Take Advantage of These Money Saving Policies From Budget 2017

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Malaysia will be facing some tough times economically this year. But it’s not all doom and gloom for 2017. Here are some benefits which you should take advantage of. From cash payouts, cheaper broadband, incentives when you are buying a car and more, read on for the full list.

Below are ways you can have some spare money by taking advantage of the benefits available for Malaysians this year.


Ladies, pay attention! You can get free mammograms and Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) vaccines. It was announced during the tabling of Budget 2017 that RM30 million will be allocated to provide these benefits to women.

In Malaysia, the government provides free HPV vaccination to Form 1 students and those 18 years old and above are also eligible up to age 26 years for free HPV vaccinations at any of the government clinics in Malaysia. For those who have passed those stages, HPV vaccine would cost approximately RM300 per dose in hospitals and clinics. However now it is available for free for all women in Malaysia following the allocation in Budget 2017. Do take note you will have to go to a government clinic (better known as Klinik Kesihatan) located within the district you stay at.


As for mammograms, the cost depends on the type you opt for. For analog or semi digital mammogram, it starts from RM150. For digital mammogram, the cost starts from RM200 at private hospitals and clinics. But now women aged 40 and above can get free mammogram screenings at government clinics.

Being able to save RM150, or even RM300 is a huge sum, which you can then put to use for other expenses. But remember, these benefits are on a first-come-first-serve basis, so be quick as this is a beneficial initiative from the government.


New mothers will be pleased to know that they can get RM1,000 tax exemption when they purchase breastfeeding equipment. This exemption is applicable every two years. A good breastfeeding equipment, especially an electric one which is preferred by many mothers can cost from between RM500 and even priced up to RM2,000 for a complete set. The RM1,000 tax exemption can be of great assistance especially during the current global economic uncertainty. Don’t forget to keep your receipt as you will be needing it when you file for your tax and in order for you to get the tax exemption.

Cash Aid

The government will continue giving out the cash aid targeted for the B40 group this year, and the amount will also be increased for all categories as per below:

  • e-KASIH and household earning less than RM3,000, the amount will increase to RM1,200 from RM1,050 and RM1,000.
  • For individuals earning less than RM2,000 monthly, BR1M will increase to RM450 while household earning between RM3,000 to RM4,000 will receive an increase also at RM900.


The deadline to register for BR1M was 31st December 2016, but it has been extended until 13th January 2017. So if you are eligible for it, or have siblings or parents who are eligible for BR1M make sure they apply for it soon. Applications can be made online at https://ebr1m.hasil.gov.my or at any Inland Revenue Board branch.

Other extra benefit in 2017

If the benefits mentioned above does not apply to you, don’t worry. There may still be other benefits you can take advantage of to help you save money this year.

From January 2017 onwards, fixed line broadband will be priced at RM149 for 10mb/s instead of RM149 for 5mb/s, so we get to enjoy double the speed at the same price.

For university students in Malaysia, they will receive debit cards with RM250 in it, to replace the previous book vouchers. The debit card can then be used to purchase books, stationery, computer equipment and even to pay for internet access.

For those who are looking to purchase a car or a house this year, they may also be eligible to enjoy some benefits. If you are in the B40 group, you will have access to a RM4,000 incentive if you choose to purchase the Proton Iriz.

While first time home buyers will get help in the form of 100% duty stamp exception. But this will be limited to a maximum house value of RM300k.   For families earning less than RM3,000 they are eligible to receive RM100 school aid for each school going child known as the bantuan persekolahan.

So even though this year may not be the time to splurge on excess spending, it doesn’t mean you have to live a life of lesser quality. There are still some savings and benefits that you can make use of to ease your spending this year.  Want to receive more this year? Make sure you are using the right credit card for your lifestyle. Compare the best credit cards for free to help you save more when you spend, just click below!


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