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Social Influencers: How Do They Make Money from YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram

In case you haven’t noticed, there is a new marketing tactic in town and it is called social influence. Riding on the digital wave that is sweeping across ASEAN and our economy, social influencers are mushrooming across marketing channels with the emergence of YouTube personalities such as JinnyBoy and social celebrities like Cheesis, a famous […]

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How Much Does It Cost to Give Birth to A Child? For At Least The First Few Years.

Updated on Aug 21, 2017 More Malaysians are feeling the heat from the rising costs of living and some of those who are planning to start a family may have put their plans on hold because they cannot afford to have a child. However, it is surprisingly pleasant to know that we can still access […]

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7 Tips to Save Money for Your Child’s Education in Malaysia

Education is important for the future and development of your child. As such, it is something that cannot be left out when saving for your child’s needs. It is especially important to save up for your child’s education, as the prices are steadily increasing, more so if you’re planning on sending your child overseas to […]

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