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The Ultimate Citibank Cashback Credit Cards Guide - Which do you apply? Team Team

Last updated 15 May, 2019

If you’re like most, then you would feel slightly intimidated by the number of credit cards that Citibank Malaysia offers. They have a total of 10 credit cards, of which 3 are cashback credit cards. Let’s break them down in this article to understand each one of them better - no intimidation necessary.

The 3 Citibank Cashback Credit Cards

Citi Simplicity+, Citi Cash Back, and the Shell-Citi cards make up the cashback (or cash rebate, according to Citibank’s website) trio. Like the three musketeers of yore, each of the three cashback cards have their own personalities and features. It is important that you understand how each of the cards roll will help you a well-informed decision!

All three cards also share a common benefit of Citibank’s, that is access to Citi World Privileges - exclusive offers and privileges at your favourite shopping and travel merchants as well as beauty and wellness merchants.

Citi Simplicity+ Card


  • 10% Interest Back (rebate on finance charge)
  • No late payment charge
  • No over-limit fee
  • No annual fee
  • Citi World Privileges


  • Minimum income: RM24,000 p.a.
  • At least 21 years old (18 years old for supplementary cardholders)

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As its name strongly suggests, the Citi Simplicity+ credit card is a simple card. Essentially, you will get 10% interest back as rebates on your credit card charges, so as long as you pay your minimum monthly due in your credit card statement on-time. The rebates received will be reflected as credits in the following month’s credit card statement.

This essentially means you will be earning 10% back of the chargeable interest on your purchases made with the Citi Simplicity+ credit card every month. In addition to that, there is no cap on the rebates, meaning you’ll be able to save quite a bit on the interest.

It is a truly simple card, for as long as you make your minimum payment, you’ll be earning the 10% interest back the following month. It’s straightforward and has no difficult conditions and mechanics to understand.

The card is ideal for those who may only be able to afford the minimum payment on occasions (something that should not happen often) and still want to maximize their money.

The credit card does not charge a late payment charge, an over-limit fee (for those rare moments where you spend above your credit limit), nor an annual fee.

Shell-Citi Credit Card


  • Up to 8% rebate on Shell petrol
  • Complimentary 3-year annual fee*
  • Citi World Privileges
  • Gold Healthcare at participating hospitals, up to 20% discount


  • Minimum income of RM24,000 p.a.
  • At least 21 years old (18 years old for supplementary cardholders)

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Do you drive a lot? (Or you always gets caught in traffic jams?) If you are one such person, this card will be right up your driveway. The Shell-Citi card is a credit card that is partnered with Shell petrol stations. It offers up to 8% of rebates on Shell petrol every day.

The cashback rebates are given on a tier-by-tier basis where there are 3 tiers in total. To be eligible for the rebates, a combination of Shell petrol spending and other spending is required. The rebates tier are as follows:

To be eligible for the Tier 1 (4.0% rebate), you would have to spend a minimum of RM300 in tota (inclusive of petrol and/or other spending). You will have to take note that there is a maximum monthly spending on Shell petrol that is eligible for cashback. This means that if your spending is within Tier 1, but your petrol spending is RM300, the cashback of 4% will be calculated on RM250 instead.

The idea of this Shell-Citi co-branded card is for the person who spends exclusively on Shell petrol for their transportation as well as other shopping expenses on one single credit card.

*Activate card within 60 days from approval date to enable 3-year annual fee waiver.

Citi Cash Back (Platinum) Credit Card


  • Up to 10% cashback on dining, groceries, petrol, and Grab rides.
  • Unlimited 0.2% cashback on other retail spend
  • Citi World Privileges
  • Citi Healthcare at participating hospitals, up to 20% discount.


  • Minimum income of RM36,000 p.a.
    • Platinum: Minimum income of RM60,000 p.a.
  • At least 21 years of age (18 years of age for supplementary cardholders)

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Citibank’s go-to cashback credit card, aptly named the…. Citi Cash Back Credit Card - very original, we know. If you are looking for a cash back credit card to use on a daily basis for your dining, groceries, petrol, and  Grab rides, this card might be the one for you. This card is also available as a Cash Back Platinum card.

How this cash back card works is very simple. The more you spend, then the more cash back you’ll get - up to 10%. As long as you meet the minimum monthly spend, you’ll be able to reap the rewards.

Keep in mind that the cashback works in different tiers. Meaning that the more you spend, the higher your cashback rate on dining, groceries, petrol, and Grab rides.

  • Cash Back Card (total monthly cap of RM40)
    • RM0 - RM499 earns you 0.2% cashback
    • RM500 and above earns you 10% cashback
  • Cash Back Platinum (total monthly cap of RM60)
    • RM0 - RM1,499 earns you 0.2% cashback
    • RM1,500 and above earns you 10% cashback

Both cashback cards offer a flat rate of 0.2% cashback on other retail spending with no cashback cap.


A cashback card can be an invaluable tool in your arsenal of financial products. Especially so if you find yourself constantly forgetting to redeem rewards points or you don't travel much.

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