google Play and iTunes Store

Don’t let the Language Barrier keep you from downloading this app! Neko Atsume, literally “cat gathering”, is a cute Japanese tamagotchi-like app where, just as it says on the tin, you gather cats. You start off with a toy and some food, and you set it up in your virtual backyard, and wait for the cats to come. There are a lot of cats to collect and befriend, who will eventually leave you gifts and treasures. Visiting cats leave you fish that you can use to buy more cat toys, and better cat food. There’s an English-language guide to help you start off playing right here!
Which apps do you like using in traffic? Share them with us in the comments!