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7 Ways Your Credit Cards Can Help You Save While Planning Your Vacation

Everyone needs a break once in a while. That’s why vacations are such a big thing and that’s why we’re always looking forward to them. Sometimes, vacations are what keep us going, especially if we’re stuck in a job that’s boring or repetitive.

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How Much Do You Know About Islamic Finance?

Islamic financing is on the rise, however what are the differences between Islamic financing models and conventional financing in Malaysia? Find out here!

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How to Apply for a Credit Card for Foreigners in Malaysia

As an expat or foreigner living in Malaysia, getting a credit card can be a very difficult task. As many banks do not have specific nor uniformed requirements for expats to be eligible for a credit card, it can be a lengthy and difficult process.

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How To Get Your Money Back From Financial Scams

All sorts of scams have been active in Malaysia lately. Although we have previously warned you about common scams in Malaysia, you might still have fallen for one of the elaborate scams that people employ to deceive you. Recently, the JJPTR forex exchange fund has been revealed as an elaborate financial scam, and the mastermind, […]

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Islamic Banking Studies: The Top 8 Course Providers in Malaysia

Heralded as one of the world’s leading country in Islamic Banking research, Malaysia is on track to becoming a global hub for Islamic Finance as it continues to record double-digit growth. With that said, 56000 experts and professionals in the industry will be needed by 2020 in Malaysia. It’s not just dirhams and dinars. As Islamic Finance […]

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